Sunday, November 2, 2008

Raleigh and Roanoke

This weekend Patti and I traveled to Raleigh to speak at Hope Community Church to a group of 250 women.
What a treat!
This was such an amazingly organized event and one of the things I loved about what they did is, instead of vendors, they invited several manicurists, hairstylists, and a massage therapist to provide their services free of charge to the attendees! The hairstylists provided free consultations based on a woman's face shape, the manicurists actually gave manicures and the massage therapist did what she does best! All for free! Clinique was also there giving out free gifts and signing women up for free makeovers. Of course, Patti and I gave color analysis and body shaping advice to all the women, too!
I love it when God shows up in powerful ways, and as always, He did, again.
One thing we've seen regarding this "What Not To Wear" event is that it allows Christian women to bring their non-christian friends. And about half of the audience was not from the church. How good is God?!
In one row alone, there was a Jewish woman, an atheist, and an un-churched neighbor.
We may never know who was in each seat and what they walked away with,
but God does.
On the way home, the road seemed really bumpy. Really bumpy. So I changed lanes.
Bumpy still.
So on I-85 South, we pulled over to find a very flat tire. Oh yes indeed!
Still an hour or more away from home, we realized we were near Exit 96, only 15 minutes from Patti's dad and sister. So she called them and her brother-in-law and his neighbor jumped in their truck and came to save us!
Patti told me we needed to sit high on the embankment so no-one would see us so we took the covering from the trunk and placed it high on the hill and sat among the trees! And giggled ourselves silly. Soon after, we were rescued and sent on our way!
Perhaps God was saving us from an accident up ahead.
Just love Him!
As you think of it, please pray for this coming weekend as we'll be traveling to Roanoke, VA to share our love for God and Fashion...the event coordinator there is being hit hard by ugly ole satan. I say God's got something big planned....ooooh, I can hardly wait to see what it is! I heard a group of girls from a shelter were invited! What do you think?!
Now for something new: Fashion Tip of the Week!
V-Necks will make you look slimmer! And remember to push up your sleeves to
3/4 length to appear 10 lbs lighter. Really!
Be beautifully blessed this week,


April said...

oh shari!! I can't wait to meet you and pray together and then afterwards process all God did

Alyce said...

Hey Shari..
So glad you had a good weekend! I chuckled at your comment on 85 being bumpy..cause it really is! There are some parts that are just awful!
Oh,I wish I could shoot up to Roanoke and see you this weekend. Its only a few hours from me. (I'm in VA) Let me know what church you'll be at. I wonder if there is a VT game this weekend..I'd get my cousins to drop me off on their way...if only though...We're having a bday party for my daughter Sat night.
Have a safe trip..

Kristin said...

Flat tire??? A few hours after y'all left the church, I was imagining you and Patti at home with your feet up!!
This weekend was awesome. We've heard so many comments already from women who brought guests, and how touched they were by your testimony. Thank you, thatnk you!

Ladies reading this.... I want to say that one of the things I love about Shari, and that stands out the most to me, is how obedient she is. The stories she can tell about all the obstacles brought her way during each conference are amazing. But what I love about them is hearing what God told her to do in each situation, and how she does what He asks, even when she may not feel like it. A true Godly woman. :)

Melanie said...

Saturday I went to my local Macy's and sat in my reserved seat to hear Clinton Kelly of TLC's What Not To Wear as he hosted a Petite Fashion show (the clothes not the show) :) . He had great rapport with the audience as he answered questions and gave his passionate viewpoint on how women should not judge themselves by airbrushed magazine shots.
He did a great job but I would love to hear you because of the inner/outer beauty you champion. When are you coming back to the Tampa Bay area?
Tomorrow on my blog I will summarize what he said regarding Fall trends. I left the battery of my camera charging at home-so no pics of the event!

Luann said...

I have had many conversations with my grown children about this election and the importance of engaging in the voting process. It is a critical time. For the first time since I have had the privilege of voting we may see the rights that we have come to cherish slowly slip away.

If one party gets control of all 3 legislative branches, with the media firmly entrenched in their camp, the checks and balance system will be threatened.

Our God is mighty and He will prevail through any turmoil we might face. However, he has called us to stand up and stand firm. The shifting sands may cause our nation to stumble but our faith is secure on the Solid Rock.

shattuck7 said...


Just thought you might be interested to know I went back to Weight Watchers in July and have lost 40.4 pounds to date! Everything is clicking and I am having the time of my life!

Pam from Indianapolis

Kimberly said...

Thanks for coming to Hope. It was amazing & awesome & fun! :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

The event was sooo fun, Shari! I have really enjoyed going through my closet to weed out the colors that don't work for me and also shopping with my new swatches! It really does make shopping easier.

Shari, your testimony was amazing and I am so glad I was there to hear it and meet you. You are warm, funny and just awesome. Patti - oh my what a sweet and beautiful girl!

I am sorry you had trouble getting home, I am sure you were tired.

Thanks again Shari.