Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 19 Holiday Challenge

Day 19 Holiday Challenge

I hosted a live Holiday Makeup Up Webinar on Tuesday night for the first 100 women who signed up for it in the last Fashion Meets Faith newsletter. So today's challenge is for you to watch it!

It's very simple instruction for how to do your makeup this season based on your DCC (dominant color characteristic). I also tell you what lip color you should wear if you're going to be wearing green, red, dark colors, white, sequins or lace. 

The webinar lasts an hour so make sure you grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot cider and sit with me awhile!



Anonymous said...

Loved your webinar - Thanks for showing us how to match our outside with our inside. At least that is what you have shown me.

Laura said...

Lots of great tips, thank-you. I gotta say, I've never done my eyes the way you've suggested, but I think I'll try it sometime this season. I also didn't really think about matching my make-up with what I wear. Makes sense though. The intensity needs to match. Someday I need to get a better red lipstick - mine is a little too orange-y for a Clear. Thanks for all your help!