Thursday, February 14, 2008

What lipcolor should I wear with RED!

Happy Valentine's Day! As you don your red sweater today you will look in the mirror to apply your makeup and you will say out loud...."what color lipstick should I put on?" That is one question I hear pretty often. In fact, at one of the last conferences I spoke at a woman approached me with a bright red sweater on and shiny pink lipstick....this my friends, is a no-no.

Since there are so many different shades of red, you have to be careful. With the trend in makeup today being a more natural look, my suggestion is to wear a slightly beige- tinted neutral lipgloss. You will look more stylish, on-trend, and not mis-matchy. When you try to match your reds, it looks kind of silly, kind of like you are "trying" too hard and the fact is, you probably were! But we don't ever want to come off like we did, we should look like dressing and makeup is just the most natural thing for us...even if it isn't!

So have a terrific Valentine's Day today, hug and kiss on your kids, your cats and your dog, tell your hubby how much you love him and call your best girlfriends and tell them how much you adore them and make plans to go see that movie "Fool's Gold" together! All that, of course, after you dress up in red, you pretty woman! Beautiful Blessings, Shari


Dawn said...

Happy Love Day Shari! I consider you one of my favorite bloggy girlfriends! Colorful blessings! Dawn

Alyce said...

Oh, Happy Day!
I have a few of the lipglosses/sticks, I think its by Maybelline..not sure, and there all in the van. But..Its a silver tube,and you turn click it and it comes out. I wear a color most often that is kinda like a coffee..but its glossy, it gives just a touch of color,but its not pink or red. I wear that alot and with red especially. Red is a hard color to find make up to wear with..and Shari..I CRINGED when I read about the woman in the bright red sweater and the bright pink lips.. I would have had to turn away!!!!
Have a wonderful day..

Melissa said...

Hey Shari! Happy Valentine's Day girl. I love you!

Thanks for the "red" tip. Red lipstick is horrible on me anyway! I love the neutral gloss and I'm glad I have the expert's approval today:)


dr_tawnda said...

Truthfully, I don't wear ANY lipstick (*gasp*). I look silly in most of them because of my pale skin and naturally red lips. Those that might look ok are too drying. I prefer au natural with chapstick at night;o) The one and only time I've worn lipstick was at my wedding. I loved it but hate that it gets on everything. My hair is always sticking to my lips. So I've given it up. Besides how can I give my Evie and hubby a million kisses with that all over my lips;o)

I will be sure to don a red shirt though. Happy red day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
There is a woman in our town who is always dressed to the hilt, even at the gym she is impeccably dressed, however, apparently she doesn't have a girlfriend like you to tell her that lining her mouth beyond her lips and then coating them with a shocking fuschia color is a bad idea. Pity.
Thanks for telling us like it is. Happy Valentine's Day!

Your old friend, Randi

Erin said...

Thanks for the tip! I love all your info and advice!

Shari said...

This is for Randi....are you my friend who wore knickers with me in the 5th grade because they were the latest style (except you and I were the only ones who knew it) and everyone laughed at us? And the same friend who went home at lunch (since you lived across the street from school) AND CHANGED?????????? Love you friend! Shari P.S. Are you still in Germany?

Anonymous said...

Still got your knickers twisted up over that?? :) That was before I was able to stand up to those bullies. Still in Germany, our son is 11 and I read your note about sons and mothers, I see what's coming!! "Mama, will you do my hair".
I enjoy your website, you never change. Love you too, Randi