Monday, February 7, 2011

MONDAY MAKEOVER: Jeannie from Bootcamp!

I am super excited to bring you today's
Makeover Model.

As many of you know, I conduct Beauty Boot Camps where women fly in and spend about 36 hours with and get a complete makeover, from wardrobe to makeup. Just a few weeks ago, in January, I held a bootcamp in Charlotte, NC and 3 women flew in to be made over!!!!!

This week I am featuring ONE of those women. You will meet the other 2 very soon. I've had requests from some readers wanting to know,

"What's it like to come to Bootcamp????"

Well today you're going to find out!

Meet Jeanie Skillings!

Here's a couple of BEFORE is of me checking some colors during her ya go:

And now take a look at Jeanie AFTER bootcamp:

What do you think of this Hot Mama??????

One of the main things I did for Jeanie was help her understand her style...and that she's GOT style. She was also wearing her makeup too orange (lips especially) so I toned down her makeup. Then my assistant, Sherry Long, got to her hair!
And then I got to her wardrobe and brought out a stylish woman who was just waiting to be unleashed!

Here's what Jeanie had to say:

A few months back, my best friend asked me to do something with her to celebrate her 55th birthday. Since we do almost everything together and since I am almost always ready to go somewhere, I gave her a “blanket” yes-you bet and sat back waiting for her to let me know what to pack. Several weeks went by, when she came to me with the idea of attending Shari’s boot camp.

For the first time in our friendship of 20 plus years, I felt like saying


First of all, anything that uses the words “boot camp” in its description, can’t be good. I calmed down and she gave me all the info and then I became paranoid.

 Was she doing this because she thought I was in such bad shape that professional help was needed?
 Had my family put her up to this?
Would I step off the plane and Shari turn and run out of the airport screaming
“I can only do so much”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Would there be a refund check in our hotel with a sympathy card? My best friend assured me that she wanted to do this to get a new, updated, professional look and she simply wanted me to come along. So I did.

And we had a blast!!!!!!!!!

I fully expected to be “picked” apart and that I would be expected to adopt a fashion style just because it was a more current fashion style, It wasn’t that way at all.
Shari and her assistant, Sherry ( not at all like Daryl and Daryl) truly want to help you be the best “YOU”.

By learning what my fashion personality type is, what
colors look best on me and why, my shape and proportions, the importance of the
“right” undergarments
and so much more, shopping became much easier and much less frustrating.

I have much more direction.

I learned of some things I was doing wrong. I thought I was a warm and I am soft. I learned to try a few things that I never thought I would like “skinny” jeans. I love the 16 points rule. I loved that I didn’t have to wait until I had lost 50 lbs, or until I grow taller, lose my double chin or have lipo to look more fashionable and put together.

Shari always stressed to view ourselves through the eyes of God and to view our own beauty as beautiful.

It was a tremendously uplifting two days, with some really great people.

 It was truly worth every penny.

We did have a snow storm during the two days we were there, which could have been a big bummer, but Shari had it under control. We made it to the mall, since it was right next to the hotel, and pretty much had it to ourselves to shop. We sat in the dressing rooms while Shari and Sherry brought us things to try on.

 It was definitely a “pretty woman” moment...

Ohhhhh Jeanie, we loved hearing your story and Sherry and I LOVED helping you find a new YOU!!!!
So girls, what do you think? Wanna come to bootcamp????
Give her some love!!!!!!
P.S. If you haven't yet "liked" the Fashion Meets Faith page on Facebook, make sure you do that because I have a link there to the event I did at Arizona State University last week and you can see all the, fun.
I'm currently in Los Angles, in fact, it's 3am here and just spoke tonight to a room full of fashion consultants as I'm their speaker for the week at their twice yearly training. What a privilege to meet everyone here! But I couldn't go to bed without bringing you JEANIE's Makeover!
I appreciate all of you so much,


Anonymous said...

Beauty boot camp sounds marvelous!! Jeannie, you great! Monica

Karen N said...

I have wanted to go to BBC even before reading this post, but now that I have read about Jeanie's makeover, it makes me want to go even more!...

Jeanie, your makeover is absolutely beautiful!

Shari, I hope you have a great time in LA, and that you get caught up on your rest.

jacque said...

Jeanie! You look marvelous! What a fun weekend!

Shelia said...

Wow Jeanie you look amazing. Really i didn't think you looked bad before and even thought why change? but then I saw the after photo and was amazed. I would love to do the boot camp and I even live just outside of Charlotte but it's just not made it into my budget yet. I am hoping one day I can make it happen but as a single mom to three children other 'things' keep popping up now and then. Shari - I have read your book and loved it...however honestly i've had a hard time figuring out what I am...soft or warm, my body type is a weird mixture of so many and even hair styles. Oh my I think I've made this harder than it should be. But I am not giving up...I'm going to read the book again and take my time more slowly in processing it.
Thanks Jeanie for sharing and Thanks Shari for inspiring.

Carol said...

Jeanie - you look wonderful! I think your look just needed some tweaking and you found the women to do it. Boot camp sounds better all the time!

Libbi H. said...

Good Job!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Getting a makeover is always fun but to do it with your best friend? Sounds amazing!!! I had to laugh at your paranoia. I would be the same way, asking myself what my friend thought was so bad that I needed a makeover. :)

~Brenda said...

Jeannie you look absolutely beautiful! I think too that going to boot camp with your best friend was an awesome birthday get-away. Happy to hear you are trying new styles and thanks for sharing your story with us!

Mariah said...

Jeanie, you look beautiful! I like your style on you! How fun! Also, you are quite hilarious in your description! God bless!

Tasha said...

Jeanie, you look so pretty!! You were pretty before, but now you look refreshed and vibrant...even younger!!

It is very encouraging to see how a few changes can have a huge impact.

Thank you for sharing,

Daphne said...

Jeanie, I loved your story! You have a fabulous sense of humor and a way with words :-) On top of that, you're beautiful! You look so young and I adore your after outfit! So cute on you :-) So happy that you have a fabulous friend, too...don't they make things so much fun??!! Blessings to you!

Michelle Angelique said...

Jeanie, I agree with the girls, you were pretty before the "after" is amazing! You look at least ten years younger! I imagine that was a fabulous trip to take with your best friend!

I would love to be able to attend a BC with you Shari but like Sheila it isn't in my budget right now with raising my two teens as a single Mom. Hopefully one of these days I can attend one if for anything else just to be around the joy, inspiration and energy that you radiate!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I agree with all the posts! Jeanie, you look fantastic, what a great friend!

Amelia said...

Jeanie you are simply LOVELY! Beauty Bootcamp sounds like sooo much fun. thank you for sharing with us!