Friday, September 7, 2012

Falling for Friday!


Hello!  I had an amazing Labor Day weekend in the Traverse City area! (Take your Left hand and put it out in front of you, Traverse City is in the pinky of my mitten state, check it out here!)

The weekend was for my cousin's wedding. She was married atop a hill overlooking trees that covered the valley below to the hill above us.  It was GORGEOUS!  This picture shows what a few of the local land looked like, only it's still very green right now.

After the wedding a few of us started talking about how amazing the view will be in a few short weeks. Michigan's trees are ready to start showing their best colors!  

From Green to Yellow to Orange to Red... the treeline will be bursting forth with the most spectacular season change of the year!   Can you tell that Fall is my favorite change?  *big smile*  

In honor of Fall coming and the leaves changing I wanted to share YOUR best Fall Leaf Colors to help you feel a little excited as the seasons start to change.   This isn't the trend report, just a colorful journey into Fall (which by the way doesn't officially start for 2 more weeks!)

Ladies.  If you don't know your Dominant Color Characteristics please take the survey!

ALSO!  Grab your color swatches and come along this color journey.

Soft:  Hunter Greens and Browns are great neutrals!  Red will let you shine!

Light: Your best Fall Leaf color is Red!  As a light you should keep to the lighter side of color.  If you want to go with greens keep them more teal and a little lighter. 

Warm: Oooh!  Brown, Red, deep Orange, medium Green and Marigold Yellow… the Fall Leaf colors are at your hands!  Check your swatches for exact colors!

Cool: Loving the bright dark Green, bright Red and Maroon Red!  Dark Espresso Brown is a beautiful neutral!

Deep:  My dear Deep… your BEST colors are ALL the Fall Leaf colors!  Hunter Greens, Reds of all shades, Yellows, and Orange.  Browns of all shades are beautiful neutrals!  As long as you keep these on the deeper side you are all set!

Clear: Keep these deep and bright, Red, Green and Orange!  Oh my dear Clear... go out and brighten your neutral basics and mirror nature's beautiful, colorful joy!

What are your favorite fall colors to wear?  What are your favorite Fall activities?  Please share!

Have fun with these colors!

~ Laura ~

P.S.  If you have never seen this change of seasons I will recommend this trip!  Not only are the leaves changing colors, but the apples are coming into season!  Apple cider, pumpkin picking, corn mazes and the smell of outdoors cooling... it's simply a time where nature can JOYFULLY show their true colors.

P.P.S.  Traverse City has amazing views from two peninsulas, the tallest beach (Sleeping Bear Dunes), and wine country (especially if you love whites and not so harsh reds).  It is a family friendly area with plenty to do and beautiful enough to truly refresh and relax.  

Edited to Add Pictures from my Labor Day weekend:
All picture above are from online.  All pictures below were on my camera.

 Glen Lake on the Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes, around 10:00am

Near Sleeping Bear Outlook

Atop the tallest beach!  Lake Michigan behind me.

Hubbie and I at Sleeping Bear. 

 This was that tall beach picture from the side... see not falling off the edge!

 Leelanau Peninsula.
This was the wedding backdrop.  I'm with my hubbie.


Anonymous said...

such pretty pictures!

~Brenda said...

I like how you showed us where Traverse City is located. The outdoor wedding of your cousin has a breath taking view; Wow! I'm a warm; my favorite colors to wear in the fall are yellow, green and brown. And my favorite activities are taking walks in the mountain with my husband to take photos of the beautiful fall leaves and I enjoy decorating our home. BTW, your photos are stunning!

KathyH said...

Did you take this photo at the bottom with the leaves? It's such a great idea and a breathtaking photo!!!

Laura Gutknecht said...

Hi Ladies!
I did not take the pictures, they came from online. I added pictures from my camera Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. What a cute couple you are Laura !