Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neutral Colors For A Base Wardrobe

With Summer coming to an end, (can you believe it?!) it's time to start thinking about what color to base your Fall wardrobe around so I'm going to give you some advice when seeking the best neutral for you. Here goes:

Black: Is always a classic and is the easiest neutral to work with because you don't have to think too much about this color...and it's everywhere. It always looks stylish and is easy to mix and match. On the down side of things, black drains the skin of color so it's usually best with a little color worn near your face. Black also looks good with both silver and gold accessories.

Brown: A "can't go wrong" color. Looks good on most everyone and is very trendy right now. It flatters warm skintones brilliantly and goes well with most medium intensity shades. Brown will look best with gold jewelry. If you like leopard prints, brown is a great neutral to go with these.

Navy: This neutral has the thinning power of black but is gentler to your skintone. It's harder to mix tonally, though, so your navy jacket will be better worn with your jeans than it will with your navy slacks. It's a more updated look, too. Silver accessories look best with navy or go with a silver/gold mix.

Gray: This is an elegant color that flatters most skintones except the very warm. Mixing grays is easy as it goes with so many colors. A pair of charcoal slacks is a must for every wardrobe and is wonderful when worn with red. Wool flannel pants are the sharpest! Wear your grays with silver accessories.

Beige: This is called the classic "blonde" neutral and is best when pieces are paired with varying textures. Beige coodinates well with cream, kakhi, olive, browns and black. This soft hue looks best with gold or gold/silver mix accessories and tortoiseshell jewelry.

Think about what neutral you feel best in (and look beautiful in!) and start strategizing your fall wardrobe. Choose 3-4 colors to accent your best neutral and find matching shoes and boots to complement your base color. It's fun to plan ahead! And don't you just love fall clothes? I do!


myjcrew said...

just wanted to say hello! i found your blog and i am going to keep checking in on you! so far it is looking great!!!

dawn massey

Sherri said...

Love your new blog Shari! These are great tips, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you at our event in March!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this advices!!!!!