Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to Wear: Who's Got Style? You do!

I simply loved last week's comments and how each of you encouraged one another.
That was simply amazing.

I pray that since then, you are finding that you are looking in the mirror and seeing a more beautiful you. I pray that you know without a doubt that you are made in the image of our beautiful Creator. I pray that you know there are women here at this bloggy place who will encourage you in a flat second when they hear how down you are about yourself.
 I pray you've found a sweet place to find yourself pretty.

One of the neatest things that happened last week came in the form of ART. One of my readers, Christine Lenz emailed me and showed me a drawing that she had made based on the scripture I had used in my P31 devotional, Psalm 45:11 which says

 "The King is entralled by your beauty. Honor Him for He is your Lord."

She told me what she loved about that verse is the second part of it. You see, God is entralled with our beauty and he is honored when we feel good about ourselves. He has commanded us to "honor Him" and see ourselves pretty. Because He sees us pretty.

You see, Christine is an artist. An amazing one at that! God inspired her to draw a piece of art that reflects that verse. Oh my goodness I fell in love with it. In fact, I immediately made it my computer backdrop!
 So in honor of our seeing ourselves pretty, I asked Christine if she would make up some note cards with her beautiful drawing to offer as a give away today...and she said YES! Take a look at them:

Don't you just ADORE these? Wouldn't you like to HAVE those?
I would!!!!! Christine calls her art people "weemeewhimsies" !!!  Christine is generously offering them today to one of my blog commenters in a give away!

Read on to see how you can win them but I couldn't wait to show you so I had to talk about them BEFORE I wrote about fashion this week!

Okay, now for the fashion stuff!

Today I want to discuss your clothing personality because  I hear over and over again  that many of you don't know how to find your unique style.
How do you do that? How do you know?

I've come up with 4 clothing personalities to help you determine what kind of clothes and accessories to buy. Once you determine your style, choosing wardrobe pieces and add on's becomes so much easier and pain-free. I'm going to give you a brief description of each personality here but if you want more in depth info, it's in the book. But for those of you who don't have the book I don't want to leave you out.

Here they are:

  • Style Fashionista

  • Classic Modern

  • Pure Natural

  • Creative Original

The key is to find one style and try to bring the properties of that style into your wardrobe. To go into full descriptions of each style would take up too much space BUT here's a snippet of how to do it. 

Two of the top 10 fall trends are CLOGS and STRUCTURED HANDBAGS.

Take a look and see how each of the styles relate to the above trends.

Clog for a Style Fashionista

Clog for a Classic Modern

Clog for a Creative Original

Clog for a Pure Natural

Now let's take a look at the structured handbag and how it relates to each style:

A Style Fashionista Structured Bag

A structured handbag for a Classic Modern


A Structured bag for a Pure Natural

What clog did you most resonate with? Which handbag did you like best? Here's the thing I want you to know. Having style is simple, it's what you add to your basic clothing pieces that will demonstrate your individual style.

For example, take 4 women of all shapes and sizes. Put each of them in dark jeans that best suit their shape. Add a charcoal crewneck sweater. Now, depending on your style, add the coordinating structured handbag and shoes. See, it's easy! Dressing well just takes a little bit of thought ahead of time. Don't just go out and buy the first bag you see because it's on sale...decide what style you want to have and look for shoes and  accessories that reflect that style.

Then add accessories that show that style, too.
It's really that easy. But you can't do it on a whim, okay?
Shop on purpose, not on impulse. My new motto.

Okay, so let's get to those notecards, shall we?
Enter a comment about what style most reflects YOU! And send a shout out to Christine about what you like about her cards...and if you want to see her online store, go here. I convinced her to add some notecards to sell, just in case you wanted to get some if you don't win! I love her weemee whimsies! Don't you just love that name?

Hey, if you haven't entered the Sweepstakes yet, make sure you go check it out and enter. Also, if you're anywhere near Cartersville, Georgia or Wylie, Texas, I'll be speaking in each city the next 2 weekends. This Saturday (21st) in Georgia and next Saturday (28th) in Texas. Check my website if you need ticket info.

I love you gals!
A structured bag for a Creative Original


The Calm of His Presence said...

I love the note cards! Christine is very talented. I am a classic modern style. I started reading your book yesterday. So excited about going shopping for clothes this fall armed with my clothing swatches and the knowledge I gain from your book. Have a blessed day, Mary

Anonymous said...

