Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 7 Challenge: You girls are doing great! I love hearing all of your updates…it blesses  me more than you know!

Part A: Time to take a look at your ratty underwear! Did I really say that? Oh yes, because if you are anything like me, I don’t take the time to get new undies because I figure no one can see them but me….but my hubby can so I need to take the time. Also, good undies will make your clothes look better so here we go! Go thru your underwear/bra drawer and organize it. Throw out any bras and undies that just don’t fit anymore or are ratty, old or holy…I mean whole-y!  Do the same with your sock drawer if you have one. Get rid of the old stuff.

Part B: Time to get measured for a new bra. How do you know if you need a new bra? Put on your regular bra and then put on a fitted top in a solid color. Stand sideways and look in a mirror. Your bust line should sit in the middle of your shoulders and your elbow. If they are hanging too low, too wide, or too low and wide, then it’s time for a new bra. Now look at yourself from the front. This is where you will see if your bust line is hanging too wide. Do you see headlights? Not good. Are your straps slipping off your shoulders or gouging them and making indents? None of this is good and you are in need of a new bra. It will make the BIGGEST difference in the way your clothes look.

Part C: You have 2 choices. Either call your local dept store or bra rep ( ) is a great one OR you can measure yourself based on the guidelines in Chapter 4 page 86 of my book. Once you have a proper measurement, then get a new bra. You don’t have to get an expensive dept. store brand at the dept store…you can find good brands at places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc. As long as you have your measurements, you can head out on your own to shop for your new bra. Make sure to take your fitted tshirt along so you can try it on with this. Compare what it looks like in your old bra vs. your new bra.

Have fun and Happy Saturday!

Love you,


~Brenda said...

In the past month I have cleaned out my sock drawer - so that's done. I have also bought new bra's because I was 'hanging too low', what an improvement when I look in the mirror! Now I need to get serious about my panties.

~ Daisha said...

You're meddling now, Shari! Lol I truly WILL be naked when I clean out this drawer! But it is that time and I still have a JCPenny gift card I received for Christmas so maybe I can use this to replenish my stock. As for bras, I absolutely hate shopping for them. You would think with me having very little to measure, it would be easy finding a good-fitting-comfortable bra. I guess I should take your advice and have a bra fitting, huh? :)