Monday, October 11, 2010


Welcome to our very first Monday Morning Makeover!

Every Monday I'm going to introduce you to someone who has read the book

Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad

There are a series of questions that our guest will answer and you'll get to hear how she sees herself in regards to her inner and outer beauty.

 I am so stoked about this!
I'd like to introduce you to
Sue Tipler,
our first
Monday Makeover Model!

Sue lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Midland, Michigan and is a stay at home mother of two children; a 12 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. She's been married to a wonderful man for 25 years! She says he loves her that! They have a golden retreiver mix and an 8 year old tuxedo cat. Sue volunteers by teaching three year old children about God at a women's Bible study.

Let's meet Sue now:

1. Describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read this book.

The woman I saw in the mirror was someone who always loved fashion & wanted to look my best. I was even told that I "always look nice". But I didn't always feel it. I bought books on clothing for my body type, colors, hair, makeup, etc but I never felt like I was expressing my true beauty until "Good Girls..."

2. Inquiring minds want to know all about you! Give details!

I am a 45-year-old child of God. I'm 5'4" and about 150 pounds, several pounds more than I'd like to weigh, so it's time to remodel my Temple. I have green to hazel eyes, highlighted medium brown hair that is naturally wavy/curly and a fair-to-medium complexion which makes me a "Soft". I have a "big booty" and more fluff than I'd like to have right now, but hey I am what I am! My best feature is my eyes, I think. My body type is a "d" and "x" hybrid.

3. Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

Yes it did! I finally realized that I need to dress to reflect the beauty GOD gave me, not what society thinks is beautiful. When I get dressed each morning I try to ask God, "OK what do You want me to wear today?" A "pop" color or something neutral? Brown or navy? I want Him to be enthralled with my beauty, so I can reflect His beauty back to others.

4. What was your favorite chapter and why?

You mean I have to pick only one? Seriously, I think it was the chapter on coloring. I really struggled with "breaking up with black" after finally, with Shari's help, realizing I was a "Soft" instead of the "Clear" I always thought I was. When I colored my hair darker I could get away with those colors, but I wasn't being realistic with who the real me was, that God wanted me to be. I've since embraced brown and navy as my new black, and having a ball doing it! My local consignment shop was a great find, and I got rid of some of my old stuff in the process!

5. What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

Well, much to my thrifty husband's disappointment, I got rid of a LOT of clothes. Much of it I didn't wear anymore anyway, and I always welcome a reason to buy new stuff :) I used Shari's free wardrobe organization sheet and kept the book around constantly. The stuff that I didn't consign I'm giving to my church rummage sale!

6. What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?

It's a tie between the coloring chapter that I mentioned above, and the hair chapter. I've never loved my hair, always blowdrying it straight unless I knew it would be humid outside. In that event, I'd do my best to work with the curl. I was always doing my hair for whatever the weather was. After reading up on her product recommendations for curly hair, I was a Curly Girl convert!

7. What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

I'm more of a Classic Modern with a little Fashionista thrown in. I love a little bling when the occasion calls for it! It was good to have that confirmation.

8. What was the most memorable or transforming part of all of this?

Learning that it's OK to want to look nice, as long as you're looking nice for God, you and your husband. Not for other women, not for society, but for God first. He's the first One you'll see when you get to heaven; don't you want Him to say "I'm glad you weren't afraid to show others what I wanted you to look like, how I wanted others to see Me, through you."

9. Who do you see in the mirror now?

I see a 45-year-old child of God who loves her body and dresses to reflect the beauty God gave her! And guess what, it's a blast!

10. Any final words for us?

Yes. Don't be ashamed of your body. It is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. If you haven't been caring for it properly, ask God to help you decide what small but significant changes you need to make to do a remodel. God doesn't make junk, but our opinions of ourselves and what others tell us can certainly make us feel that way.

 Take time to listen to God and those that know how truly beautiful you are! I recommend this book because Shari tells you, point blank, that how you dress reflects how you feel about yourself and how you want others to see you. God loves you and wants you to love yourself. He doesn't make junk so don't let yourself feel like anything but the beautiful woman He created you to be. Shari teaches you how to do all this and more.

