Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nancy's trip to the mall

Yesterday I spent the day with a new friend helping her sort thru her existing wardrobe before we hit the mall to get her some new things. I had never met Nancy before so it was a first time meeting for us both. When I first saw her I thought, "Oh, she is so pretty!" But later when I heard her laughing with her daughter, I could tell she was not only pretty on the outside, but she was beautiful on the inside, her laugh was so heartfelt and I could tell she just loved spending time with her pre-teen...I love to hear happy laughter between family members. Anyway, whenever I go thru a woman's closet it's always fun as I get to see her true clothing personality. Nancy works in a CPA office as the marketing director and has stayed very "safe" by wearing classic clothes. Classic is okay, but it's alot like the color black. I've found women wear black because it's easy, it mixes and matches very well and it's easy to find... in every store, AND on every woman you see. Black looks good on a lot of women but it looks bad, I mean, very bad, on many more. As Nancy and I finished in her closet (with LOTS of clothes headed to the Battered Women's Shelter!) she agreed with me to add some not-so-black things to her wardrobe AND to go bigger with her accessories. As we left the mall, tired feet and all after 8 hours, I think she had a new idea of what looks good on her (softer colors and a few less classic pieces) and more confidence in the beautiful woman she is! Graced with His beauty, Shari


Nancy said...

From the Nancy that Shari just wrote about:
I had such a fabulous time with Shari yesterday! And today was my first day of trying my "light" colors. A complete stranger commented to me during the day, "I like that look you have - what a great outfit." With my new cream pants (have never worn any light pants - all dark, and mostly black) - I felt great.

I highly recommend getting to know Shari, as she is very talented at her work (which really should be called fun, not work, for her)! I believe she can bring out the best in anyone.

Thanks so much Shari,

Renee Swope said...

Shari, I love your blog!!! Can I post photos of me in my new jeans and get your input? I love you friend and this blogging is going to be so good for you and your fashion followers!


Shari said...

YES, Renee! That's what I'm hoping "A Beautiful Place" will be about! A place where women can ask questions AND send photos so I can give feedback! I'll have to figure out how to get the photos on here but I know my husband can help me do that...he's so good with this stuff! So, we are all awaiting your new jeans...and then I'll comment! There are so many women with "A" body types like yours, Renee, it will be great to see what kind of jeans you chose. Love ya, Shari

Lucie said...

I was an attorney who always dressed conservatively in dark suits. I loved the look because it was professional, but I am now an innkeeper in a small town and dress more comfortably and casually. I would like to develop a new look for myself but do not know where to begin. Do you have any ideas?

Shari said...

Lucie, An innkeeper from an attorney, how awesome is that?! You have definetly made a lifestyle change so going from corporate to casual is a sometimes difficult switch...but you can do it. Try going a bit lighter with your colors, perhaps more medium intensity shades like corals, blues, aquas, and more neutrals like medium brown and choose lighter weight fabrics such as linen and cotton. The new city shorts that hit slightly above the knee look great on most everyone as do the shorter full skirts. Try wearing them each with a more fitted t-shirt and add some bold accessories. I would also add a pair of white or light colored linen slacks to take you into evening and wear with a metallic tank. The new wedge sandals are a great look for day or evening and are very comfortable. Happy summer clothes shopping! love ya, Shari