Friday, January 25, 2008

How To Know What's In Style

What is actually in style now and how can you go about changing over to that style without breaking the bank? Can you get away with simple clothes that you might already have and use accessories to beef them up? This was asked by Sandy!

First of all, when you are in the grocery store, pick up a copy of InStyle magazine. If you'll do this just 3-4 times a year you can see the new trends.

Or you can just ask me!

A few posts ago, I made a list of the Basic pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe, so make sure you go take a look at that. If you will make a conscious effort to purchase these pieces instead of just buying things on a whim, you will begin building a wardrobe that is functionable. I would say YES, you can get away with simple pieces and use accessories to beef them up, but you must make sure your "simple" pieces are classis, neutral basics and not just out of style jeans and t-shirts. If you will add a few basics to your wardrobe each season you will be looking like you are up to date.

Special note here: It's important to look up to date and that you take care of yourself, because you might be the only Jesus someone meets today. It matters. She needs to know that God is a "today" God and not an out of date God. That's why it's important to pay attention to how you look before you leave the house. It's also important to look good for your hubby, too, if you've got one. You might not want to hear this girls, but if your hubby is at work all day and the women are all dressed up and smelling nice, you don't want him coming home to a frumpy woman that smells of dirty diapers!

I guess someone was supposed to hear that cause I wasn't planning on writing that. It's hard to hear, I know, trust me, I hang out more often in a sweatshirt and jeans at home, too, and sometimes it just feels like too much trouble to get fixed up but it's worth it.

As far as what's in style right now: Instead of tennis shoes or those ugly crocs (don't write me bad comments, please, cause you know they aren't cute) wear instead a cute, comfy pair of ballet flats. You can pick them up in a basic brown or black at Payless, Target or NewPort News . They are very big in metallic,'ll be lookin' like that hot mama that's dying to come out! I'd also recommend you get a big patent bag (not too big if you are small) and get it in a fun color or one to match your ballet flats. Since it's winter, wear your flats with textured tights. You can pick those up at Walmart or Target and they keep your legs warm, too. The color should be closest to your shoe color. If you wanted to add one new top to your wardrobe, then choose one that has an empire waist (this is a top that the waist sits just under your breastline....they are very "in" and you will look quite the fashionista! Make sure your jeans fit well.
Hope that helps! Have a wonderful weekend and remember YOU are beautiful exactly as you are.....God made your body the way it is supposed to be! love ya, Shari


Alyce said...

We are a crock wearing family, well just the girls. But..have you seen the MaryJane crocs? That is what I have. I have a pair of black (Iknow, its a no no)mary jane crocs that are really cute..and comfy. Its what these bunion decorated feet need!
As far as the empire waist tops...doesn't do so well for those that don't want to look pregnant ;-)
Thanks for the tips..

Celly B said...

Ooh! I have loved the ballet flats! I bought a pair in brown (what I wear most--I'm a redhead with hazel eyes) and one in black on sale at Target for $12! I'm so glad to know that my feet, at least, will be in style!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

This is just so interesting. I never thought about the only Jesus someone may see today. Very cool.

I had the day off yesterday and was doing some remodeling at home with my husband. I ran out to pick up a pizza for dinner in my work clothes--jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I NEVER dress like that-even on weekends. I felt so icky and frumpy.

My sister posted her weekly wardrobe today. Come critique her.

Shari said...

As far as looking pregnant in the empire waist tops.....if they weren't in style, then that might be so, but I really think everyone can wear them...just make sure it drapes softly against your body.

dr_tawnda said...

I just found your blog from Lysa's. It's exactly what the fashion police ordered. I have a question but first you must know two things about me:
1. I had my first child in September. And while I've my "baby" weight I've retained my pregnancy "pouch". Non of my pre-baby clothes fit.
2. I am in the process of losing weight (I've got 50 more to go--down 10).

I only have one pair of pants that fit (jeans) which I wear everyday and even to church. What should someone in my position do? I'd hate to buy the essentials and a month later not fit in them. But I am sick of the same pants and few shirts. I'd wear my maternity shirts (the empire waist is in style) but they are all summer shirts and it was -30 degrees yesterday.

I can't wait for your next blog. I am backtracking to read past ones and its great.

Cheryl H said...

What do you recommend we do with the clothes we need to get out of our closets to make room for new? The charity/thrift stores often seem so overrun, and I can't bring myself to throw good stuff away. What should we do??
Also, how often do you need to replace the basic wardrobe to stay up to date? Every season? Or do things stay in style for awhile? Like how long?? :)

Alyce said...

Cheryl h...Do you have a needy family in your church or community to donate the clothes to? A family doesn't have to be needy either, but maybe pinching pennies and would love some handme downs. We do that a lot here. I also ask other family members if they want our clothes that we just don't wear anymore. Its seems more rewarding that way, because is you see these people on a reg. basis, it gives you a warm feeling to know who has your clothes and that they are being used and taken care of.

dr_tawnda said...

Another question after re-reading your blog. I subscribe to InStyle and love it but the "trends" seem so out of place in everyday living. It seems I'd be the odd woman out wearing some of the "fashionable" pieces then if I wore jeans and a sweatshirt. And most (99.9%)of the pieces are found and made by places that I couldn't visit in my lifetime. Where are the same pieces in Old Navy or Target?? I think fashion is such a dilemma for every woman. It's great that you have this calling. Because there is a ton of woman who want to look good, be modest, and still have money for the baby's diapers.

dcrmom said...

I love me some ballet flats. I agree with the commenter about the empire waist tops. It's VERY hard to find one that doesn't make you look preggo. And I'm big boobed, which makes it worse. I did find a cute one at Ann Taylor this season, though, AND it's a print. I don't generally do prints, but this one is cute (black and charcoal) and I feel really trendy when I wear it.

Still lovin' your blog!

Kelly said...

I agree with dr-twanda's comment about InStyle...I just let my subscription run out last month though because most everything in there is so expensive...$550 for a skirt and $1000 for a pair of earrings or a necklace. I mean, it's fun to look at the pictures, but I found myself wanting some of those things, or liking something and then looking at the price and feeling depressed because no way can I afford $550 for a skirt. I don't know anyone who has $3000 to put one outfit together, yet some of the outfits they show add up to that much for all the pieces including bags, shoes, etc. For me, it is better to just not look at those magazines as then I feel discontent with what I have with my budget to work with. I think for me, I have to have a balance..I cancheck out the trends and styles but I fight becoming caught up in wanting a lot of what I see that I can't afford in many of the fashion magazines.. Woman's Day magazine shows some fashion pieces with nice things that are a lot less expensive though, and I think Family Circle too.

Monica said...


Thank you for stressing the importance of looking good and explaining that crocs are not flattering. Yes, comfort is important, but having spent 24 years in the fashion and retail industry, I know there are plenty of shoes out there that are just as comfortable and more appropriate.

Congratulations on your new book. I know that women will benefit tremendously from your advise and expertise.

Be blessed!