Friday, January 4, 2008

What Color Shoes Should I Wear?

With so much talk about hose this week I want to move on to the subject of shoes! Rachel prompted me this week to tell you about the color of shoes to wear and when. I really believe this is one of the smartest tips I give women....if I must say so myself!!! So here is the million dollar question: "What should your basic color of shoe/boot be for your wardrobe? You know, the one that you can put on on most occassions and know it will look good." I'm going to throw something else into the mix here: You get dressed in jeans and a sweater. There is absolutely NO brown or black in your jeans OR sweater. Got it? Dressed? Okay, NOW, go to your closet and put on shoes/boots to go with this outfit. What color should they be? Here's another question: You get dressed in a beautiful new purple (yes, I said purple) skirt and are looking quite plummy today! Dressed? What color boots/shoes are you going to put on with this? The million dollar answer: MATCH YOUR HAIRCOLOR! Yes, that's right...match your hair color. Now, for you blondes and silver haired beauties out there, don't go freaking out on me quite yet, I do NOT want you wearing white or ivory shoes, (sorry Alyse!) Let me explain. Go back to the jeans/sweater outfit. If you have light, soft brown hair and you put on black (which most of you would, so don't lie!) you will have a plethera (I love that word!) of colors on your body. If you start at the bottom up, you'll begin with black shoes, then blue jeans, then green sweater (or any other color except brown or black) and then soft brown hair. You see....a real crazy mix up! If on the other hand you but on medium brown shoes/boots, you now have a head to toe look that completes each other. You start and end with medium brown, therefore "framing" your outfit! The same is true with the purple combo. Depending on your hair color, you want to "frame" your outfit, head and toe coordinating! If you have dark brunette or black hair, then feel free to wear very dark brown or black boots/shoes. If you are a red head, then medium brown or rusty brown works, blondes, you will want to go with a camel/taupe color or very light brown. Silver haired or gray headed beauties you can go with black if you have some "pepper" in your hair OR you can go with the taupe/camel. So, bring on the comments and tell me, while you were reading this, were you "framed?" Please note: If you have any brown or black on in your outfit, then by all means, match that. But, have I told you yet that the majority of you shouldn't be wearing black? Oh, oh....that's for another post! hehehe! Love ya! Shari


Alyce said...

Ok..I'm a bit aggravated as I type this post, because its the second time doing it. I had typed the first and something happened w/ the website and POOF, it was gone!
Anyway, Sheri, you're killing me here girl! I wear my black boots/shoes ALOT!! And most everyone else here does too (by here, I mean in my neck of the woods) And we are in the woods! I have and wear often my brown boots/shoes too, of course depending on what other colors I am wearing. I have, right now, med. brown hair. This past summer, it was dark blonde. I go for the low lights in the fall/winter and skip the highlights, although I've enjoyed being dark so much, that I might just keep this color. Today I wore dark blue jeans, black boots, black ribbed turtleneck and a black coat. How did I do? I got ready this AM w/out any electricity, so I didn't worry w/ putting make up on. So there was NO color on my face, ha!
I did go out to Belk this morning and pick up some new hose. I bought Hanes, Silk Reflections in Travel Buff. That is all I could find. I did like the sample of Beyond Bisque, but they didnt have it. Hanes is pricey though. I also purchased a georgeous winter white wool/poly, lined coat. Not a pea coat, but a tad longer. 6 buttons across the front. I thought it was so pretty. Is the winter white still in???? I hope so. I got a deal on it. It was regular $160 and I got it for $60.
Now, I have a question:
I bought the other day some slacks that are in the brown/taupe family. They are not khaki, they are not a gray taupe, they aren't dark brown. Light to med brownish/taupe. What color top would be pretty with that? I have a nice navy button down collared shirt that I thought I might could wear and also an orangy colored sweater that I thought would be pretty w/ it. You tell me!

Valarie said...

GIRL! Since Oct. (Breath of Heaven) it has been KILLING me to put on black to sing at church. Thankfully, I've talked everyone into using accent colors that I can have near my face with black on bottom.

I got me some GREAT med brown shoes to go with my jeans and sweater outfit and I just LOVE them!! I'm listening and trying!! hahahaha Thanks girl.

Susanne Scheppmann said...

I just don't think I will ever be able to catch up with fashion trends. Maybe you should write about the trends on a monthly basis.



Shari said...

Oohhh, I love a girl who listens, Valarie! Looks like you're putting your leadership skills at work using them on your choir! All 1000 of them! Cause there are ALOT of you at your church! Hey, do you have the men wearing accent colors near their faces, too? Way to go! And Susanne, just keep reading..I'll get you caught up on the trends! Hey, did you know I'm speaking in Las Vegas this fall? Isn't that where you live? love ya! Shari (And Val, don't forget I'm at YOUR church this week on Thursday night!!!)