Monday, January 28, 2008

Comfy Shoes and How to Dress Age-appropriate!

Are there comfy shoes out there that won't make you look like a Grandma? Or as Mocha with Linda said, "the orthopoedic look?!" Yes, there is. You just have to pay a little more for them. Naturalizer Shoes have wonderful support and are fashionable, too. They do a good job of keeping up with the styles each season while keeping your feet feeling good. You can certainly find styles at other less expensive stores but if your feet are killing you, don't do it. Been there. It's not fun. I don't think a woman has to have a bunch of shoes. Really. Plan your wardrobe so you have what you need, even when it comes to what you put on your feet. And no, Steph, you do not have to wear heels to make an fact, flats are in!

Sister Honey Bunch wanted to know what basics you should have in your closet so you can pull out what you need at anytime. Lots more of you asked the same question. I'm going to ask you to refer back to my Basic Wardrobe List from a couple of posts ago and go over this list. Don't go out and get it all at once, but be on the lookout for these items. I am a big believer in shopping end of season sales. If you are a thrift store shopper, make sure the quality is on par and you are not getting items that are well worn.

A couple of you also said you are in your 4o's or 50's and want to dress hip and cool, but not look like you are in your 20's. The most important first step is: Don't buy your clothes in the Junior dept. When you do, you have already lost the game of wardrobing to dressing age appropriate. Leave the Junior dept. for the teenagers. Even when you are in your 20's you are better off buying your clothes in the following recommended departments of the store. Make sure you are shopping in the bridge or missy dept. Wear basic, neutral styles that flatter your body type, and make sure your new clothes fit you properly, nothing too tight, skimpy or low-cut. No cleaveage, please...except if you are on a date with your hubby. The man at the grocery store doesn't need to see it. Also, make sure your accessories fit your size and frame. Make very certain your hairstyle is up to date. This of all things can make you look out dated and like you are "trying" to look younger when you're not. A fresh haircut can bring life to you.

As a final note, my e-book will be available tomorrow morning on my website! I'm very excited about this and hope you will find it useful in your quest for fashion knowledge. Tuesday morning's post will give you an outline of what you will find in the e-book so you can be certain it will serve you. Have a wonderful day and don't just throw something on today...consider wearing something you haven't worn in awhile in a color you know makes you 'pop'! And you'll feel better too! Fashionable blessings, Shari


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Thanks Shari! After posting my question, I found the basic wardrobe list on your site. Sorry to make you have to repeat!

I was watching What Not to Wear yesterday and this poor woman still bought her clothes in the JR dept. She was properly chastised.

Can't wait to check out the book tomorrow!

Cheryl H said...

Shari--HELP!! I bought some ballet flats this weekend. They are gold (not the bright gold but a softer champagne color). What do I do for socks??? It is cold where I live and we have snow, so no socks is not an option. I read your advice about tights in a similar color, but since they're gold, what do I do?? Also, can you wear ballet flats with jeans?? Since I don't know what to do, they're still in the bag:-)

Alyce said...

I was very disappointed when I finally had to "graduate" from the Jr. department. I know Shari has mentioned a few stores on her blog that are great to find clothes that are not too frumpy and not too teenie bop. I love JC Penney. I can usually find a lot there, when I have the time and money that is. But Worthington is a great brand in JCPenney.
I looked this past weekend for some ballet flats, but all I could find were those plaid ones. I really would prefer the solid color. If only I could fit into my daughters, cause hers are pretty cool. I settled on some new brown heels, since I needed some. Plus, they match my hair ;-)

Margaret said...

Hi all who are looking for ballet flats (alyce)! Ann Taylor Loft has some cute ones on sale for $12 plus in most stores they are an extra 40% off! Also, they have many other cute colors and fabrics for only $29. Happy Shopping!

Shari said...

Hi all, Cheryl, I found a website that has the kind of tights you can wear with your ballet flats in the winter
They are kind of pricey on here but I wanted you to know what to look for. I like the printed ones that have some color in it that has a little bit of your shoe color in it. Any will bring fun to your outfits and get you thru the cold weather. Look for similar ones at Walmart, Kmart, Payless, and Target. Now get them out of the bag and wear them!

Shari said...

Oops forgot....YES, you can wear with your jeans!