Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday ~ Age Appropriate Notes

Hi Ladies!
I am recovering from a FABULOUS weekend in Indianapolis and a pretty awful cold that hit me after I got back home. 

You might actually get a “short and sweet” note from me today!  OK maybe not.

I received many notes during the newsletter questionnaire from women who are “no longer in their 20’s or 30’s”.  Many of these women felt disheartened (and old) when they saw what they "used" to look like.  

Please allow me to impart my 28-year old wisdom on you.  Take it for all you paid for it.  J

Do you really miss being that 20-something girl?  Is it a friend that you miss or an opportunity that you never took?  Or is it the fun of the chase in dating or the excitement of the next new chapter in life?  What did you want when you were that girl?  Do you have it now?

I really think that God put that woman in your path for a reason.  To remind you that the beautiful girl is still inside you and to remind you to go out there and find your next big adventure.

I sent notes back to several of these ladies and I told them that their younger self would be proud of where she is today.  One woman has a life-long friend whose family has vacationed with them every year for many many years.  She has raised beautiful daughters who appreciate her ability to pick great outfits for them.  Another woman is active in her community, helps women find their inner beauty and she is very involved in fitness.  They both have great kids and husbands of many many years.

Ladies who wear confidence as an accessory at any age are wonderful, ladies who wear confidence through wisdom and experience are women I admire.  My journey has been shaped by women like you.

My advice to you today is to see that woman you "used" to look like and smile because of the great memories you had then and acknowledge that while you would love her waistline, you are very happy where you are today.  If happiness is not part of today's journey then it might be time to reach out to family, friends or neighbors for support to remind you that you are wonderful for who you are today.
I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and I will chat with you soon!

I pray that this post finds you well and leaves you smiling.

~ Laura

Comment Thought Starters:  What do you have today that your "old" self didn't have?  If you were younger would you be friends with your current self?


~Brenda said...

Laura, thanks for the encouraging words to us ‘more mature’ women and the reminder to look back on our lives. In my 50’s I’m more relaxed, confident and out spoken. I am the woman I’m designed to be and not what others wanted me to be. I had older women friends when I was younger so I could learn from them; so yes, I would be friends with myself today and that makes me smile! This is my time in life to help guide younger women along the way; I try to do that by saying words of kindness and reassurance to those I know and sometimes to young women I don't know.

Elaine said...

Hi Laura,

It was wonderful to meet you at the workshop last weekend - thank you for coming. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope you are better soon!

Thank you for your good work and encouraging words. You are a blessing to those of us who have the priviledge of reading the blog.

God bless,


jacque said...

wonderful words of wisdowm! Keep up the good work!