Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 26 Holiday Challenge

Day 26 Holiday Challenge

I hope Christmas was beautiful for you. I took the weekend off (okay, the last 6 days!) and had a restful, relaxing, joyous time with my family. Today we leave for Raleigh, NC to attend a 3 day basketball tournament so I’m excited about that as we’ll get to stay with dear friends in Greensboro whom we love so much AND get to see some terrific basketball games.

As this year draws to an end we will wrap up this challenge in doing some year-end things and prepping for the new year to come. 

I was reading in my God Calling devotional and thought it so appropriate for our challenge.  It is actually from yesterday’s reading. Here’s a partial reading:
“Never keep anything you are not using. Remember all I give you will be Mine, only given to you to use. Could you think of Me hoarding My Treasures? You must never do it. Rely on Me.”

As this relates to your world, specifically your wardrobe and all that goes with what you wear, is there anything you are holding onto because you think you might wear it again? Do you have too many of one particular type thing? What could you bless another with? We tend to play the “what if” game with ourselves…what if I need it, what if I can fit into it again, what if I gain weight, what if I lose weight, what if it’s in style again, etc, etc, etc. 

Let me ask you this: What if someone else needs it more than you do? Will you take today and check yourself on this? Are you keeping things you just don’t need and denying someone else the blessing of it?

Love you girls!

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