Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What to Wear: Spring Wardrobe Ideas

Happy Easter!
I love spring time and everything that it brings with it...including new spring clothes! I am so honored that you take time to read this blog so you learn how to dress better and in the process feel better about yourself. I don't have to remind you, but always remember that true beauty comes from the inside first, and thru what we choose to wear, we display that beauty on the outside.
This week I wanted to bring you some mix and match options, but I decided to take a slightly different route with it. You're still going to get mix and match ideas but I'm going to ask you to think about your wardrobe in a couple of different ways.
 I want you to consider having 4-5 basic bottoms, 4-5 tops, a pretty dress and a couple pair of shoes, a great bag and a great pair of sunglasses for your spring wardrobe. You may have some things from last year that you can move right into this year's wardrobe, especially as it comes to your bottom pieces, so make sure you check that out before you buy more of the same. Here's an idea of the bottoms I think you should have:

The bottoms you choose this season should include something denim, something cropped or slim ankle length, something short and full (the skirt!) and of course some cargos!
As for tops, please please please consider your DCC (you know what I'm talking about, right? Your dominant color characteristic! Below I'm showing you a basic t-shirt, some 3/4 length sleeve, short sleeve, v-neck and round neck. I put one in here for each DCC so you can get an idea of what colors are in for you this spring.

The first 2 tops are for Clear and Soft (L to R)
The second 2 are for Cool and Warm (L to R)
The last 2 are for Deep and Light (L to R)
It's VERY important that you wear colors near your face that light you up! Look at the pink t-shirt and how she has a chunky necklace with it...that's a great way to show your style with just a plain tee. Don't be afraid to do that.
Next I am going to show you some beautiful tops that are not plain and simple. These tops, however, are so pretty and will brighten up any look or dress up any look. You can wear these tops with the comfy cargos OR dress them up with your slim ankle pants. I can honestly tell you I've been looking and looking for unique tops this spring and these are some of the prettiest I've found. Here ya go:
Please remember that based on whether you are a glamour girl, movie star or rock star (the way I describe what size prints, accessories, handbags you should wear based on your height and style) when you buy tops and blouses with prints on them because if you overpower your glamour girl self (gals under 5'2") with big prints, that's not good. You want to stick with smaller prints. Movie Stars, (typically you gals between 5'3" and 5'7") go with medium size prints and gals over 5'8" go with bigger prints.
I love, love, love the tops above.
Now for shoes. Get a casual pair of tennis shoes in a bright color, one you can wear with the neutral pieces of your wardrobe. Also, find a wedge or strappy chunky heel (like the snakeskin one below) to dress things up and get a metallic ballet flat for those days you want to pick things up a bit. Remember how florals, roses and ruffles are in so anything you find with these decorations is great! Here's a few ideas for you:

And finally in your spring wardrobe, make sure to add a few really terrific turquoise accessories, a fabulous hand bag and a big pair of sunglasses to complete your look.
Now for the really cool part? Every single one of the items above came from JCPenney! And every item except for the shoes is under $25 each. The t-shirts are around ten bucks!
What do you think? Did you like the pieces? Do you think you can do this? Honestly, it's all about having basic bottoms that are in style and some really neat tops. Then you add your fabulous bag and shoes and you rock a new look every time you walk out your door.
Would love to know your favorite look above: Would you wear these pieces? Tell me what your fave bottoms are (from above) and your fave top (from above). Winners (2 winners) will get their color swatches! And if you don't know what your DCC is, I'm gonna let you email me your picture and I'll analyze you from that and a few questions I'll ask you once I get your pic! So here's your chance to find out your DCC! And if you already have your swatches, you can get one as a gift for someone...your daughter, your mother or your BFF! *
One last thing, I'm so excited to bring you an update on Beauty Boot Camp! I'm limiting the number of attendees to no more than 12 participants and so far we have 2 flying in from Minnesota, 2 from Virginia and 3 from Michigan! So girls, don't wait, we only have a few spots left! Check out the info on it from this link.  Would love to see you here in Charlotte for 2 days of crazy, beauty, fashion FUN!
Happy Easter!
Love, Shari


Becky said...

I definitely would wear the denim bottoms with the pink v-neck t-shirt! It is simple, casual, and fun. It seems like you wouldn't have to put a whole lot of thought into putting that cute outfit together...and with three busy boys, I need that in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

Love your What to Wear! I have the kakhi, the white, and also jeans capris. I mix my tops with some plain and some with a print. Try to coordinate my sandals or flip flops. Now I need to get me a spring/summer bag. Does this sound OK? I'm "67" from the makeup day.
You are the greatest!

Jolene said...

