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Good Makeover Monday Morning to You!!!!

I pray you had a blessed Christmas and that you were able to celebrate with the people you love! Mine was wonderful but my 16 year old got sick this weekend so that was a bummer. In fact, he was supposed to be on a 6:30am flight this morning to Binghamton, NY for a basketball tournament but instead he is resting in bed. I hate it but it’s the best thing for him, ya know?

I’m happy to introduce you to our MAKEOVER MODEL today!!!!!

Her name is Kim Brinks and she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I’ll bet it’s pretty darn cold today! She’s been married for ten years and they have to girls ages 8 and 6. Kim teaches Foods and Nutrition at the local high school so she’s the one to ask about that sort of thing! They also have a fluffy addition to their family named Flurry….must be from all those snow flakes they get!

Let’s take a look at her pictures now! The first one is her BEFORE picture (before she went back to her natural hair color…seems we’ve got a lot of that going on!). The second two are her beautiful AFTER pictures…and WOW! She looks amazing, don’t you think?

Isn't she GORGEOUS??????

Describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read the book,

The woman I saw in the mirror before isn’t that much different than the woman I see today but I did see someone who could use some exterior “pick me ups”. I’m realizing it is a process and a change that I am working towards!

Inquiring minds want to know all about you! Give details!

I just turned 40 this year and I still feel YOUNG!!!! I have a d body shape and Clear coloring so bright colors look best on me!

Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

This book was such a great “heart” reminder about how much Jesus loves me and how well he knows me. Thinking about how He knows every hair on my head, makes me think twice about my “true hair color”!

What was your favorite chapter and why?

There were so many! I would have to say Chapter 3, “What’s the Score?” was my favorite as it dealt with accessories. I’m learning to wear them and it is amazing how something so simple can change your look.

What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

First I colored my hair! I had so many highlights in my hair and it kept getting lighter, that I colored it closer to the original brown color. This is also saving me money. I can color it myself, since I’m not getting the highlights and I love this!

I also ordered my color swatches and bought a couple of accessories (a scarf and a few necklaces).

What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?

Realizing I can’t do it all at once! I’m slowly changing my clothes, looking for specific colors and styles, but it isn’t happening all at once (especially from a financial standpoint). However, I’m not using finances as an excuse not to do anything.

What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

I would classify myself as a Classic Modern.

Do you recommend this book to others and what benefit does it have for someone who reads it?

Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Thank you soooooo much, Kim! We love our Monday Makeovers and soooo appreciate you taking the time during this busiest of seasons to do this interview for us. If you’d like to visit Kim at her blog, she writes at

For commenting on Kim’s makeover today, we’re giving away a book by my friend and author Jill Savage. It is called Real Moms, Real Jesus. And it’s awesome! So just enter by leaving a comment on Kim’s makeover…show her some love!

Last week’s winner of the beautiful bracelet is…drumroll…..TERYNN…!!!! Please email me separately with your mailing address.

One more thing:
 Do any of you live in or near Charlotte, NC?
I am having my 2011 Ministry Planning Meeting with my brainstorming team and I would love to have one or two blog readers attend. It is Thursday, January 6th from 10am to 4pm at my home. I’d prefer someone who is a regular reader and one who doesn’t have a speaking ministry. There will not be childcare available, but amazing food will be served…my husband can cook fabulously! Please email me separately if you’d like to attend at

Love you girls!!!!



Libbi H. said...


Seams Inspired said...

I love your updated look! Your interpretation of Classic Modern is spot-on fantastic. :o) Beautiful!

Happy Monday!

Rebecca Steigenga said...

Kim, you were beautiful before your makeover. You're radiant now. Congrats on finding your true beauty.
Rebecca Steigenga

One More Equals Four said...

Kim, you look beautiful...I love your hair color and your accessories. I love that you are doing this gradually because that is the same place I am. I just cannot replace my entire black wardrobe at once :) so I am just trying to make better choices as I can...still waiting on my color swatches to come, but can't wait until they do! Have a great week.

Sara said...

How beautiful! I love the hair color and the accessories!

Carol said...

Kim - you look wonderful! I'm glad that you commented about this being a gradual process. Financially that's a must no matter where the enthusiasm takes us!

Adelyn said...

Beautiful! Love the hair color and I love the necklace in the second after pic. Great job Kim! {and you too, Shari}

Lisa said...

It's truly amazing what hair color can do. You look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Kim, you look great!

Mariah said...

I like the darker hair!!! Right on! You look a lot younger than your said age!!! Keep having fun with it!
Beautiful Smile,btw!

Brenda and Jason said...

I'm going to try this again! I'm not sure why it doesn't post my comments sometimes...
I love the last picture! You are radiant and your smile is dazzling! :) The hair color works VERY well for you--I guess God knew what was best, huh? :) Congrats on unveiling your beauty!

Daphne said...

I love, love, love that purple top on you!! Color choices are so or clothes, and your after choices are simply beautiful on you.

I, too, loved your comment about this being a gradual process. I got Shari's book for Christmas, read it all that day, and was so overwhelmed!! My husband just said, "One thing at a time!" So, the day after Christmas, I bought a new purse :-) Today, I'm getting a haircut :-) I'm excited to see what's next!

Keep it up, Kim!!

~Brenda said...

Kim, I love the purple top with the long necklace on you! I too have been changing my clothes and accessories on a gradual basis, this makes me appreciate the items I purchase and is easier on the budget.

Keep up the good work!

The Calm of His Presence said...

Kim, You are beautiful! I love your darker hair. The red scarf brightens you up so much. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca said...

The hair does look great!

On a different note, how ironic that your son was on his way to Binghamton, NY (where I now live and didn't think anyone outside of Binghamton even knew it existed) and that your makeover was from Grand Rapids, MI (I'm originally from MI.)

I lead a ladies small group and am wondering if this book is something that would lend itself to a small group setting? Could you use it in that format?

Stephanie said...

Wow - you look beautiful! I love your hair and the way the red scarf looks with it! I also LOVE the purple shirt! (where did it come from?) So encouraging to know it can be a gradual process!

rskmom said...

Tremendous - you look super!