Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swimsuits...Summer's Almost Here!

Oh dear, has it really been 2 weeks since my last post? Forgive me, friends, but I just needed a mental health break. I am coming off a really, really busy first half of 2008 with almost 30 speaking engagements/conferences, and honestly, I am a bit worn out! But, you know, it's so amazing that even in the midst of the tiredness, when I get to speak, I get re-energized so I know I am doing what God put me on earth to do!

But before I head into another 2 weeks of hiatus (off to Florida this week for 5 days then home for 2 days before my family and I go to Puerto Viarrta, Mexico for a week of vacation, yippee!!) I promised you a swimsuit discussion! So let's get to it.

Swimsuits are not like any other shouldn't wear them to the office, to the grocery store (although I've seen plenty of them there), or to a cocktail party. You don't wear them to church or to the movies. So why call them "suits"? That just doesn't seem fitting, does it?

But, suits they are, so here we go. When buying a swimsuit, you must understand your body. Where do you gain your weight? Are you small chested, big chested or somewhere in the middle? Flat tummy, large hips, long legs? Once you know and accept your body for the way it is made, then you can move on to finding the right style for you.

There are great suits out there that actually have a tummy shaper in them...they're great!
Anything that will suck in my extra fluff, I'm all about it! If you have any fluff on you at all, a 2 piece isn't for you, not even the tankini's...cause you'll just have a little fluff peak thru...not good.

A solid color will give you a longer, leaner line. Make sure you buy a suit in a shade that looks good on you. Don't just settle for black cause it's easy. Be careful of prints on a suit as these can draw attention to areas you don't want to draw attention to. An all over print is nice, though.

If you have fuller thighs, then you don't want a skirted suit, but one that has a higher cut leg. Fuller busts, make sure you have support in the bra area.

When buying a swimsuit, make sure you are comfortable in it. Buy up a size if you need to, then just cut the tag out and forget what size it is! Sit, jump up and down, make sure it's still comfy.
Also, make sure when you lift your arms, there is no extra fluff spilling over the top.

Make sure you have a 3 way mirror where you try on your suit and look at yourself from all angles. Your suit should have a smooth fit all over.

Long legs, don't go very high cut, otherwise you'll look out of proportion. Short legs, get a high cut leg. Narrow shoulders, don't wear a halter top, go for straps that sit wider on your shoulders.

That should get us started! Now let's start the Q & A's......what else do you want to know? I got you started, now get some questions to me and I'll answer them. Quick, summer's almost here! Beautiful Blessings....and I've missed you! love, Shari


Mommyluann said...

I enjoyed look around your blog . I'm originally from Statesville, NC so I'm very familiar with Charlotte. I recently had the opportunity to hear Angela Thomas, Jennifer Rothchild and many more speaker at an E-women conference. I noticed you were a speaker on a cruise in Feb. '09 with Angela and a few others. What a neat experience that would be.

I look forward to visiting your blog again.

Alyce said...

Glad you are back..missed ya!
What do you think of those swim minis? Lands End/LLBean has those. I know you said skirted suits weren't for big thighs. I think I have big thighs, but in comparison w/ some, I don't have a HUGE problem (pun intended), but I love the swim mini look. i thought it would help conceal some "cheese".

Paradise Valley YoungLives said...

Hi there,

I recently heard about the whole "colors" I researched and I think I am what used to be an autumn...well I found a color chart online. As I went through my closet I had only one shirt that fit into the colors. I had not ever worn it, I bought it and gained weight...but I have lost lots of weight recently and decided to try it this morning. First off I thought I looked great, but the true test is that both of my children said I looked great and a girlfriend. I have some serious shopping to do. I have enjoyed reading lots of your blogs and will continue to do so. I do have swimsuit question...what do you suggest for large chested woman (who are not ver big else where) but my chest is singing....."Lord lift us up where we belong". I am short waisted and find one piece suits very uncomfortable and I like tankinis. Let me know your thoughts!

God bless,

Lisa B @ simply His said...

I'm starting to get really, really nervous about what to wear to She Speaks :) I have nice dresses I think I can wear that will be ok for business casual, but I have no idea what to wear for shoes and I refuse to wear the heels I wear with them normally...oh, please shed your light on that. I've only got to get through the weekend until our shopping trip that Monday! I'm so psyched!!

beth said...