Oh Sue, thank you for being our first Monday Makeover Model! We LOVED meeting you and can't wait to hear how the women will respond to your makeover.

One of the things I MOST want to do on Mondays is to have a place where you can encourage each other about how important it is to take care of yourself.

Sue doesn't have a blog to link to BUT I thought it would be a wonderful idea to reward someone with a beautiful gift today for supporting her...we will do the same for you when it's your turn!

So today I am giving away a beautiful scarf (in your colors!) to one of our support of SUE!!!!!! Just give her some love and tell us what most excited you about her post and how it encouraged you.

Love you much! Who's next?

Love ya, Shari
See you Wednesday!

It was by chance (or was it?) that I found Shari's website and book. She has literally helped me find my true colors and how to dress to reflect my God-given beauty. Get the book, and get another one for a friend. I lent mine out, and she won't give it back! Thank you, Shari, for using the gift God gave you, the ability to help women love themselves!


Sara said...

Sue, you are truly beautiful inside and out. I can tell from all that you shared today. I appreciated that you want to make small changes since our bodies are temples. I haven't read the book yet, but definitely want to. Thank you for sharing.

One More Equals Four said...

I LOVED this post. I have been looking forward to it since Wednesday because I was interested in seeing someone who had read the book and made some changes. This encouraged me so much.

I love the honesty about the parts Sue was uncomfortable with and the encouragement to dress yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

I also am REALLY interested in the transitioning from clear to soft because the first time I did the enalysis, I got clear and the other day I got soft. I was a little disappointed but the fact that she likes how she looks in the new colors gives me a little hope for me...if I ever figure it all out!

Thanks, Sue for your honesty and willingness to be the first, brave woman! God bless you!

Allison Morrison said...

Sue--YOU are a beautiful woman inside and out because you are HIS child! He has made you in HIS likeness and you are AWESOME! It's OK to want to glorify Him in the body He gave you by looking your best for Him and the spouse He's given you on this earth!!

Ellen - SkoMomma said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Sue!

Jolene said...

Sue - Thanks for sharing today. So many of your comments hit home with me. I love what you said about how we dress reflecting how we feel about ourselves. Too many times I try to hide my "fluffiness" with dull boring clothes. I also love your reminder to dress to reflect God's glory and beauty - not to impress other women. Great comments Sue! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!

Amy said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing what others are learning.

Andrea said...

Sue - what a great way to start my Monday morning! Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us! I loved the way you really took Shari's book to heart and used it to embrace your inner and outer beauty.
My favorite part was when you said "Don't be ashamed of your body". It's something I know but need to be reminded of often. We are created in His image and so we are beautiful no matter what our shape or size. Thank you for the reminder! You are a beatiful woman inside and out and although I have read the book twice now (and shared with friends!) I find something new and exciting every time I read it or hear people talk about it!

Cheri said...

Yay Sue! I was excited to see that we have a lot in common... I'm a soft, classic modern girl too! I just finished the book this weekend, and am struggling with "breaking up with black" too and the hair thing... not sure I'm ready for change... I'm trying to remember that it's gradual right? Most transformation doesn't happen overnight, but I'm excited to be a better representation of God and His beauty through me! Thanks for sharing with us Sue!

Cheri said...
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Tammy said...

Wow Sue,we have a lot of similarities. I am 44, 2 children, married 24 yrs. I also am a SOFT, trying to get over my love of black and white and embrace the new colors. I still struggle with believing that I can be beautiful just the way I am. I think it's all those years of seeing the worlds definition of beautiful through TV & magazines. Thanks for pointing out that God sees us as beautiful. I know that, but a reminder is always welcome.:) Thanks for sharing your transformation. btw...I love your curls!

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read your story! Thank you for sharing with us. I am also a "soft" and struggle with my love of black. But Shari would be so proud - I actually wore a soft floral dress to a wedding this weekend. And now when I shop for black, I look for details, to give interest to my small 5'2 / 105 lb figure. Can't wait to see pics of your makeover!

