Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boyfriend Trend and Bra Straps

Hey girlfriends,

I hope your Easter weekend was BEAUTIFUL and that you gave thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died and ROSE AGAIN for each of us! 

I spend alot of my time posting over at the Fashion Meets Faith Facebook Page so this dear blog here gets a little neglected at times so I thought I'd post the last 3 facebook entries to help you see what's going on over there...and to get you up to speed on some fashion issues as you prepare for Spring.

So here goes.

 Boyfriend Trend
The Boyfriend Trend is a popular look. It's like crossing your favorite jeans with a pair of capris. The look is fresh, new and fun, especially if you get them in a pretty color like these from Old Navy. All body types can wear them.
Bra Stuff
Have you taken an inventory of your Bras lately? Here's a few bra tips. A flesh color bra is best as it will go under everything without showing through your clothes. The band should go straight around evenly, not hike up in the back. Every woman should have at least three bras. The one you're wearing, one in the wash, and one that is resting. Resting, you might ask? Yes, resting. You should only wear a bra one day, (not two or more days in a row), so when you're not wearing it, you allow it to 'rest' for a 24 hour period to maintain its shape! Your bust line should sit between your elbows and top of shoulder.

Style with Confidence Modesty Tip
 Keep your bra straps hidden. One should never be privvy to matter if they're clear, yellow, red, blue or polka dot...invest in a strapless bra or strap trap (clip for holding your straps together at the back) for tops and dresses that otherwise would show the world your straps.

 Hope you're enjoying this weather as it warms up!

Love you gals,




~Brenda said...

We will begin our warmer temps tomorrow, looking forward to that.

I see women of all ages wearing tops that show their bra straps and think it unsightly.

Erika said...

Do we need to roll/cuff boyfriend capris or pants? I have boyfriend jeans.

What shoe style looks best with this pant style ? Thanks

Allison Mercer said...

Hi Shari,

My solution to this bra strap issue was to start a company that offers a classy solution to the bra strap dilemma - Strappys Decorative Bra Straps. We offer rhinestone beaded and fabric bra straps that attach to strapless bras. No more worries about tacky bra straps or slipping strapless bras when you're wearing shoulder jewelry!

Just wanted you to know about our solution.


Anonymous said...

Bra straps are still bra straps. Everyone knows what they are no matter how they may be "disguised."

Bettina said...

We've found that for us, paper clips work sooooo much better than those huge bra clips! They're more comfortable and less likely to be noticed!