Thursday, April 5, 2012

DAY 5 Challenge

Day 5 Challenge: Part A: Write on 4 half sheets of paper the following:


Now that your closet is organized, it’s time to try on. If this job scares you, then you probably have too many clothes in your closet and it’s time to purge.

Here’s how it works: If it fits great, and doesn’t fall into the other categories listed here, then it stays in your closet.

If it’s too big or too small, or doesn’t feel quite right, then it goes in the DOESN’T FIT QUITE RIGHT pile.

Check for missing buttons, broken zippers, stains, etc. If you find such items, put in the MEND or CLEAN pile. If you haven’t worn something in forever because it’s too old, ratty, torn, very out of style, or wouldn’t even let your best friend or complete stranger wear it, then it goes in the TOSS pile. And if you have things that you just don’t like (yes, even the top your relative gave you that you keep thinking you’ll wear one day…you won’t, or if you know it’s not flattering on you, or in a good color (more on that another day) put it in the DONATE pile.

Part B: After you’ve tried everything on and have proper piles, get them out of your bedroom or closet area and move to appropriate place. Go to the local charity and drop off, alterations lady, trash can, etc. Whatever the title of pile, you know what to do with it, so do it TODAY or put in your car to take to appropriate place when you head that way.

Part C: For the DOESN’T FIT QUITE RIGHT pile, decide if you REALLY will ever wear it again. Will you? Perhaps it should go in the DONATE pile. Is it too small or too big? Box it up and label it by size and REMOVE it to another place in your home. GET IT OUT OF YOUR CLOSET.

Once completed, let me know! Good Luck…I know this is a BIG JOB but it’s essential in getting us to where we need to go with you and your fabulousness!

Love ya!!!!



Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I did this while I cleaned out my closet -- BUT have not taken "it" to where it needs to be. Thank you for reminding "me". I also read though that when one donates, they should only give the seasonal stuff and hold on the non-seasonal until then. This makes it easier for the workers. So, I will put the non-seasonal stuff in the attack and take the other.

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting these on your blog. I do not have facebook and appreciate it !!!

~Brenda said...

I too have done this task while reading your book. It was a great experience, felt better about my clothes that I kept because I knew they would look great on me!

Jenny Leigh said...

Needing to do this in a MAJOR way.
Thanks for the prompting and I'm penciling it in for next week.

ooking forward to reading your book too, btw. God Bless!

Shari Braendel said...

So glad you gals are right on task! Happy Easter Weekend!!!!

~ Daisha said...

OMGosh! I'm going to be naked! Half my Spring Wardrobe needs to be altered!

Shari Braendel said...

hahahahahahha! You're cracking me up! Now go clean it out and get rid of stuff!!!!!!

Jenni said...

Just cleaned out four shirts that I've hated forever, but have held onto "just in case." It made me really wonder what that "just in case scenario" would have to be. LIke... just in case all the other pretty clothes are lost in a fire and these four were the only ones to survive?! What was I thinking?! This is so liberating to finally trim down my closet to just my favorite pieces of clothing :)