Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What to Wear: CFW Style

Hi Ladies!  Thank you so much for the affirmation and birthday wishes!  I have taken your thoughts and prayers to heart.  You are a true joy to write to each week!

As promised there will be many experiences from Christian Fashion Week and today I have a prequel to the event itself. 

This is part one of my “what to wear” moments leading up to Tampa.

I received a note from Tamy Lugo, the CFW Fashion Design Coordinator, here is what she recommended that we wear…

For a fashion show think red carpet movie premiere, it’s an opportunity to be bold with your style and have fun. 

For example: Stand-out shoes and accessories
Sequin blazers or tops paired with jeans or pants
Add a splash of bright color which is the favorite part of the season
and if you want to wear a dress or skirt, graphic, bohemian prints in A line or sheath cuts are very flattering for most as well as in-style.

I honestly think all I saw was “Movie Premiere” and let the information settle for a few days. 

When I realized that I had less than a week until my flight I realized that this was the PERFECT time to panic, to throw in the towel, get a little diva-like… and yet… I wrote an email to another woman also going to the event…. You might know her… her name is Shari.  He he he.  I promise I usually don’t get to ask Shari “what to wear” to a specific event… so I am calling this moment a God-send.

Here is what Shari recommended:

Think high style...Get some fabulous shoes in a bold color.  Find a sassy handbag (or don't carry one...but a regular everyday bag won't do) and find a simple dress in colorful print. Add some jewelry and you're ready to go.

Eeek!  I didn't panic or freak out (much) but I did enlist a helper to help me decipher what I learned.  I had the knowledge from researching the Spring Fashions for the blog, I had two notes from very fashionable women, and I had a local outlet mall that would be a great place to find some deals. 

And now I have a challenge for you.

I would like you to think of a few events that you have this year (a wedding, a shower, a graduation, date night) and write them down.

Secondly think of a friend, sister, or fashionable church lady, who would be able to give you support during this sometimes uncomfortable and challenging moment.  Remember support… not your stick skinny friend who thinks you should go to the gym every day like she does.  You want someone with a little fashion sense and a LOT of encouragement.

Then sit by the fireplace, wrap up in a blanket, or sit by the pool and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself and “be still”.  Tomorrow is coming and staying calm is key to dressing beautifully.

After you've rested come back and share your experiences shopping for events where you have to dress up OR share what YOU would have done if you received these notes.

I will see you ladies tomorrow… well… you will see ME tomorrow… there are pictures!

Love and Blessings, Laura

Supporting and Contributing Editor of Fashion Meets Faith
Certified Christian Image Consultant

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