Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pack like a Pro!

Are you one of the over 6000 women who are headed to the
National Hearts at Home Moms Conference in Bloomington, Illinois this weekend?

What FUN we are going to have! Michelle Duggar (you know, the one with 19 children of the Reality Show), Dr. Juli Slattery, and even the Fly Lady are going to be there! And yep, Yours Truly will be there too!

Are you wondering what you should wear this weekend? Here's a few packing tips, just in case you're going to go. And if you're NOT going, then, girl, why not? Too far away? Well then, maybe we'll catch you at one of the regional conferences this year in Colorado Springs or Rochester, MN!

Okay, so you're not going to one of those? Well, then, I'll still bet you may be packing for SOME kind of get away weekend this year, right? No matter where you're going, this packing list will help you get there in style and not worry about WHAT to Wear!!!!!!!

All below items will fit into a Carry On Bag!

This is how you DON'T want your suitcase to look:

The key is to ROLL your clothes to pack as efficiently as possible. This will help you get more clothes in less space.

If you're folding some of the clothes instead of rolling, fold them in clear bags (drycleaner bags are ideal) for less wrinkling.

Toiletry Bag:
Face Cleanser Towlettes (get at Walmart, Target, Drug Stores for under $5), Moisturizer, Your Makeup, Trial sizes of Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair products, Flat Iron if needed. (Hotels have blow dryers so no need to bring yours. They have shampoo and soap too, but sometimes they don't have conditioner. Tootbrush/paste, Any medication/vitamins you take, put in travel pill container. Hair brush/comb. Put all of this into your toiletry bag.

Special Note: If you are flying and will be going thru Security, put your liquids in a plastic bag as you'll need to pull this out to have them check it. Make sure your liquids are in bottles no larger than 3 ounces.

CLothes/Shoes to Pack:
1-2 pair of flattering jeans
1-2 pair of yoga pants or capris
1 skirt or casual dress
3 tops in styles and colors that flatter you
1-2 cami's for layering
1 sweater or lightweight jacket
1 pair of comfy shoes for walking
2-3 pair of socks
1 pair of wedges or ballet flats for evening events (like Moms Night Out!)
5 Pair Undies/1Bra
PJ's to sleep
A few accessories; necklace, 1 pair earrings, bracelet, ring, watch in neutral silver or gold to wear with all your clothes. Bring one pair of bigger earrings to wear to evening event or out to dinner.

And voila! There you have it....all packed and ready to go!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! And if you're there, make sure you come say Hi to me at my booth or at one of my two workshops,

"Frumpy to Fabulous in 30 days" or "What's Your Style?"

Whoohooo!!!! Should be fun!

Want a chance to win a sassy, pretty toiletry bag? Give us your best packing tips here! Or just say Hi!!!! Will announce winner next week!

Love you,


The Calm of His Presence said...

Great tips Shari! Going on my own get-away this weekend. Needing some alone time with God & a chance to reconnect with a friend. Prayers for you as you travel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

Hope you have a fabulous time at Hearts! I actually first met yo at the one in Rochester a few years ago. Maybe I'll get to go again this year? Anyway, my best tip for packing is take less than you think you need. I used to pack so much stuff for a weekend that I could barely carry my bag. Now, I try to mix and match and take a lot less. It's way easier to keep track of your stuff and pack it back up before you leave.

Rebecca Ann

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. One I use is to take things that do double duty. For instance, a cute sundress that can be a swim suit cover up by day and dinner dress by night. Like Rebecca Ann, I agree with taking less and mixing and matching.

~Brenda said...

Great tips; rolling the clothes makes sense and will use it when we visit family next month. Over the years, I too have found that taking less is best.

My tip to share is taking a few pieces of jewelry that can be worn with all your clothes.

Anonymous said...

I am going to Hearts this weekend with a group of 8. I am so excited and ready to get away. This weather is giving me spring fever and I am ready to break out the spring clothes! Maybe I will see you there. Thanks for the packing tips.


Rulissa @ Mustard Seeds in Oklahoma said...

Wow! The conference sounds amazing! Maybe next year!
Anyway- I try to pack skirts because they take up less space in the bag than jeans. And I always roll the clothes- I've even convinced my hubby in it's benefits!

GrammaGrits said...

I prefer trips by car when possible with a bar in the back to hang lots of clothes on - ha! Yes, I take too much, need more mix and match, working on that!

Heather V said...

One of my favorite ways to help my kids pack is by putting outfits in gallon size ziplock baggies. (This is getting harder as they get bigger.) Then everything they need from socks to underwear to outfit are all together. This is especially useful for weeks away at camp. Then when their whole bag gets wet their clothes don't. Plus you can see immediately what has been worn or more importantly not worn! Another packing tip that I recently stumbled across is having each of my kids pack a toiletry bag (their bags happen to each have their names on them) and keep it packed all the time. Then when they are going to a friends house overnight or we are headed out camping for the weekend their toiletry bag is ready to go.

Sara said...

The conference sounds amazing! I have packed my outfits on the hangers in my suitcase so I can just pull them out and hang them up once we're at our destination. I love jewelry and have put the necklace, earrings, cocktail ring and bracelets that go with a certain outfit in a ziploc baggie and then hung that on the hanger with the outift with which they will be worn. This makes for less decision making while away from home. I do a lot of mixing and matching when traveling too.

Anonymous said...

Great tips as always. Have a safe trip Shari and crew !

Megan C said...

I save hotel freebies for the last shower of my trip so that my soaps, shampoo, etc. aren't wet and mostly packed, and the freebies can stay behind after use. I also pack a contact case pre-filled with solution in my glasses case in my carry-on in case my checked bag gets lost.
I love to travel, and enjoy travel tips.
Thank you!

Terri Weeks said...

I was just getting ready to pack when I saw this. Perfect timing! I went to your workshop the last time you were at Hearts at Home. Loved it! My packing tip is to bring an umbrella or raincoat. The forecast is calling for scattered showers on Saturday.

onesmallhappyfamily said...

Loved hearing you this weekend! Thanks for the makeover inspiration. I will definitely be using your tips!

Dilana said...

I enjoyed the Frumpy to Fab session this weekend at H at H and meeting you in the resource room. My best packing hint is to get some of the cheap plastic bags that you roll to squeeze the air out. You won't have access to a vaccum on your return trip so the ones that roll will condense your clothes almost as well allowing you to pack more.

Dilana said...

oopps typo sorry

Amy O said...

Hi Sheri! Had a great time at your seminars - was totally worth it to wait in that LONG line for a color analysis today. I cried a little after you told me I was an X body shape - so hard to believe there's something Right about my body that I don't have to fix or hide - plus now I know why it's so hard to find clothes that fit! Thanks for working so hard for all of us the last few days!

Tammy said...

I just saw you for the first time at Hearts at Home. I love your packing tips! The only thing missing is a good BOOK! Like, "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad", perhaps??? I hear the author is pretty great! ;)

Thanks for a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...


Hit both of your seminars and tried to encourage others that were supposed to be in your workshops that it was worth the walk to the other end of the quad. Thanks for your time and hope you get rested up for your next big adventure.

P.S. Left a note at your table that Genie bras are awesome, comfy but like a sports bra!

Julie said...

Thread your necklace through an empty toilet paper roll and close (so open necklace drop one end thru and close it back up. Necklaces won't get tangled with itself or each other then.