Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who can wear a peplum? You can!

This week I introduce to you Guest Blogger Sharon Woryn!

Sharon is a graduate of Fashion Meets Faith's Christian Image Consultant Training Program and resides in Michigan. She is experienced in speaking to groups, large and small, Christian and Corporate, Moms and the Mature! This week she's sharing about Peplums and how to wear them. 
Welcome, Sharon!

Peplums are in style  and you will find them in all the stores as they show transitional pieces for the season and get in new Fall merchandise. 

The peplum was popularized by Dior in the 1940’s with jackets that were nipped at the waist with peplums at the hip to create an hourglass shape. 

Peplums are feminine and elegant.  All body types can wear a peplum but you must try the peplum top on because they are cut differently and the length and amount of flare will work differently on each body type.  This suit is part of Talbot’s new Fall collection.


If you are a b body type, then  your tummy is your challenge area and a peplum top can be a great way to camouflage this area.  Some peplum bodices have a higher waist an inch or two above the natural waistline which can be great for concealing your midriff.  Wear the peplum with skinny jeans, the new slim ankle pants or a pencil skirt.  Avoid a knit peplum top because it will be too clingy for your body type.  This top from Bluefly has a waist that is higher than the natural waistline.

If you are an O body type and your bust is your challenge area, a peplum top can create balance and proportion by accenting the waist.  Because you have great legs, pair the peplum top with a pencil skirt.  This top is by Anne Klein and is available at Macy’s.

If you are a d body type and you don’t want to make your hips and thighs look larger, a peplum can be flattering on you too, just be sure that it accentuates your waist and doesn’t end at the widest part of your hips or thighs.  Wearing a monochromatic look with the top and your skirt or slacks in the same color will work well for you.  The peplum top shown is great for a d body type because it has a ruffle which creates visual interest in the upper part of the body as well.  It is from Target.

Curvy girls can also wear a peplum,  just wear it with tapered or cropped slacks instead of skinny jeans.  Darker colors will give you a leaner look.   This beautiful turquoise top is from Forever 21.


A lace peplum or a metallic one paired with a pencil skirt would be a great look for a formal or evening event.  Choose some elegant accessories and feminine heels to complete the look.  I love pearls with a peplum top but wearing some edgy accessories would also be very modern.  This one from Forever 21 is very reasonably priced.

When you are out shopping, take the time to try on some peplum tops.  You will be surprised at how lady-like this style will make you feel!

Tell us, would you wear a peplum? If so, would you prefer a dress or top? And do tell, what is your body type?


Natasha style said...

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skyesthelimit53 said...

I am a hybrid between an x and a sometimes 'b'. I wear them, yes! That suit from Talbots is amazing and I'm going to have to look into that for work. Looks like a classic style which is what I shop for. Love it! For me, it would have to be a jacket or a top, not a dress.

~Brenda said...

I'm an 'x' and sometimes a 'b'. I don't have a peplum but will look for a top. Love the picture's you posted; very stylish.

Carole Leff said...

Love this article about the "Pelum". Great to know that many body types an wear it and look fabulous. Thank you Shari (Laura) for this great info.

Kurtis for women said...

I love these dresses!!!

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Wonderful choices..truly nice collection at your fashion boutique !!

Laura said...

I have been wanting to try this look for awhile now. A few weeks ago I tried on some peplum tops, but they didn't fit my curvy "O" top. I will be on the lookout for something that fits better!

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