Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh My Aching Feet!

My feet hurt so much today I can hardly stand it. Seriously, Aleeve has become my friend. Last night was Dillards annual Christmas's a beautiful party where you get to go and shop with a discount and eat at all the lovely buffets and just have a plain ole good time doing it! The best part is the excuse to get all dressed up (twice in one weekend!) and see my husband in a suit and tie! Okay, it's hard enough to get a man to go to the mall, let alone making him wear a shirt, tie and dress shoes...but, he did it! And boy was it fun! All the sales staff was wearing glitter and gold....with lots of red, green, black and silver, too. I wore this fabulous gold top (a different one from Friday night) that Dillards gave me to wear. It's so much fun being a personal shopper cause the stores treat you really nice cause you bring them lots of business! So I had this amazing gold top on and when I first showed my husband he sort of eyed my up and down with that "hmmm, not sure something looks right look". I shrugged it off and then walked into the living room where my almost 13 year old son (tomorrow is his birthday) gave me the same look. He told me he just didn't think it looked right. I looked in the full length mirror again and decided they were...well...WRONG. Sometimes you just gotta go with your own instincts! I think I was right cause I got lots of compliments. But let me tell you about the shoes....oh my goodness I think I want to die the shoe death today. My feet are KILLING me. I don't think they've ever hurt so bad in my life. I totally forgot that the floor in malls and department stores are HARD. And so my pretty gold decorative pumps about ended up in the trash. I actually took them off as soon as I walked out of the store door and walked barefoot through the parking lot in the shivering cold last night. So, my advice today is....get a pair of those cute ballet flats if you are going to go to a party on a hard floor OR if you're going to the mall! Happy shopping and party-going! Blessings!


Maggie said...

Hey Shari!
I can so relate to your aching feet! This past Sunday we had a Natalie Grant/Aaron Shust concert (they were amazing and so nice)that Greg and I cooridinated. I was on my feet Saturday and Sunday from 7am- 11pm running around in my beautiful pointy toe high heel boots (you know as short as I am I need the height)oh my by Sunday evening my toes hurt so bad I could have cried! When I got home I had a ton of stuff to unload from the car I did so barefooted in the cold rain. My feet have been happy to be in tennis shoes yesterday and today! Regarding your last post can you list what is appropriate for different holiday events, such as dinners at a country club, gatherings not serving sit down dinners, etc. And how about black attire, you know I love black, and do not have much gold and silver attire. Thanks and many Christmas hugs and blessings! Margaret

Shari said...

Hi Margaret, Isn't it the WORST when your feet hurt? Agh! I will be happy to address your holiday clothing questions in future blogs this week and next....what a great idea! I'm soooo glad you asked! If anyone else has a question, please feel free to ask me on the blog and I'll answer it, too! love ya, Shari

Becky said...

Hi Shari,
I'm so happy to discover your blog. I went to the Proverbs 31 Ministries "She Speaks" Conference this summer and loved your presentation.
Something struck me in your post today. If that had been me, and my husband had been critical of what I was wearing, I would have ripped it off, searched my closet trying on everything else that could possibly work, ended up with a giant mountain of tried on and rejected clothes on my bed, and then I would have ended up in tears, going to the party in the first outfit I knew my husband didn't like and would have aloud it to ruin my night. I wish I knew the secret to confidence like yours and an ability to not care so much about approval and my appearance. I wish I knew how to just like myself and the way I am. I wish I knew how to just trust my own opinion about what I'm wearing and not base my self-worth on what other people think about how I look. This has been a life-time issue for me. Sorry about thsi long comment, but I'm just in awe of how differently you handled that situation than I would have. I'm excited to visit your blog and learn from you more. : )

God Bless,

Shari said...

Hi Becky, Thank you for your comment...self confidence with your clothes takes some time as it comes from knowing what works for your body type...and when you just have to go with it! Try this...the next time you put something on, look in the mirror, decide if YOU like it or not, and then if your husband says something negative, say these words (you might have to memorize them and just repeat it whether you feel like you mean it or not): "Well, honey, I'm sorry you don't like it, but I feel really good in this and I'm going to wear it." And then, with a shrug, say, "Come on, let's go!" You really will feel so much better! Let me know when you try it! love ya, Shari