Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Change Up Your Style!

Wow, it's almost Christmas!!!! Jesus' birthday and we get to celebrate it..whoohoo!

I hope you've got your shopping done and are ready for some relaxing, fun time celebrating with your family.

Since the new year is upon us, soooo very soon, I thought I'd share an article I contributed to  Tyra Banks' website.

I was asked to share my thoughts on how to change up your style in the coming year since so many of us get stuck in a rut with our usual go-to clothes from our wardrobe.

Here's a sample from the article:

Why Change Is Great

Sure, keeping the same old style can make getting ready simple -- whether you’re dressing for work or for an evening out with the girls. But getting stuck in a rut can be a real drag, both for your look and your self-esteem.

“As women, we tend to get into ruts with many areas of our lives, and when it comes to our wardrobes, it’s no different,” said Shari Braendel, author of “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad.” “We tend to buy the same types of wardrobe pieces over and over because it’s what we’re used to.”

The good news is that you can break your old buying habits -- and stop wearing the same wardrobe standbys over and over again. A new look can make you feel fresh, reinvigorated and most important, like a brand-new, beautiful you. Even the slightest change in your go-to style can rack up attention and compliments from friends, family and co-workers -- causing your self-confidence to soar.

So click here and enjoy the complete article. You'll find lots of great tips for you to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

I pray the weekend is a beautiful time for you and your family.

Love you,

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The Calm of His Presence said...

Loved the article Shari and I'm really excited about the trends for the coming year! Can't wait to read what you have to say about them :)