I would wear the denim pants with the green v-neck t-shirt. Something I would wear all summer actually - I love the green color as I am a WARM. Also love the cute metallic ballet shoes and the green tennis shoes! Thanks for all your great tips - they come to mind now when I'm shopping with my color swatches.

One More Equals Four said...

I love the khaki and the white pants and I like the skirt. However, my husband always tells me I look like an old lady when I wear those skirts.

As for the tops, I LOVE the grey with the black flowers and the one next to it. However (this is my problem with fashion...everything has a however) after having four children my tummy is not cute and flat like those models and when I put shirts on like those I look either fat or pregnant.

No howevers with the shoes. LOVE the ballet flats!

I have absolutely no idea what my DCC is.

Thanks for all your help for the fashion challenged like me! :)

Sara said...

I definitely love denim capris. I also love the cargo pants for this year. A great T-shirt can go so many different ways. My friends think I have closets full of clothes. I don't. I've just learned to mix and match and wear the same T-shirt one day with a scarf and another day with a great necklace. I love all of you information! Thanks!

Michele said...

I like the cargo pants but can someone a little hefty on the hips and thighs still pull these off? Also liked the fuscia 3 quarter length top. It takes me a bit of time to get accustomed to wearing short sleeves after the long cold winter. Don't know what my DCC is but have been told I look good in bold reds and pinks and also orange (think creamsicle). As always thanks for the advice. Would love to do boot camp but cannot swing it financially right now.


Anonymous said...

Love the fuschia three-quarter length sleeve and all the pants except the cargo pants. Sorry, but I never did like them and don't mind if I'm the only person who doesn't wear them this spring. I have no idea what my DCC is. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light medium or dark light skin. Would love to attend BBC, but finances don't allow. I am hoping to see you in May when you come to Apex, NC.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your fashion helps so much! Thank you. I echo the question about the cargo pants, and would add the fuller skirt to that question. I am an A shape and don't feel confident wearing cargo pants. And don't have nice legs to pull off the full skirt either. But, little by little I am trying to take your tips and do what I am comfortable with. Have you ever gotten pics from the Lee Jeans winners? Looking forward to seeing them.
Blessings to you,
Heather N

Anonymous said...

Shari, for the bottoms my favorite were the khakis and the floral skirt! For the tops I loved the bright pink tshirt - but I don't think I can wear that neckline; I also loved the gold with all of the ruffles and my all time favorite was the floral shirt. Shoes would be the tennys and the flats!

I have no idea if I am a glamour girl, movie star or rock star. However I feel quite certain I am not a rock star! I also have no idea what my DCC is.

Obviously, I'm a mess! Thanks for the pictures - I'm a visual learner and it is most helpful!

Have a great one! Danette
Just in case, my email is

GrammaGrits said...

Love the denim capris and red top. All cute . . . I especially like the white cargos, too.

Shari Braendel said...

For you gals who asked about wearing cargos and the full skirt with hips and thighs....YES! BUT, and there is a big but here...(no pun intended! haa, I just cracked myself up with that one!) when you wear your cargos, make sure they are relaxed in the hips and thighs..not clinging to them...and you might instead find a pair that are full lenght (long) instead of rolling them. This way it will balance your hips and thighs better. As for the full skirt, if you stuggle with chunky legs, then wear it with a wedge or some kind of heel, never a flat. You'll look beautiful!

Faith said...

I love the cargo with all of the basic ts...I'm just not sure which colors I should be wearing;) I like them all though. I also LOVE the snake skin sandals, but I would save those for another outfit. I like the golden shirt with the big ruffly, but I think that would overpower me... so I would stick with the red t and cargos:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari. I love the white slim ankle length (but I have trouble finding pants like that because I'm short. 5'1"). I would wear it with the shiny black, silver and white top (first on the left on the non-plain tops).

I hope I win because I don't know my DCC, and I am lost. Haha!

Love you and love your blog!

ps. More and more, I'm thinking I need to be in your session at She Speaks.

Trish D said...

Love these visuals! I would probably pair the tan cargos with the red t-shirt (and a necklace). Thanks so much for sharing tips with us... I'm a SAHM and had definitely fallen into some shlubby habits, but am trying hard to at least incorporate an accessory of some sort into my outfit each day! Thanks for the chance at winning the swatches, too

Jenny said...


I love the denim bottoms and the gray v-neck with the flower detailing. :)


Anonymous said...

