Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions…

Each year people make New Year’s resolutions; some want to exercise more, to be healthier, to weigh less, to play more, to stress less, and to love more.  This year I had the opportunity to meet several ladies who lost significant weight last year.  These women were looking to lose more to reach their goal and yet found themselves in a predicament.  They couldn't wear their old clothes anymore!

I mentioned that I am a new CIC (woo hoo!) and I am certified in the Christian Image Consulting methods that Shari Braendel teaches. 

They asked “What does Christian Image Consulting mean?” 

I replied “It means we don’t listen to the fashion industry or media that tells women that they are not good enough.  I get to help women look their best by showing them their best colors, styles for their body shape and give them tips based off of their height.  I show women how to look put together and let their inner beauty reflect in their outer beauty.”

Their response?   “Oooh!  Let me have your card!” 

Doh!  I wasn’t quite ready for passing out cards quite yet, but I am slowly building this ministry with help from a few friends!

I wanted to share this story with you today to let you know two things that are important to me.

1)      I LOVE showing women that they are beautiful.  YOU are beautiful.  I love having the opportunity to show you that a few simple tips can add pep in your step and a smile to your face.  It doesn’t matter whether you are at your ideal weight or would like to “lose a few pounds,” you are allowed to go out there and look beautiful.  I hope that this year with FashionMeetsFaith brings you more growth as a confident, beautiful woman. 

2)      I am so excited to be a certified CIC (Christian Image Consultant).  I have met women who crave encouragement and positive praise in their life, being a CIC has given me more opportunities to show women that they are important and they are worthy of a great life.  Women today forget to take care of themselves, they feel that they don’t have permission to look put together and I get to show them that they ARE worthy of looking great and being confident.

If you have ever enjoyed sharing Fashion Meets Faith blog posts or if you have given someone Shari’s “Good Girls Don’t have to Dress Bad” book… you might want to consider being part of the Christian Image Consulting training in June.

I hope 2013 is a year you can dedicate to feeling more positive and beautiful.  I pray that you “resolutely proclaim” to share your love, joy and grace with women who need to hear the message.

Tell us about your resolutions for the year as it relates to Fashion and Faith AND let’s celebrate your successes from 2012… share on Facebook and in the Comments!



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~Brenda said...

Laura, congrats on becoming a CIC; I can tell you are thrilled and wish you the very best in 2013!

Shari, wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! I am so excited for you! Would you be able to do a post for a "mother of the bride" and possibly what could be worn to bridal showers, teas or brunch?

Thank you!