Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday

Hi all! It's a beautiful, cool, misty kind of day here in North Carolina. The leaves are changing and there's a light rain coming down. Two of my cats are sitting on the window sill wondering why they never get to go outside and my  new kitten is happy just sitting on the arm rest of my chair watching me write...actually I think she's considering running up and grabbing the tails of the the big cats...she is quite an ornery little thing! My dog is curled up on a blanket that my husband pulled out for her thinking she needed some warmth. We have quite the animal farm around my place!

Today I thought I'd update you on the personal side of things because I don't get to tell you what's going on very much with me since I try to keep my posts on the fashionable side of things. I hope you don't mind me doing so.

I just returned home on Monday from speaking on the Premier Christian Cruise's Girlfriend's Getaway. It was really wonderful but I'm really tired. I haven't caught up on my sleep yet and hit the ground running when I got home. Some of the highlights on the cruise were getting to know so many wonderful women who came with girlfriends, sisters and moms. I spoke on Sunday afternoon so I got to meet many of the women afterwards when I did color analysis for several hours.

I also got to spend time with some of the other speakers and muscial guests. Melissa Reeves from Days of our Lives won "me" in an auction bid so I got to spend an hour with her and her sister in law while I consulted with them on their image, clothing, etc. It was fun getting to know them. I think I'll ask her to hop over here one day so you can meet her. She is darling! Her sister in law is Kimberly and she is awesome, too. Here's a pic of Melissa:

Lysa Terkeurst, Renee Swope, Karen Kingsbury, Shaunti Feldhaun, Carol Kent, Angela Thomas, The Spa Girls, Rebecca St. James, Nicole C. Mullen, Mark Harris, Kenn Kingston were also on the cruise. I sure hope I remembered everyone here.

Some fun moments were late at night after all was done but some were up and about. Rebecca St. James had 2 of her brothers on the cruise, Joel and Luke along with one of their friends, Wes. All were in her band and they were AMAZING!

Nicole C. Mullen ROCKED the house (or rather the boat) on Sunday night when she put on a show to bring everyone to their feet. The girl can SING! (She and I are doing an event in Adrian, Michigan in January so if you live anywhere near there, PLEASE COME! We'd love to meet you.

There was also a makeover contest where women got to nominate someone to win. I got to take her shopping and give her an image makeover. It was fun, fun. We shopped in Key West. Of course I forgot to take pictures of anything the whole time so I'll have to get some pics from someone else to show you. The winner was from Indiana and her name is Sheryl.
 She was beautifu, inside and out.

Tomorrow I leave for Michigan to speak at a teen event and a woman's event this weekend. Please pray for my energy if you happen to think about me. I'd appreciate it so much. My speaking season will wind down for the month of November and December so I'm coming into a time of rest pretty soon. Perfect timing as my son's basketball season begins in November and they are quite a team to watch and expected to win the state championship this year. He is a 6'7" sophomore...15 years old, but soon to have his 16th birthday in December.

This is him being silly with his friends when we were in Guatamala this summer! I guess it was face painting night...LOL!

My husband Dave works from home and handles things for us on the homefront. He cooks all our meals, and even does the grocery shopping. I do the laundry though, and I change the cat litter. Every now and then.
Okay, I do it more often than that.

I live in a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees. We live a pretty simple life, acutally. My hubby and I enjoy coffee on the front porch every morning and try to spend as much time together as we can during the week since I travel most weekends. I take Luke to school each morning and pick him up after practice each day. We're up about 6:30am each day and I have to pack a BIG lunch for him. He likes to eat. Alot.

I'm going to spend some time tomorrow (from my host home or hotel room, whichever they put me in!) and look at the outfits you put together on Amy's site during the challenge from last week. Thank you to those of you who commented and I can't wait to see what you came up with.

I hope you don't mind me not posting about fashion but honestly, I just don't have the energy today. I knew I could tell you about what's going on with me personally because I don't have to put much thought into that since it's just stuff about me. Thank you for understanding.

I'm so glad you are loving the Monday Morning Makeover Posts. I love them, too.

I told you I had a surprise gift for everyone who posted a comment on last Wednesday's blog. Well, here you go:

The 32 of you who posted comments are going to be invited to a Webinar of your very own! I will tell you the date soon, but it's being planned for sometime in November. It will be your very own fashion workshop with will be a time you can ask me questions, chat with each other and have some good ole girlfriend time! You excited?

Thanks girlfriends, I'm doing laundry today, unpacking from my trip this past weekend, and re-packing to leave on a 7:30am flight tomorrow morning. I am teaching at my church tonight and honestly, would like to take a nap.

Love you girls for hanging in there with me each week...and for giving me grace today.

Blessings to you,


Elizabeth said...

AWW Shari!! I hope you get some much needed rest soon. Sounds like you've been having some very fun but exhausting times lately. :) May God bless you for all the time and energy you put into making women feel and look beautiful!
I have a very quick question for you. What would you consider to be the best fashion magazine out there?? I love fashion and want to keep up with the trends, but so many of the magazines have celebrity gossip and other stuff that I just don't want to read. InStyle looks like the best to me. But even that still has little stories in the back. So, I don't know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you have a great trip.