JC Penney, really?? That's awesome. Cargo's are not the best for me because of my short height and curvy hips and thighs. So I would go for the jean "shorts" with a great dark pink or purple t-shirt or tie-dye longer top. This would be great with a ballet flat or tennis shoe or even an open toe low wedge heel. I love the cinched in waist. Cropped pants may also lengthen my vertically challenged self :0) I "scared" of white pants!! So I would probably want black, but get brown or navy blue. Yep, I've known you for a while! and with it I LOVE the sleeveless ruffle blouse! Need to keep lifting those weights so my upper arms will look a little trimmer. I like the snakeskin heel, very trendy and would help my height needs!

Ok - that's it, gotta run. Love you!

Dawn Tugman

Samantha said...

My favorite bottom is the skirt! I also like the cargo capris. My favorite top is the 3/4 sleeve fushia. I'm curious if that color would work for me!

Erin said...

I love it all! Although, I'll pick the khaki cargos (bought some today at Target!) and the bright pink 3/4 sleeve with the tan ballet flats!

dawn said...

i love love that ruffle blouse, although that would not be a DCC color choice for me. i would pair it with the slim ankle pants and the snakeskin shoes! too cute!

thanks for sharing some great ideas!!! hope you have a blessed day!!

Haylie said...

Way kewl! You can get a lot fo stuff like that at Target! YAY TARGET

Karen said...

I would pair the floral top with the white slim ankle length pants.

Also, I have a question. Can A's wear full skirts? I always thought they could, but now I am confused by the comments.

Kim said...

My favorite bottoms are the cargo capris. Love all the tees but my favorite would be the 3/4 sleeve fuschia one.

I have no idea what my DCC is.

Kim said...

I really like the t-shirt look. I thought the last pic was darling with the necklace. Also, I liked the shoes. I think I could use them.

ElaineDavis said...

favorite tops: I'm a t-shirt girl!
favorite bottom: short skirt

thanks for the tips!!

Lynda said...

Wow, love the ideas!

I love the olive T-shirt and the white capris. I just purchased 2 pairs of cute canvas tennis shoes from boden... it's good to know those are on your list.

I'm an H, how do I create a line down the center with these bright tops? Do I have to wear bright pants too?

Renee Swope said...

Love it all!! Love having this post as a guide for some spring wardrobe updates!! Thanks Shari.

Melinda said...

I am a 50 year old cool, H/X, glamour girl! And proud of it!!! I would wear any of the pants but not sure about the skirt, I don't really think my bare legs look good in skirts. I would wear any of the T's but the other shirts, they seem a little long for me. Would love to have the color swatches....Thanks for your blog....LOVE IT!!!

Katie said...

Hi Shari!

I will ditto a couple of the other comments. I, too, am scared of white pants. Likely because I grew up in the country with rusty well water and white was never really white. Also, being about 5'3'' I have trouble finding the right length of crops. Regular sizes are always too long (crops look like floods, bermuda shorts like crops that are too short) and petites are too short (crops look like bermuda shorts that are too long).) Especially because I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes and I find it difficult to find affordable styles that are appropriate for my age. Other 20-somethings want to back me up on this? Juniors sizes and styles don't have enough curve for the hips and thighs, and a lot of the misses clothes are either a little too mom-esque or too expensive. I've had some success, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Target bottoms - which are great style options at good prices - just don't fit me right.

Shari, can you grant some guidance on this? I have pretty athletic-type legs (think sprinter - but a little less muscle and a little more fluff in the thighs) and love the style and modesty of the jean crops, but whenever I try some on, they just seem to cling and make my thighs look HUGE. I'm sure if I wore a nice heel or wedge, it would help lenghten and slim, but I'm really looking for these jean crops to be more of my everday, throw on some sandals or tennys, and go bottoms. However, if I go with a more relaxed fit option, I look all unbalanced because I have a small waist and a small booty(which is a whole other conversation when it comes to finding pants!)

I love all the basic tees, especially the pink V-neck and blue scoop, and usually wear a tank under them just to smooth out the bra lines and give me a little more security since those tees tend to be a little thin. Is this a bad idea?

And I also love the two middle beautiful tops - gray with flowers and tye-dye, although I think the tye-dye might be a little to busy for me to feal comfortable in.

The tennys and the flats are definitly in my "comfort zone" - I have a hard time with the snakeskin heels, although I'm getting a bit more adventourus with my shoes. My previous shoe philosophy was that each pair needed to be useful and worn with multiple outfits. I'm starting to branch out and get shoes that can make a statement all on their own.

I'm sorry for all of the comments and questions - spring wardrobe is really something of a conundrum for me, especially this year, since I am working for the first time in a more professional setting and need appropriate springy office clothes.

Shari, thank you so much for your ministry. It is such a blessing to be able to learn about fashion and trends without having to subject myself to all of the other junk in mainstream magazines.