Monday, August 13, 2007

School Starts!

Luke starts back to school this week. I can't believe summer has come to an end. He is excited, though. I think it's more about seeing his friends than anything else. You know, in middle school, (he's a 7th grader) it's all about the social scene and he is very much like his mother (me!) in that it's all about having fun and being with friends!
My husband decided to measure all of us yesterday because Luke is just getting so tall! I am still 5'10 and 1/2" and Dave measured in at a little over 6 ft. Luke measured in at 5'11"! I KNEW I was looking up a little bit at him. We went school shopping yesterday for clothes and shoes. I am so excited that we were able to get him 3 pair of shorts, 4 shirts, a belt AND a pair of Nike basketball shoes all for under $100. Total! Can you believe it? I was so excited! Luke has to wear kakhi shorts, and a collared polo shirt with a belt to school to be in dress code. If you have never been to Steve and Barry's before, you MUST check it out. It has college approved apparel, you know, with college team logos, etc. and amazing clothes and amazing prices! Everything except the shoes came to $59.02! If you have girls, they have a new line by Sara Jessica Parker....most every item there is under $15....Luke's shorts were $6.98 and his shirts were about the same. Then we went shoe shopping. Okay, my son is tall for 12 years old, but his shoe size is out of the ball park! We can't find that size just anywhere ...he now wears a men's shoe size 15! His shoes usually cost around $100 (I try to find them on sale) so I had this idea to go to Value City. They have a huge shoe department. We looked all around and they only had sizes up to 13 for men. So on our way out the door, I spotted this display they must have just put up a day or so ago, with new Nike Basketball shoes that were only from size 12-17!!!!!!!! I was so excited....there must be MORE than ONE big boy in North Carolina! We are known as the basketball state, after all! And the best part of all was the sign that read $125 and it was crossed out with a new sign of $39.99.....yippee!!!! Noooo, the BEST part was that he actually LIKED them! When I got to the register, the cashier leaned under the counter and pulled out a coupon from a paper and took another $10 off! So, we got the shoes for $29.99!!!!!! On the way home, we stopped by McDonalds so he could top off his day with an Oreo McFlurry...of which he gave me 2 bites so I was happy! We had a good day! love ya, Shari


Maggie said...

Hey Shari,
I think that besides coming to Charlotte for a hair makeover I need to come for you to show me where to find these great deals! I love a sale! Of course I love to shop! And you know in this little tiny town we don't have these great stores.
Love ya!

Shari said...

Hey Margaret, It's so good to hear from you! I'm looking forward to doing the Real Beauty Retreat for the girls and women of your church next February! I'd LOVE for you to come to Charlotte so I can show you where the deals are...hey, and I can take you to Dillards at Northlake Mall and get you a discount for the day, too! Have you made that hair appointment yet? You will be so glad you did cause Cindy is the BEST! love ya, Shari

Kimberly said...

Wow finally to the teen age stage. Who knew it would be so hard to find regular and plus size clothes that don’t let it all hang out. Shopping today is leaving me frustrated. Where do you go to keep them covered and still look fashionable? On top of all that one thinks she needs to wear makeup and one is comfortable with her skin. I would love for us to come see you or maybe have you do a conference for our group. But in the mean time if you have any little suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Kimberly

Shari said...

Hi Kimberly, Ohhhh, those teenagers! I wish you could have come to my event on was so close to you! But....I would tell you to go to Dillards at Northlake Mall...they know my rules but I'm going to give them to you here so this will long as your daughter follows these, she should be dressed modestly, yet still be in fashion. The trick is to layer, layer, layer!

#1 B: No bra straps showing...anywhere, anytime.

#2 B: No bustline/cleaveage showing.

#3 B: No belly showing, in front or in back. Have her hold hands in the air and make sure top doesn't come up.

#4 B: No bottoms: Meaning, nothing tight on the bottom, nothing written on the bottom, when she bends over, no bottom coming out.

#5 B: No bubbling: Meaning, for jeans and tops. Bubbling happens when clothes are too tight/snug and there are ridges in the fabric...for jeans this is behind the thigh area, for clothes, this usually happens in tummy area. Trick is to buy a size bigger for tops. For jeans, it may mean a different style is needed.

Dillards has a great plus size department as well as Lane Bryant.

I hope this helps! I'd love to do a program for your group and then your daughter can be one of my models! Thanks so much! Shari

Bonita said...

I just love reading your blog. You have truckloads of enthusiasm and it rubs off on me.