Thursday, January 24, 2008

And The Winners Are......!!!!!

Oh my do I pick the winners? This was hard!!! And oh so much fun!!!!! After talking at length to Lysa on how to pick the winners, and I mean, at length, I decided to pick winners based on a few things...humor, title choice and randomly! I even had my husband pick out a number from 1-70 based on the number of comments so one of the winners is from that! Drumroll please........the winners are.....(and we ended up each choosing four!):

dcrmom: Cause she was the FIRST to post on both Lysa's and my sites AND she had good stuff to say!

Lisa B: Cause she came up with a combined title and many of you seemed to like it and kept referring to her!

MrsJoeB: Cause my hubby picked #14!

Cheryl H: Cause, oh my goodness, this title had me rollin':
The Proverbs 31 Woman is One Hot Mama and You Can Be too!

Winners, send me a quick e-mail to and let me know the best e-mail to send your e-book to. And I'll contact you about the discussion call to set up a time for it!

Congratulations girls, I can't wait to meet you and discuss your fashion dilemnas and questions!

What a fun contest this was....the questions were so great on Lysa's site I've decided to answer one or two of them each here's the first one from one of our winners....

dcrmom asked: Here's my fashion dilemma. I'm a huge fan of the TLC What Not To Wear show, but I am constantly baffled by how they put together multi-color outfits. I love the colors and prints they combine, but when I go to try to imitate it, I always fall back on my plain jane ways. I know they say "It doesn't have to match, it just has to GO" but I don't have the confidence to put together interesting color combinations because I'm afraid it won't GO and I'll just wind up an unfortunate fashion victim.So. My question is, how do you put together interesting and sophisticated color combinations so that you aren't just wearing neutrals all the time?

Great question! I am not much of a fan for putting together multi-color outfits basically because it's hard to do without looking like you are "trying". I would much rather see you wear fun accessories in bright colors and add them to your basic neutral pieces. You will look slimmer this way, too. Build your wardrobe around 3-4 colors max....this way you can add accessories, shoes, belts, and even fun necklaces in colors that add a splash of vibrancy and then you can GO (as they would say on WNTW) and not feel like a mixed up fashion victim....cause honestly, it really isn't very attractive to mix and match crazy prints and colors. It is important to know what colors look best on you, that's for sure, then you will have confidence in knowing what splashes of color to add. The key to looking great is having a few essential pieces and having fun with the jewelry, shoes and bags. Hope that helps!

Well my fashionistas in the making, we are off to some fun stuff! Please post a comment to let me know how confident you'd be doing this...and what you are unsure it color, is it the essential pieces, what is it? (And oh my goodness, I need help knowing how to post pictures cause this is a topic that needs photos....anyone live close to Charlotte NC and can come and help me? Yikes! love ya, Shari


MrsJoeB said...

Awesome!! As I said in my e-mail, tell your husband "thank you!" and I have prayed a special blessing on him today too!
This will be too fun!!!!
In His Graces~Pamela

MrsJoeB said...

I forgot to say, my question was on Lysa's blog site!
In His Graces~Pamela

Becky said...

Hi Shari,

I thought I’d try to help with pictures. If you already know where your photos are stored on your computer, it is easy to add them to posts. When you are writing a new post, there is an icon button at the top that says, “Add an image.” When you click that button, you can browse your computer and find the photos you want to add. Once they are on your post, you can move them around to where you want them by clicking and dragging.

I do that with my blogging, but I also really like using Google's Picasa for my photos. This is the link to get there:

You can take your pictures directly from your camera to Picasa. This program has really easy features for editing your pictures. From there, there is a button that says "Blog This." If you highlight three pictures (hold the control button down to highlight more than one) and click "Blog This" a new blog post will open up and your pictures will already be there for you. I'm making it sound so complicated, but it really isn't.

The only downfall to this is that it does not allow you to post more than three pictures at a time. You can either do several posts of three pictures and people can scroll through them, or you can create web albums that you can make a slideshow out of on Blogger. So for example if you had 10 pictures of one outfit accessorized different ways, you could make a Picasa web album and then when you go to “Customize” on your Blogger, and then to "ADD A PAGE ELEMENT" you could create a slideshow for your sidebar on your blog, or you could just add a link on your post to your web album and everyone could go and see all of the pictures. Picasa works for me, but I know a lot of other people like flickr also.

Wow....I’m sorry this comment is too long. : ) I wish I could come over and do it for you, but I'm on the opposite side of the continent. Email me at if I can help.

Becky A.

Alyce said...

Hey Shari...
I'm excited about the win and that you will be addressing those questions posted on Lysa's blog. You're a jewel!

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, here I am finally! Don't know what the deal was, 'cause I did hit refresh, looked on the sidebar, everything. Too weird.

Congrats to all the winners! And of course we do want to see before and after pics of all of you! It's going to be fun to learn some of this stuff.

And I appreciate your answer to today's question - I still can't get used to people mixing prints! That absolutely goes against everything I was taught! :-)

dcrmom said...

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!! I'm so psyched!

As for your advice, that makes sense. I think I tend to do that, buy a lot of stuff in the same color palate. Even with accessories, though, I often find myself stumped and overwhelmed.

For instance, I have these green shoes. My natural instinct is to only wear them with a neutral outfit, or if the outfit has the exact green in them.

But the other day I put on a burgundy t-shirt, a khaki jacket, and jeans, and I put on the green shoes. Green and burgundy seem like complimentary colors, but I'm afraid I look mismatched. But then on WNTW, I see them throw in a colored shoe that is nowhere else in the ensemble, and it looks great.

Did I do it right? I suppose I could post a picture...

Also, I love a bright colored handbag. I consider my handbag my most fun accessory, and I often use that as a splash of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. I wish I had more colored jewelry, though.

I look forward to talking to you in person!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I really like MaryBeth's purse and would like to get my hands on one just like it!

Shari said...

Hi Becky, Pleaseeeeeeee come over here! I sooo appreciate your info on the pics...I had to laugh when you said I could only post 3 at a time with that one system...I'm thinking that'd really be a step up for me!!!! Hey, I like the idea of accessorizing 1 outfit 10 times! I might just have to do that! love you and thank you so much! Shari