Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Challenge Day 16

Holiday Challenge Day 16

I hope you got a look at some of the Instant Outfit ideas I posted on Pinterest.  In light of the challenge of putting together pictures or journaling your outfits, it’s important to see what you wear and what you don’t wear so today’s challenge is really easy.

All I want you to do today is turn your hangers backwards, all facing out, as shown in the picture here.  

 The reason for doing this is so you can see at a glance what you wear and what you don’t….just like I said above!

 Once you wear something, then hang the item the regular way. At the end of the season, you will easily be able to see what items you didn’t wear and those are the clothes you donate or give to a friend.

 If you didn’t wear it because it doesn’t fit any longer, then pack it in a box with the size labeled on the outside (if you think you might wear it again) and store it somewhere other than your closet until you get to that size again. 

Easy challenge today so maybe if you didn’t get to yesterday’s challenge, then perhaps you can combine these 2 days together.

Love you much!



Anonymous said...

Help, how do I look you up on pinterest? I have created an account, but now stuck.
Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...


To Anonymous. Try this link. :)