Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 17 Challenge

Get out your Style Sheet. Fill in as many spaces as you can up to this point. By the end of our 30 days all spaces should be complete. If we haven’t covered the topic yet, leave it alone.

Part A: Do you have a full length mirror? It doesn’t have to be expensive but you need one. Trust me on this one. You can find one for around ten bucks at Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. Of course you can also find an expensive, fancy one too, but, just know, you will look the same in both of them!

Part B: Today I want you to consider your Clothing Personality. Are you are pretty classic dresser or you into natural, cotton flowy type clothes. Do you love the latest trends from the corner boutique or TJ Maxx and wear them with ease or do you like to shop in vintage stores to find unique, artsy pieces?
Please read Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 in my book to re-discover YOUR clothing personality. Which one feels most like you?

Most women tend to be a combination of types but sometimes this just gets us all confused in our shopping. I’d like you to pick just one. Spend some time today discovering your style and make a decision as to which one you’d like to be for this Spring/Summer season. If you want to change it up for Fall, then you can do that!

The four types are:

Pure Natural
Classic Modern
Style Fashionista
Creative Original

Part C: If you already know which one you are, then tell us which one it is and WHY? This will help the gals who are following along who don’t have the book yet. I’ve also blogged about this in the past so you can find some past articles here too.

Are we having fun yet?

Love ya!!!! Shari


Anonymous said...

I am a classic modern. Until I read the book, never understood how to incorporate the 'modern', but I far prefer classic styles with a trend tossed in for fun. Thus the modern! Classics work for my lifestyle and I feel comfortable in things I don't have to second guess! (Not real creative, but I shoot for pulled together!)
Thanks for help on the shoes with the raspberry jeans Shari! I have metallic flats - I put them next to the jeans and they are perfect! I have to say, your book is a very valuable tool - I'm taking it on the shopping trip!!

Anonymous said...

My book ia still on its way I dragged my feet in ordering it but it should be here soon. So I am not sure which category I wouldhave fit init but I wanna go for the fifty's housewife the spring and summer. I am the house and I'm addicted to the classic feminine and modesty with a hint of flirty. Marissa

~ Daisha said...

I believe I fit mostly into the Classic Modern category from reading the information on this category in your book. However, the pictures of the ladies seem not to fit me at all. I absolutely HATE a stiff cotton shirt! On the other hand, I do like classic pieces that can transition from one fashion era to the next without looking outdated. When going through the items in my closet I found that most are my clothes follow these guidelines. I tend to be more trendy with my accessories.

~Brenda said...

I have my Style Sheet caught up and after reading your book, bought a full-length mirror at Wal-Mart. The mirror is so important to me that I get dressed in front of it! I am a Classic Modern, like to dress with a classic look of my favorite actresses from when I was a girl such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor yet, with today’s clothes and accessories.

I’m having fun and look forward every day to the next challenge!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I am a pure natural. The comfort is what I search for and here in Iowa, for me it is the best. I love the thrift shops, I have gotten some high quality brand name clothes in these stores. As well as purses and accessories. With your help I don't buy on impulse anymore! I am selective now.

Julie said...

I'm a pure natural. Jeans mostly (haven't found khaki that I like), and solid shirts, I don't have a lot of pattern in my closet, but I've recently been finding a few patterned tops that I like. So, I think I have a bit of creative in me, but all these years of little ones wiping and spitting up on me...it's easier to go with the inexpensive solid shirt.

Melissa said...

I'm somewhere between "Pure Natural" and "Classic Modern"... so I'm creating a "Classic Natural" style for myself. In my mind, it's a step above "jeans and a tee" (which is where I've been most of my life).

The timing of this challenge is perfect -- I've been working myself up for a big shopping trip next weekend in "the big city"

Cindy Finley said...

Classic Modern with Loft being my "go-to" store. It's too expensive for me to shop there regularly but we have an "outlet store" not too far away.