Wow, what creative talent Christine has and how blessed we are that she and you are sharing it with all of us! What friend wouldn't want to get a card like that in the mail from us. Such a good reminder. Every day.
I am a Classic Modern--but could veer into Pure Natural as needed if the outfit called for it.
Have a blessed day and thank you for blessing us with your wisdom and talent and blogsite.

Heather N

Anonymous said...

Christine is so talented! Love the cards; what a gift God gave her!
I'm a Classic Modern kind of gal, bordering on Style Fashionista. I like a classic, classy look with a hint of bling :) I love the website! If you put in your measurements (they want lots of them so be sure you have several minutes) it will give you their version of your body shape, and clothing manufacturers that make clothes to fit YOUR body, not just your body type. Some of their stuff is pretty $$$ but they have great sales too. Check it out, you beautiful enthralling creatures of God!
Blessings & hugs to all!

Josey Bozzo said...

Love the notecards Shari!! I have a real "thing" for stationary. I don't know what it is but I just gravitate towards notecards and paper.
I think I'm somewhere between the creative original and the natural. Based on your test, I like the clogs of the creative orginal and the bag of the natural. Which is about right I guess if you look at my wardrobe.
Thanks for the chance to win. It was wonderful meeting you at SheSpeaks! (we had dinner together the first night, I'm from Lynchburg)
Thanks again!

baseballmama said...

I'm still not sure what style I am (even after reading the book). I'm kind of a Classic Modern with bright colors and lots of bling thrown in. I also haven't figured out what my body type is yet either - I have big thighs but a flat bottom and a pouchy tummy. So needless to say, shopping is still really difficult for me! I think I need some tutoring sessions.

Anonymous said...

I love the artwork. I love things whimsical and meaningful and this drawing is both.
I am a classic modern with a style fashionista edge. I'm a nice jean with top and jacket kinda girl but would def wear the style fashionista clogs with it. Love both style purses so that would be a hard decision :-)
Thanks for your blog - always enjoy it.

Elin said...

The card is super cute!!! I love the weemee whimsies!!
You know, I loved the Style Fashionista shoes, but, I loved the Classic Modern bag too!

Michelle Hawkins said...

Amazing notecards! I feel that it is a very important call as women to send words of encouragement to someone who crosses our mind day to day. I have always been a fanatic about note cards! I am in LOVE!!! with these note cards! I do hope I win so that I can pass the blessing on to new friends! I am just starting out as our "womens ministry" leader and I am looking for tools to use as part of what I call my "loveing from afar" system where I send notes to women who we haven't seen in a while or are new at the church. If I don't win these I hope to be able to purchase some! As far as the test Shari that you put together I find myself leaning towards the classic orginial and the fashionista!

Danette said...

I love love love the cards!!! They are inspiring and creative! Love them! Shari, I'm still reading your book every chance I get. Life's been a little crazy lately! I love the way you demonstrate everything. I'm a visual learner so this is mucho fabulous! I am a pure natural - I think! :-)

Kimberly said...

What adorable cards! I think I am a classic modern leaning toward a pure natural. But honestly I love all those clogs! I just think I would choose the ones without the higher heels to wear.

Mariah said...

Cute cards. How fun to be able to use them to send in the mail as a surprise encouragement card to a girlfriend! I am Style Fashionista, 100%, but I don't always reflect that. Working on it! :)

Michelle said...

I thought I was somewhere between classic modern and pure natural. After seeing the handbags and clogs you posted, I can say that I am definitely a pure natural!

Christine's notecards are very well done! Col. 3:17

-Michelle P.

Christine Marie said...

I am definitely a style fashionista! I'm so excited about my most recent "on purpose" shopping trip and getting a fabulous boyfriend blazer! Christine (great name by the way :)) the eyes on the girl in your card are incredible. It's like she's afraid to look in the mirror and she's thinking about the words in the scripture at the same time.

Lynn Cowell said...

Thanks for sharing with me that I am a Creative Original, Shari. I love that; it is really freeing.

Glad you liked my devo today. God has his own way of "moving me". Thank you for each time you have been a part of that process!

Love ya!

sagreen125 said...

I love the note cards,
I would call myself pure natural. sometimes venture into classic.

GrammaGrits said...