Thanks for this post. It is very helpful. What about necklines...v-neck, round neck, square neck, etc...? Also, what about cover-ups, shoes and accessories. I never know what to wear over my suit when I'm headed to the pool. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a bathrobe either!

dawn said...

I hate swimmsuit season because I am a tall, thigh heavy, flat chested girl. It is next to impossible to find a suit that fits. I think swim skirts look horrible on most people, until I found one that fits longer on my thighs- and in one of my leg diamonds (I am also a little bow-legged). I feel good in it! I also recommend not even thinking about a size because my swimmsuit size is way bigger than my clothes size. I am even embarrased to say the number!
My suggestion is to try every brand, every price, and get a little tan (even if from a bottle)- brown fat looks better that white fat!
I love you Shari- thanks for the advise

Charlene Kidd said...

I had to crack up with this one. I had just posted on my blog about my bathing suit and sun fiasco. I know we need to catch up soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I don't think any type of swimsuit is modest...unless worn with a t-shirt and shorts!!! I thought this website was about dressing modestly.

Shari said...

This is going to be a long comment as I'm going to try to answer all of your swimsuit questions bear with me!

Mommyluann: Why don't you go on the cruise with us!? It is going to be sooo much fun!

Alyce: I kind of like the skirted suits...just make sure it's not old fashioned looking, because some of them are. Make sure the skirt isn't very long (the ones from the past were) and make sure the pattern isn't most from the past were. As long as the skirt doesn't come "right" to the point of the fullest area on your thighs, you'll be in good shape!

Venita: You are cracking me up! I love your take on singing to the Lord! I'm sure He got a big laugh out of it, too! I think a tankini would be GREAT for you! Try to find one that has a medium pattern(at least on the top part) because a pattern is minimizing to a large bust. Good Luck!

Lisa B: Looking forward to our shopping trip! I have someone to cut your hair for you, too! Why don't you try some wedges for shoes? You can find some really cute ones everywhere right now, I saw some cute ones at Target today, too. Get a color that is a neutral that coordinates with your hair color and you can wear them with most of your outfits. See you very soon!

Beth: I could soooo wear accessories with my swimsuit, but I figured I might look like I'm trying too hard, too, so I just wear big hoop earrings. Get a cover up that you LOVE...I mean, LOVE! In fact, I have 3 of them and I trade them out....they make me feel pretty and also covered up. Target has some great ones (can you tell I went there today!?) I usually wear fancy flip flops of some kind, either with some sparkle or a flower of some kind. Hope that helps!

Dawn: You make me smile! You are so right about brown fat being better than white fat...but remember, girl, it is FAT no more...only Fluffy! I'm with ya on the size...I bought one 2 sizes bigger than my usual size today...seriously. But I didn't care, cause it is comfy and cute! And I cut the tag out when I got home! Hehe! Great advice, on trying on a bunch of them!

Charlene: I'll be heading to your site in a bit to read about it! Can't wait to see you...just arrived home today...I pray your dad is doing better. love ya friend.

Anonymous: Sometimes I'd rather wear just shorts and a t-shirt to the pool! It'd sure cover up my fluff alot more than the suit! However,there are times when a swimsuit is the most logical apparel to wear. There are many suits out there that are modest. As far as this website being about modesty, it's not "just" about that. I also teach women how to dress for their body types to give them more confidence in dressing. Swimsuits are a way of life in the summer for most women and I want to give them confidence in all areas of dressing. I think we can still be modest in swimsuits as long as they don't show everything. And a great cover up is always an essential wardrobe piece to have! I hope this helps explain it a little. Shari

Okay girls, I think that's all your questions! I hope I answered them all and that you can be swimsuit confident this summer! Love ya, Shari

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting "late" on your topic, but one test I always do is to bend over and look in the mirror, both front view and back. Because I spend my time standnig in the babypool, bending over my child. It doesn't matter how good my suit looks when I'm standing up straight,if anything "spills" out of the front or back, when I'm assuming the "mommy pose" at the pool. Just a tip.

and don't forget sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

Bikinis worn by Hollywood stars are really eye-catching. I am an avid fan of Halle Berry and have liked the sexy bikini flaunted by the dare-bare girl on “Die Another Day”.