Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am on WeightWatchers...I am in the middle of my 14th week so that's a little over 3 months. This time. Okay, so this is my fifth time trying this...but you know, it is here to stay this time. I made up my mind when we were in Florida over spring break and realized in the 10 years my hubby and I've been married that he's gained 50 lbs. (please don't tell him I told you) and I've gained 25. Okay, people, we've been married for 10 years...if this keeps going we are going to be huge....I am 5'11" so people tell me they can't tell when I gain weight...the problem is, I didn't notice my husband gaining weight either because when you gain 2-5lbs a year, you just don't notice. But then you wake up one day and go, "Oh my goodness, who Is that?"'s just a reflection of myself in the mirror! Okay, I know I am not the only one this has happened to. So, I decided right then and there that we were going to join WW. We enlisted one of my stepdaughters to join us as well. So, off we went to our first meeting. I LOVED it, Carly tolerated it, and Dave just plain hated it. Have you ever been to a Mary Kay meeting where they give out all kinds of prizes...just for showing up? Well, I was a Cadillac Director with MK for 6 years (I'm still a director, but not a very good one, cause God's got me travelling all over the place doing this What Not To Wear thing, hence, NO pink caddy anymore.) So, for me, those meetings are funnnnnnnnn! I am the first one to holler out when the leader, Theresa, asks who has good news for the week...I don't care if I've only lost .2 (that is point 2 NOT 2lbs, ladies) I am getting that star sticker she's handing out! My husband hasn't been back to a meeting since. But that's okay...Carly still goes and so do I. I am doing the flex program (I don't know why they just don't call it what it is, Points) and keep track every day. I'm allowed 25 points a day. I've lost 14 lbs. so that's like one pound a week, so I'm very happy! I started exercising, too. I dragged out my old (I mean, OLD) exercise bike and put it in my office and get on it most days for about 30 minutes. I use this time to pray and listen to worship music...I LOVE this time! My friend, Pam, is doing WW, too, and she's gonna report on her progress on this blog every so often....keep it up, Pam, you can do it! I look at it this way, in 11 more weeks, I'll have reached my goal and I KNOW I can do this the rest of my life. Cause you really CAN eat whatever you want, but you end up learning how not to eat ALL of it. Okay, I'm trying to decide if I'm gonna go weigh in tonight, it's not my regular night, but I missed it this week, so wish me luck! love ya, Shari


shattuck7 said...

Great blog, Shari!!! For any of us who have rejoined WW for at least three times...every thing you said made complete sense. I still think they ought to have a special membership package designed especially for us. It could be called the revolving door membership....fees negotiable!!! At any rate, I am thrilled to know we are doing the same program. It will be fun tracking each other's progress through your blog site.

shattuck7 said...

Speaking of weight gain and marriage...Kathy Troccoli shared something at a conference that was great! Some friends told her that she was thin because she was single. Kathy asked how they figured that. They said, "Well, when a woman is single, she comes home, looks in the refrigerator, shrugs her shoulders and goes to bed! When a woman is married, she comes home, looks in the bed, shrugs her shoulders and goes to the refrigerator." Just a thought.

Charlene Kidd said...

Shari, I am so proud of you. You are doing great. I love your site.

Leigh Gray said...

hey girl - long time no talk!! great to see you on the blogging world!!

i have join WW a couple of times myself. you know i am your height and i get the same comments of not noticing the weight!!!!! but boy do i notice it - on me that is, not you. ha ha!!

I wish you all the success in the world!!! May He bless your efforts!!

Have a great week!!

shattuck7 said...

I am checking back in with a weight loss report. Last Sunday, which would have been July 22nd, I rejoiced with a scale that said I lost 3 pounds!!!! But more than that I rejoice at the milestones. Speed walking 4 miles a day, drinking my 12 (you heard right) 12 cups of water, and successfully staying within my points range!!! This week I have begun realizing a return of energy! My clothes are fitting a slight bit looser and I am looking forward to my next weigh in three days from now. Blessings and goodbye bulge!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Has it been a year and a half since I commented on this blog? My attempt at WW did not continue much past this latest entry. A year later I rejoined WW at a whopping 205 pounds!!! But something must have clicked because I made goal by the first part of January of this year and am now on maintenance. It has been an incredible journey of seeing it as a life style change rather than a diet to lose weight.

Pam from Indianapolis