Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What to Wear: Shapers and Donuts

And the  3 winners of the outfits from Riders by Lee are
Holly Barrett who has recently lost 35 pounds
Tracey who is having brain surgery next month
Daphne who has lost 50 pounds
Congratulations girls! The winners were chosen by a random number generator because there were way too many good entries to pick from! And I think that is the fairest way of all, too. I mentioned a little about each one in case there were duplicate names, like 2 Tracey's or 2 Daphne's! Holly had her last name on there so it'll be easy for her to know her own name! ha! Holly, Tracey and Daphne, please send me your email so I can get your certificates sent to you. And you MUST take a pic in your new jeans and top so we can see how you all look! We'll devote one whole column just to the three of you. So come with a good story to tell about your shopping adventure! And Tracey, let us know when your surgery will be and we will ALL be praying for you!!!!
Someone mentioned recently how they liked that I gave them fashion advice in bite-sized pieces. I liked that. It is always my goal to give you information you can take with you to your closet or the mall. But honestly, sometimes it's hard to do that because I really want to give it to you all at once. But bite sized is good. Especially when they are little white donuts.
This week I want to talk to those of you who may have a little extra fluff on you. Or alot.
I don't know about you but I think I can eat whatever I want and stay the same weight but it just doesn't happen too often. I'll confess that last week I ate an entire bag of little white donuts 2 sittings. You thought I was going to say "days" didn't you?
No, 2 sittings. I just can't say NO to those little white round things. They taunt me when they live in my pantry. I know, I know I shouldn't buy them, but when they say "fresh" on them, they just taste so good. Anyway, I digress.
So after eating thru this bag, and then another a few days later,(not kidding) my jeans aren't fitting very well and it is extremely uncomfortable. I am currently wearing stretch pants as I write this. They are trendy stretch pants, but none the less, stretch pants.
As I was considering what to write about this week shapers came bursting into my mind. Most likely because I had one on earlier today when Nicki was here from She Seeks and she was interviewing me for a vlog that will run next week. As soon as she left, my shaper came BURSTING off and I thought that perhaps it might break a seam. It was bad, people.
So today we are talking about Shapers, or "sucky-in thingys" as I sometimes like to call them, and how these should have a special place in most of our wardrobes.
Depending on where you are the fluffiest will determine what kind of shaper you need.
There are four types of shapers to consider.
  • top support: like a camisole you wear and will smooth your upper body and tummy
  • panty support: for your belly, to suck it in (it's what came bursting off me earlier today)
  • mid-thigh: this shaper firms and holds in your jiggly hips and thighs
  • full body: well, for your full body...from top to bottom to thighs
You can spend a little money or a lot of money on these beauties. But you need to spend some money. Shapers will smooth you out all over and really make you look so much better in your clothes. Honestly. I would like to challenge you this week to check out your body with a pair of jeans (or skirt) and a knit top on. Look in a full lenght mirror and see where a little shaping might do you some good. Is it on your back area? If so, a top support would work wonders. Extra tummy or hip stuff? A panty or mid-thigh shaper is the thing for you.
Spanx is one of the best brands on the market and will cost from around $50 -$80 bucks at your local department store. If you don't want to spend that (or can't) then try Sara Blakely's line from Target called Assets. It's in the $10-$20 range. Make sure you don't buy your shapers too big. My tendancy is to always go up a size in anything that seems binding but in this case you must buy the right size. 
I hope this gives you some input into sucking in your fluffy stuff. I'd love to hear of any experience you've had with these wonderful (sometimes) undergarments or if you have any advice for the rest of us. And if you don't have any experience and you'd still like to comment, PLEASE share my pain and misery and tell me what it is that YOU eat too much of that YOUR jeans won't zip? Cause I'd love the know what they say,
I know. Don't eat the donuts.
Love you all!


Kelly Combs said...

The thought of your shaper bursting off had me laughing. Reminded me of a friend who sneezed and the top button on her pants flew off! LOL!

I've never ever work a shaper! I don't own one. HOWEVER, I'll be 42 in a month, and have gained some weight, so I either need to start exercising or buy one. Hmmmm, shoppind sounds way more fun that exercising. I'm off to Target!

Rachel B said...

CONGRATS to the winners!! Sooo fun!! =)

Thanks for the shaper advice...and laughs, Shari.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit fluffy around the entire mid-section- Thanks, PCOS! My weakness is carbs- any carbs. When I stick to my PCOS diet, I can lose a pound or two here and there. My dear husband bought me Kimoro's Body Shapers for my 39th birthday last fall. I thought for a moment about bursting into tears and hurling them at him, but then remembered how I had mentioned that I wouldn't mind some sucky-in thingy. I have the top and the bottom parts and they do make me look firmer and about 10-15 pounds lighter. They are very snug and if I wear them to church, they come off as soon as I hit the door of our home and I can take a deep breath and let the fluff relax! It does look nice under my dresses, especially any knit tops that show the tummy bulge and muffin-top areas.
Love your blog!
God bless,

Jennifer Renee said...

Shari, you have me laughing today. One thing I use to eat too much of was donuts also. I had fallen in love with the donuts that were made in the grocery stor bakery. Between for to six donuts would call my name. Just one wasn't enough. I decided that since I only went grocery shopping once a month I could treat myself. However, the donuts would be gone in about two days. I once told someone that there were worse things I could be addicted to.
Now on to the topic of shapers. I have one but I hardly ever wear it. I hate it!! Shapers are sooo uncomfortable!! I know I should wear it especially since I wear knit dresses or what I call sweater dresses. I don't know if that's what they're really called. My pastor's wife sits behind me in church and wil often wisper to me and say, "Where's your girdle" or "You need to be wearing a girdle". The pastor's daughter, who is my age, has often said the same thing to me. "Like mother like daughter".

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Shari,

I don't dare even bring anything in the donut family into my house, because I will EAT them. Case in point: about 6 years ago I celebrated my birthday by taking a BIG BOX of Dunkin Donuts (mostly chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting, my fave) to the beach to hang out with my friends.

During the course of that entire day I ate SIX donuts. Six. I kept saying "It's my birthday, and if I want a donut, I'm gonna have a donut!" If I recall, it's the ONLY thing I ate that day, but STILL.

I rarely buy donuts any more. Maybe once a year my daughter and I will buy ONE EACH. Cuz I've learned I just can't be trusted.

Thanks for the good info on taming our fluff. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I do have a panty shaper but I don't wear it much either, I don't really know why! it's not that uncomfortable and it does really help. Maybe I'll dig it out and give it another try. I hav a body shaper also that is more like a cami....just it this week so I haven't tried it out yet...wish me luck!!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the new jeans!

My surgery is Wednesday, February 24 at 8:30 am. It is for a Chiari Malformation and a "cyst" in my spinal cord. The diagnosis has been a miracle in and of itself and to have surgery is another. I hope to function closer to normal soon and be at my fullest potential for God to use.

Anonymous said...

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They are giving away a free ebook called "365 tips for healthy living". I didn't expect it to be any good because it's free but it's actually brilliant so I thought i'd share it here :)

Anonymous said...


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

~Karen~ said...

I just found your blog also. I love reading everything on here!

I'm a strange shaped woman - bony arms, legs and face, but my abdomen is on the "fluffy" side, especially the tummy area. I wear a camisole type shaper, but in the summer in Florida, I don't think I can handle that kind of material! Any ideas? Thanks in advance!