Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hello Life!

Oh my goodness, I finally feel better! My illness lasted 9 days and just yesterday I was able to get up and get out! Thank you for all of your prayers and for understanding my week of bloglessness! Is that a word?? Ha!

If you've found your way to my blog from listening to the interview on WTBN in Tampa/St.Pete, Florida, I want to say "welcome"! I will be traveling to the St.Petersburg area next Sunday to speak at several events during the week. I'll be at Northside Christian School on Monday and Tuesday, April, 14th and 15th speaking to the middle and high schoolers on fashion and modesty. I'm also going to be interviewing the boys for my new documentary on how they feel about the way girls dress in today's society and how that affects them.

On Wednesday, April 16th, I'll be speaking at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club at WTBN's Pastor's Wives Appreciation Tea. I can't wait to be with them and share God's perspective on outer beauty! By the way, if you are from St. Pete and you are not a pastor's wife, I will be back during the weekend of May 9th and 10th, which is Mother's Day weekend to speak at 3 different churches! Friday, May 9th, I'll be at Liberty Baptist, Saturday, May 10th I'll be at Northside Baptist during the day and then at First Baptist of Pinellas Park for an afternoon/evening event. Please check out my schedule on my website to get ticket info for each event. Would love to see you there!

Thank you again for all of your sweet prayers and e-mails to me during this week. I haven't been that sick in a very long time, but I am pretty rested up! I will be leaving town this thursday, April 10th to speak in Illinois. I know those gals have been planning for this event for quite awhile and I can't wait to be with them. We will begin Friday night with a Modest is Hottest Fashion show for the girls and moms and then Saturday will be a day long conference for all the women of the church and community. God-willing, lives will be touched, including mine, by all the new girls and women I'll get to meet and minister to! Beautiful Blessings, Shari


Anonymous said...

I just read your article in P31 Woman and came to your web site. I speak and write about domestic violence and abuse and other women's and girl's self-esteem issues from a Christian perspective. We make so many mistakes as women that do not help us... related to how we feel about ourselves. Only Christ can fill the void inside... and the "love" we attract by skimpy clothes only leads to heartache. Your ministry is much needed for many, many reasons !

Lisa B @ simply His said...

It's wonderful to see you back Shari! Hope you stay well!!

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

I just have to say that you look FABULOUS on the cover of P31 Magazine. You go girl! Glad you're feeling better and praying for strength in your upcoming travels.
Love ya
Paula <><

Charlene Kidd said...

Love the magazine girlfriend!!! I am so glad you are feeling better. I am going to be in Florida the 11th through the 14th. I bet we cross paths in the air!!! I am praying for you.

Alyce said...

Hey girl..
Glad you are feeling better. That awful gunk has been going around in our neck of the woods too. I've got a sick child home from school today. I think I am going to Sam's club and buying a case of bleach!
I got my first issue of P31 mag. look Gorgeous..haven't read it yet though!

April said...

so glad you are feeling better!!
just in time it sounds like you have alot of events coming up