~Brenda said...

Sue, you are keeping it real;
I applaud your frankness! I like your sentence “don’t be ashamed of your body” I will keep that great thought in my head! You are awesome for being a stay at home wife and mother who wants to look great! I have been wondering about the clothes and shoes that I have cleaned from my closet; since you were able to donate your things I have the courage to do so. Thanks!

Wander said...

Gosh're so brave. Thank you for sharing the real with us.
I tend to want everything to "appear" perfect. Even though, I know....there's no chance of perfection outside of Christ.

Love the spotlight articles!

Robin Slagle Lewis said...

I can soOOOO relate! I am almost exactally like your model in body size, hair etc.
Reading her comments was like seeing a butterfly come out of it's concoon. She seems more confident and comfortable in her own body, now that she know what to wear and who she is wearing it for; GOD & her Husband...not other women!!! (WOW WOW WOW that was big). It made me love my body a little more and inspired me to try the thrift store for a brand new me. Good-bye to frumpy and Hello to a new me. Thanks Shari for your book. Robin Slagle Lewis

ElaineDavis said...

You are so brave, Sue!! Thanks for sharing! I'm still not sure what my colors are, so I appreciated your comments about the difficulty in switching from one to another. Autumn blessings to you : )

Anonymous said...

Sue, You are so beautiful and I loved your post. Thanks for opening up and sharing how the book changed some things for you, not only in your wardrobe but in your attitude about yourself and loving you like God does. I have just read the book and working on making improvements. Thanks for that boost today in reading your story!


Shoofly Mama said...

I, too, am struggling with breaking up with black. Good for you for seeing that God designed you to be who HE wants you to be, and working with that. Thank you for being authentic today!
~Shawna Lee

NicoleM said...

Loved this post! I can identify with Sue b/c I have the curly hair I've been fighting and I am a "soft". You have definitely inspired me. I'm so glad that this book has helped you to see your true beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Mariah said...

Sue, you are a beautiful first Monday Makeover Model. Sounds like you needed a little fine tuning, and that you're on a great track now. You are an encouragement to all of us who are trying to fine tune as well. Thanks for sharing. I loved that you changed to curly girl. It looks fabulous on you, see, God knew what He was doing! :)

Dina-Marie said...

Sue, thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you. It is a pleasure. I have ordered the book but have not received it yet so I am not sure exactly what you mean about your body type - but I will! I also did the analysis and am a clear so I am now waiting for my swatches. As the mother of 10, I want to look my best for the Lord, my husband and to be a godly example for my children.

Deb said...

Sue thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are a beautiful person inside and out. After reading what you had to say, I want to buy this book and read it.

Carol said...

Sue - thank you for sharing yourself and your successes with all of us. The reminder that we are beautiful - that's what I need to hear. Despite the bad hair days, the extra fluff, the closet that desparately needs cleaned out--God loves us. There's room for improvement, but God loves us.

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker said...

i thought that the comment that she was not being who God wanted her to be and denying her true colors (literally!) was interesting.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I really liked the comments Sue left - what a godly woman! What honesty and spoken from the heart. Thank you Sue! Thank you Shari for doing this, look forward to next Monday!

Anonymous said...

Sue, thanks for sharing your story.
Your hair is beautiful. I love your soft curls!

Anonymous said...

Wow....that was great. I had never really thought of dressing because I am showing the beauty of God. Some how her words made me go....oh yeah. That is sooo true!! Thanks!!

Vanessa said...

I never thought of that either. We are dressing to show God through us, because we are his people! How cool. Great post! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sue, thank you for your incredible honesty. I so welcome vulnerability from sisters in Christ rather than women who act as if nothing bothers them! Just reading your post was incredibly encouraging!

Daphne said...

Sue, what an inspiration! You are so lovely and I'm so encouraged to hear that you are embracing brown and navy :-) May the Lord bless you and your choice to honor Him in the way you dress and see yourself as His creation! You go, Curly Girl :-)

GrammaGrits said...

Loved this post - thanks for sharing!