Monday, August 13, 2012

My Style Monday : Newsletter Results

Hi Ladies!

I love this quote from a reader in North Carolina.  

I am in the 40’s to 50’s age group.  It is hard for me to find clothes that are young looking without trying to look like I’m in my teens or twenties.  Most clothes look like they are for younger or older people.  I want to look my age (or slightly younger)! 

This was the number one response as Shari mentioned last week.  Women do not want to look like their daughter or their mother. 

So let’s explore this “Goldilocks” story of finding an outfit that looks “just right”.

I’m going to start with a call to arms first.  Readers are looking for real women to relate to.  They want to see women who fit into different categories that Shari speaks about, Dominant Colors, Body Shapes and Fashion Personalities.  They also don’t want every picture to show “a 20-something model”.  

We heard you and we need some help.  

When you find yourself in a store, or wearing a cute outfit or getting a compliment while running errands… have someone snap a picture of you (bonus points for great resolution pictures).  We want to showcase OUR readers who can give us Fashion Do’s and Do Not's in picture form.  I understand many women appreciate their privacy and we hope that many of you will be wiling to share for the appreciation of the group.

To start us off we have an avid Fashion Meets Faith reader.

Our Reader is in the 50+ category.  She wore this outfit to church and received 6 compliments when she and her family were greeters.  She told me that she looked great and felt beautiful.  I asked her if she would mind re-creating her outfit to share with all of you. And to my delight, she did!

This dress looks great on her, her accessories match her hair color, and she has a waist... Just to name a few of Shari's tips.

Take a good look at this dress.  What makes it a "50 year old's" dress?  

What makes it a "20 year old's" dress?  

Ann Taylor Loft

Here is the great thing about this dress style... it's a Classic Piece!   This is a great addition to your basic wardrobe.  It is a simple cut that should hit your diamonds.  There shouldn't be any bra strap or modesty concerns.  It looks great by itself or with a jacket or shawl.  There aren't any details that would make this dress difficult to add some style to. 

Beware... it may look like a boring dress on the hanger and remember that dresses are meant to be worn!

You can dress this style dress with cute accessories that make you feel comfortable. Wear heels or flats.  Wear jewelry that is vintage, classic, dramatic or spunky... this dress is a perfect blank canvas for any age and fashion style.

If you are plus sized or curvy, look for a little more curve flattering details like these dresses.

Wrapper : Amazon

A dress from Eloquii with a peplum ruffle

Macy's has this plus sized dress that has the same top as our reader's dress.

Torrid has this great print that hides yet flatters.

While I think there are definitely "age appropriate" pieces out there I also believe that building basics is key.  You are on track and exactly where you need to be, I promise!... well I don't promise, the Bible does.  

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosperyou and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Thank you for letting me share with you today.

I love having the opportunity to share and to listen!

~ Laura

Did this help?  Are we getting warmer to showing more "real women"?  Don't forget those pictures ladies!


Anonymous said...

The model looks lovely !

~Brenda said...

Shari and Laura, I was happy to send you my photo!

‘Anonymous’ thank you!

Laura Gutknecht said...

We love readers who can strut their stuff looking put together and confidently beautiful.

It's also great to see their inner beauty shine!


~ Laura