Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What to Wear: More Spring Wardrobe Advice!

Two weeks ago Katie had some questions as it relates to her spring wardrobe and especially relating to the length of capris, shorts, etc. for her particular shaped legs.
She also asked some other questions and normally I don't take just one post to answer one person's questions, BUT since most of you will relate to so much of them, I decided to answer them here.
First of all, SHOPPING IS HARD. There, I said it. I am convinced that manufacturers really have no style and want us to buy what they deem "trendy" and most of the stuff doesn't even look good. It's poor quality and thin fabric and I'm so tired of going into stores where I'm hoping to get a good deal and just end up returning them a few days later. This just happened to me. I had a little extra money to purchase some new spring things and really wanted to do it quickly. Enough said. QUICKLY is not a word you should use when it comes to shopping. I even told my husband, "no wonder people pay me to shop for them, cause it's stinkin' hard to find things that fit right". He laughed and told me he'd be MY personal shopper. Oh dear.
This is where I want to remind you to not go out and try to find all your new items in one day. "All" might be 2 things for you and it might be 5 things for you, but whatever it is, don't get discouraged if you can't find them in one shopping trip. Also, Target and Walmart are good places to find some t-shirts in pretty colors, but please go up at least one size in these shirts. Most tees at these stores are not great quality and will look flimsy on you ( word for a shirt with no shape). I'd recommend finding your shirts in places like TJ Maxx, Steinmart or Marshalls. Don't do all your shopping at Target cause the quality isn't there.
Next, plan on getting a few bottoms at a department or specialty store when they have a sale or you have a coupon. I found my favorite, most comfortable cargos EVER at Chico's. They weren't cheap ($79) BUT I had a good coupon for them. But can I tell you I've worn them every day for a week? In fact, they are my go-to pants for driving carpool, running around, etc. because they are so comfortable you could sleep in them. I'm not kidding.
Some rules about bottoms. Katie said she had athletic legs and fluffy hips...(so glad you're picking up on the Good Girl lingo!)
Girls, no matter your size or shape, there is a RULE for your pant and skirt lengths. It may be hard to describe it here, but I'm going to try. I looked for some pictures to give you a visual but I couldn't find exactly what I needed so here goes. (And by the way, in my book due out in August there IS a visual in there.)
Stand in front of a full length mirror will fee together. Point your toes at 10 oclock and 2 oclock. (Kind of ballet-like). Seperate your heels JUST A LITTLE BIT. Now look in the mirror at your legs and you will see that you have places on your legs where your legs touch and there are places where they DON'T. Your hem lengths should always land on your legs where your legs DON'T TOUCH. I call these spaces the "diamonds" in your legs. Some of you will have 2-4 diamonds and some of you won't have many at all, if any. If you don't have ANY diamonds in your legs, then the best length for you is to have your lengths hit just at your knees, (and if you stand with your feet together and check the mirror, you will see that the OUTSIDE of you knees ten to come in a little. This is the place where your lengths should land. We call this the classic Chanel length and it looks good on everyone.
I hope that made sense. It's hard to describe that without me standing in front of you, but I hope you understand it. No matter your leg shape, as long as you follow the "diamond" rule, your legs will look great. And Katie is right, a little heel WILL make your legs appear slimmer, but they don't have to be a big heel, even a small little wedge or heel will do the trick.
The key to dressing is proportion and balance. If your bottoms hit you at the right place and your tops are of good quality and fit well, then you're off to a good start. I found some good quality t-shirts at Talbots that cost around $22-$30 and you might say, well, you can get them at Target for $8 and Yes, you can, BUT, the difference in quality and shape is night and day. I'd rather have ONE really nice t-shirt than 3 so-so ones. My advice and I'm sticking to it.
But the key,key,key to a nice wardrobe is your bag/purse and your shoes. You can find GREAT shoes at Payless and discount stores that will completely make your outfits that are really good prices. And honestly, Payless shoes are really comfy too. And make sure your bag is cute too, and the right size for your body shape.
Okay gals, off to Barnes and Noble to spend the day writing cause it's so hard to write at home! The cats and dog just won't leave me alone, not to mention my hubby! LOL!
Love you all, and I hope this hem length thing helped you out. And girls, go up a size if you need to, okay?
Love you!!!


Racquel Simone said...

Good advice!

Haylie said...


Canr wait to go shopping!! Kinda need money first but, oh well!! LOL =]

Erin said...

Love it! I just wanted you to know that I work at Talbots. I love our clothes so much and you are right about paying a little more, it makes difference! And if there is a problem, they don't meet your quality standards... we will always return them! The ladies in my store are serious about helping and building your wardrobe and will tell you if it's not your best look.

Supermanslady said...

I use to think it was hilarious when I would be forced to go up a size because I was gaining weight, and the result be someone asking if I lost weight.
Cut the tags out if it bothers you to see the size...but remember that regardless of the size, if you are poured into pants/skirts/ look like an overstuffed sausage. looser is almost always a better bet and more flattering...especially if you are like me with a muffin top...hip/booty issues and heavy thighs...

Great tips! Love your site!

Katie said...

Thanks for all the tips Shari! The diamonds guide is definitely helpful, but also means I should never wear mid-calf capris! Hm. Your blog has definitely changed the way I shop and the amount I'm willing to spend. I've been so plain-jane for so long (every piece has to have multiple purposes!), but I'm starting to pick up some fantastic tops that say something (hopefully good!) other than "I'm here, I'm dressed, I look nice, right?" I haven't quite delved into searching out new pants, but I think I'm just going to have to make the tailor my new best friend and get everything hemmed.

Thanks Shari! I appreciate your thoughtfulness in responding to questions! said...

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Tara said...

Thanks for the reminder that Payless can be a great resource for shoes. I just picked up a great pair of slide wedge sandals for $19.99 in a size 11, and they are so comfy!! (And it is definitely not easy to find size 11s that are both comfy & attractive!)