Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jesus Bling

I just turned on my computer today to Wendy Pope's devotional about Jesus Bling! If you haven't seen it, go to and read today's devo. Oh my goodness, I NEVER thought of Jesus as an accessory before! I LOVE that! Whenever I am speaking about how to determine what size accessories to wear, I put people in the catagories of Rock Star, Movie Star or Glamour Girl. You see, I am 5'11" with a large from....but who wants to be known as having a large frame? Not me! So, I came up with new names for those catagories...therefore, Rock Star is the large framed gals, Glamour Girls are the petite women and Movie Stars are the rest of now, when you think about putting on your accessories, make sure JESUS goes on FIRST! And march out the door being sure that you are accessorized well! Love ya, Shari

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