The note cards are so cute!
I am definitely a classic modern - thanks for the info!

Kathy Friend said...

Love the notecards! I am heading over to Christine's website to get some...I know they will be an encouragement to those I send them to!

When I was trying to define my style, this is what I did...maybe it would help others.

I started going through magazines and catalogs. I tore out all the pages of things I likes - not that I would necessarily wear, or things I thought would look good on me...but things that caught my eye. I quickly saw a pattern, and it was very helpful!

Kelly said...

I think I am a Classic Modern. I like the Chanel style, like pearls and quilted black bags, etc. I love Christine's cards...the little face on the card is so cute, and I really love that verse!

Molly said...

Definitely a pure natural but could venture into classic modern if the occasion called for it. I think that is partially because of many years spent in a banking job that required classic and tailored clothing. Not the 'real' me though!

Love the notecards! It is so wonderful that Christine is using her talent to bless others. Which is what the cards will do when I mail them with notes of encouragement. (If I win, of course...)


Melinda said...

I think my style is a "creative fashionista original"!! LOL

I love the note almost reminds me of Cinderella, how the step-sisters saw her as a plain ugly girl, but the Prince sees her try beauty. If I don't win them, I will definitely look into buying a set.

josh healy said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a Style Fashionista - however because of a car accident two years ago I am turning into a Pure Natural. I LOVE the cards Christine makes. They are adorable. I am a card-a-holic. I love sending them out. Nanci

Anonymous said...

Those note cards are the cutest! I think I have a split personality-classic modern and pure natural. If forced to choose, it would be pure natural.

Cíntia Mara said...

I am Classic Modern. I knew this by the moment I saw the four pictures of styles in your book.

Wow, how cute are these cards! I'm going to see her online store.

Kisses from Brazil

Melanie said...

Classic Modern most of the time!
The notecards are so very sweet.

Bobbie said...

I am a fashionist/modern. Looking forward to getting a copy of your book and reading it on vacation!!

Mariah said...


Are you going to give us a scoop on the top fall fashions so we can start buying stuff ahead of time? I'm totally interested and excited to know what's in store soon. I'm seeing capes...:)

Mom to 8 said...

I hope that the fall fashions also include some cute shoes that do not have a large heal, as unfortunately, I can't wear heals due to health reasons. Shoes are so hard for me, as what I like, I cannot wear.

I absolutely love Christine's cards. they are wonderful and so full of whimsy.
Blessings, Kim mom to 8, 5 at home, one in college, one just out of the USMC and our angel in heaven

Bernadette said...

Hi Shari,
Love your blog- I'm a split between classic modern and pure natural - I'm very excited about the contest, since I don't live any where near where you are speaking. Do you ever have speaking engagements in the Northeast (New York) area. I'm going to purchase your book this week.

Spring M Fricks said...

Oh, I am def a classic modern. I want the clogs and the handbag! LOL. Ugh, I do know that I have a horrible time shopping and wish I could find peace with my shape. I can't wait to read your book.

Christine - the cards Rock!

Heart2Heart said...

I can definitely say I am a Creative Original as both the shoes and the bag reflect my personality type. Who knew?

The note cards from Christine as simply amazing as well. I love the simplicity of the cards and would have to say she is a Creative Original as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

I am a pure natural and a tall gal. I am reading your new book and loving it. I've read these sections of the book and I'm still trying to picture rockstar/pure natural accessories. Please blog on it in the future to help my bewildered mind. Thanks for the love, care and knowledge you put into sharing this info. The cards are so cute. The girl/woman looks so vulnerable. That's how we need to come to our King. Love you Shari - thanks for all you do! :D

proudgrits11 said...

Those notecards are PRECIOUS! I love everything about them! The best part is just the verse and the message--SO important!!
I've got to check out her shop!! :)
I think I'm a Pure Natural with Creative Original tendancies...I'm not sure!
I'll stay tuned to figure it out...I love the idea of purposeful shopping!!

Pajama Mama said...

Definitely pure natural...most of the time. The notecards are precious!

I was so excited to see your new book in Books A Million in Albany, Georgia! I thought...I "know" her!!!


Carol said...

I just found your blog this week so I'm catching up on some older posts. A question on the Ps 45:11 verse. If you go to NASB or other versions, the verb used is desires rather than enthralled. To me that's a big difference (and I liked enthralled a lot better!). Comments?