Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Tree is Decorated...Finally!

I finally got my tree decorated. Yesterday. Yes, that's right, yesterday. I know, I know, we are only 5 days from Christmas but I finally got the decorations out of the attic and voila...the tree and house are finally looking pretty! I do have to say that much of the lateness is due to my husband's neck and back problems...he has been in so much pain lately I hated to ask him to climb the ladder. However, he would tell you it is due to my party schedule! heheh! I said in an earlier blog that I couldn't believe how many parties there were this year and happily (sp?) I was invited to them all! heheh! So, I guess we'll both take a little of the blame. But, honestly, I'm having so much fun looking at my pretty tree, it was worth the wait! We also did the Un-Christmas thing (in our family, that is) of buying a fake tree this year with lights already on it. Wow, is that nice! Dave and I went to 3 different stores until we both agreed on the same tree...that was it! And best of all, it was 50% off! So, we have a tree I don't have to water, lights I didn't have to string and now decorations I get to look at that remind me of lots of things of the children from the past....why we gave this one to her, why he got that one...etc, etc, etc. My dogs are clean and fluffy, too, after a trip to the groomers with matching scarves and bells on. Now if only I could get a scarf on my cats, we'd all be lookin' pretty!
I hope you are all having a wonderful season....we decided to send Christmas cards with a letter and pictures this year, too...of course, the letter isn't written yet, the disc with the pictures are not here yet, and we haven't chosen a card to send...however, we did decide to do it! I am committed to getting them out...before Christmas! We'll see! No, I am not baking, as I am hoping some of my Martha Stewart friends might take pity on me and drop off some homemade goods, anyone need my address?...hint, hint. Happy Christmas! Shari


Charlene Kidd said...

You are too funny. Where did you find the tree? Allan has such trouble with the allergies, that he has finally said it may be time to look for a "fake" one!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Shari said...

Hi Char, We found the tree at Hobby Lobby...Dave and I checked out 3 places until we saw this one and both of us said, "that's it!" It was originally $300 and we got it for $ exciting was that! And it is beautiful! I think it's so pretty! love ya, Shari...what are you doing up so late?!

Valarie said...

You crack me up girl! It's no wonder you were invited to so many parties - you're the life of them all!!! hahahaha

I could help you out with some homemade pumpkin bread, but beyond that you're on your own!! :-)
Merry Christmas!!!
PS. Trying to get to the girls night with Donna F. in Jan. Hope to see you there!

Shari said...

Oh Val....I saw you at a party, I'm thinking you are the life of some of them, too! I wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVE your is wonderful! Hey, and I love pumpkin bread...heheheh! love ya, Shari