One More Equals Four said...

So glad you posted "personal stuff" I love getting to know people better and you deserve a peaceful day of not having to think about those of us who are fashion challenged!

I am SO excited about the Webinar...a precious friend of mine sent me your book. I received it on Saturday and had read through almost the whole thing before I went to bed. I must admit, it left me with almost as many questions as I had may regret this whole thing!

Glad you had fun on the cruise, it sounds AMAZING...and I must admit to LOVING Melissa Reeves. I don't watch Days anymore, but as a teenager I never missed it and I thought she was absolutely beautiful! Judging from her pic, she still is!

Thanks for always checking in with are a blessing!

Katy-Anne said...

I like hearing about writers personal lives. Makes them so much more "real" and believeable.

I know you have stuff about not wearing black so much as a neutral color but using brown or navy or whatever instead. I'm starting to realize that brown suits me a lot. Possibly better than black. Do you have links to where you wrote about that, or is it all in your book? I am hoping my husband will buy the book for Christmas because I'm interested in fashion etc.

And how do you figure out what "your color" is? Or is that information that is exclusively in the book also? Trust me, I understand if it is and if I'll have to wait till I get the book. But if you've written about it before, I'd love to have the links.

I'm a little more conservative than many of you ladies on here with my clothing and modesty standards, but I still love to read and collect new ideas and I don't believe that all of that has to come from people who agree with me about everything. :) The world would be SO boring if that were the case.

I really enjoy this blog and it has lots of great ideas that I can still do even though I'm "different". And it's nice to finally see a modesty/fashion blog for those of us who are older than 20. I'm 25, a stay at home mom to 3 toddler boys and most of the beauty/fashion stuff I've seen is aimed at teenage girls or girls in college. So I think this blog is awesome.

b said...

I greatly enjoyed the "personal" post! It's wonderful getting better acquainted. I hope you get some well needed rest time. I love your blog and really really like reading all your information about fashion, colors, hair, etc. God made females with the "want" to be beautiful and I have NEVER seen an ugly person. - And I'm 57! However, as I used to tell my girls "it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside if you're not beautiful on the inside."
Keep up the great work.

Danette said...

Just reading your schedule is wearing me out!!! I hope your "down time" gets here very, very soon!

By the way, thanks for the webinar! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Shari, I so enjoy your blog!
Thanks for sharing things from a personal perspective today. It helps us get to know you more.
I'm glad for you that it will soon be November and that things will slow down for you. I hope that you will get your much deserved rest!

Thanks also for offering the webinar - I'm excited to learn more about fashion from you!

Shelia said...

It's always wonderful reading what is actually going on in your life. Not trying to sound nosey or anything but to understand more about you. Thanks for sharing and please know you will be in my prayers for safe travels and for your body to received the rest it needs. God Bless you and thanks again for all you do for us.

Doris said...

I enjoyed hearing about you today. Oh, that Cruise sounds like fun. Blessing for your speaking engagements this week and week-end. I hope you can rest sometime!

Melissa G. Pickens said...

It was fun reading about your personal life! And I second Danette, hoping your REST gets here VERY VERY SOON!!! :O)

Grace?? You DESERVE it!!

Michelle Angelique said...

Dear Lord, I pray that You will just greatly bless Shari today with an extra portion of strength, endurance and energy that she needs to continue with this work that You have given her to do. Life her up and encourage her spirit, let Your Joy be her strenght, let her find rest and peace for her weary body. Max talked this morning about "Pausing on Purpose", please help Shari to learn from You how to pause on purpose so You can renew her energy. You, Jesus stand against the tide, countering the crescendo with the words: “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). Thank You, Lord, for this awesome woman that You have blessed and given to us! In Jesus Precious Holy Name, amen.

Carol said...

First to Katy-Anne, if you click on "free stuff" on the left side, you can do your colors. Shari, I like your blog more everytime I read it. Thanks for it and for sharing more about yourself. I hope you got some well-deserved rest.

Lea said...

I think you can tell that we all loved this entry. So nice to get to know the "other side" of you. HOpe that you are "rested and restored" in the midst of your busy schedule.

Blessings abundant!

~Brenda said...

I enjoyed hearing about your life!
Also, praying for you to have strength and to have sweet sleep.

Mariah said...

Great to get to know you better! It's fun to read about your zone...lots of animals, so precious!

Katy-Anne said...

Carol...thanks for that. I found all the info and read back through the blog as well.

Ruth said...

Really enjoyed this personal blog post. I haven't been "around here" long but have enjoyed what I have of your input so far. I'm in one of those phases at the moment of experimenting agin with clothes and makeup etc. so am looking forward to the webinar with you. I hope that the meetings went well and that you were able to be a blessing to many. I'm looking forward to your feedback on my post for Amy's challenge.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how often the idea of rest pops up when I start reading a book called Sabbeth.

I enjoy learning more about you, so please don't apologize for these posts. Its nice to know you are "human" too. :)


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing some of your personal life, it is so connecting for us out here in cyberland. Praying that you will find the rest you need at this time in your busy life, and that you have moments of "slow down" to enjoy the season.

Blessings, Susan