Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Attire...More of it!

First of all, a BIG hello to all the women from Central Christian Church in St. Petersburg where I spoke at their Christmas Tea yesterday. Wow, was it fun to be there! They had a sold out event and each table host decorated her table so beautifully! (And Jan, yes, yours looked wonderful!) A big thank you to all of you for making me feel so at home....I love Florida events...I'm just such a florida girl in my heart...I also LOVE the way florida smells! Mmmmm...salt water in the air!

I had a comment last week from Margaret asking about what to wear to different holiday events. Let me address a few today. For a Country Club event, I would wear a dinner suit...preferably a skirted one. Wear one that is in a heavier fabric that has a pattern...although black, ruby, emerald green or any other gem color is always beautiful. Wear with nude hose and sleek pumps...either in a metallic or shade to match the suit.

Next, for a holiday party at the office...look snappy! Wear something that you feel good in, yet is definetly dressier than you'd wear during the day. (Just don't wear those holiday sweaters you get at Cracker know the sister Wendi LOVES those....hehehe...(sorry Wen!) Wear a beauiful silk blouse with full leg pants and a decorative belt if it suits your body type. If a belt doesn't work for you, make sure to add a beautiful necklace...and gorgeous earrings always with any outfit. Try not wearing so much black...everyone else will be in black and you'll all blend in together. If you have your color swatches, then choose one of your POP colors to buy your blouse in. If you are wearing full slacks with a blouse or knit sweater, then add ballet flats with it if you want to be really comfy. Hope that helps a little. By the way, I will have my workbook finished this week! I'm so excited about it. I think we are going to offer it as an E-book (so you can download it) and as a paper book we can mail you. So, Post ANY comment today and I'll draw 2 winners to send my workbook to! (And Central Christian, you'll get a winner from your group, too!) Post away all! love ya, Shari


Dawn said...

I'm honored to be one of your first commentors tonight! I met you at the 1st Baptist Matthews Tea a couple of weeks ago and you were so complimentary! Remember? I will send you under separate cover the pic of your table. Great suggestions for holiday attire. What about a Sunday School (adult only) party or a dinner party with 'old' college friends? Much love, Dawn (

Charlene Kidd said...

Hey girlfriend!!
I loved your tips as always. Thanks for keeping us all looking good.
See you at Cindy's.

Becky said...

Thanks for your tips, Shari, and your ministry to those of us who are fashion challenged. : ) I'm excited about your new workbook.