Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Final Basic Wardrobe List

Since it's the weekend and you might want to go shopping, I thought I'd finish the list of the clothes you should have in a basic wardrobe. You know, every woman's wardrobe looks well it should, but a wardrobe just wouldn't be complete without the following items in it. So here it is: (This is for fall/winter, we'll do one for spring/summer when it gets closer to that time.)

2 pairs of dressy, one casual
2 sweaters
1 pair of black or chocolate slacks in a fine fabric...a wool gabardine is always nice
1 pair of casual slacks in black or chocolate...something you can wear at home to be comfy
1 dress in a deep color that can be worn to a wedding, funeral or evening out
1 beautiful silk blouse to be worn with jeans or dressy slacks
1 classic style 3 piece suit...jacket, slacks and skirt in a neutral color that flatters you
2 pair of casual cords, one tweed or kakhi
2 V-neck 3/4 sleeves...knit/t-shirt type tops
Brown or Black belt if they suit your style
Winter coat or Trench coat in a style you feel great in
Dressy (very) slacks or skirt for evening...mine are in gold silk that feels like cotton
Dressy sweater in the same color as slacks or skirt from above
Flats (I'd suggest ballet flats this season)
Dressy pumps or heels for evening (MaryJanes with a heel are terrific this season)
Boots with a medium or brown, whichever is closest to your hair color
Great handbag for your frame size (color should coordinate with your hair color)
Gold or Silver hoop earrings, again based on your scale
Gold or Silver watch
Fun evening bag
Jog Suit in a flattering color
Athletic shoes

Your wardrobe should reflect you and it should be well- planned. The mistake most women make is not planning and this means you run to the store to buy something when an event comes up last minute. Having clothes in your wardrobe that are basic and classic in good quality fabric will save you time and time again.

Here's what I'd like you to post a comment about: What was the last event you had to go to where you felt you didn't have the right clothes in your closet to wear? And what did you do?


Alyce said...

The last event...hmmm. Every Sunday morning for church! I've outgrown everything! Working on that issue though.
Probably our Deacon's Banquet in December. I was going to wear my BLACK nice slacks, but I wanted a new nice blouse that actually fit me and wasnt too tight. I ended up going out and buying a, again, black button down blouse with a silver print on it. And you know what? We didnt even attend the banquet. We had child care issues. But now that Shari has told me to never ever wear black again, I don't know what I'll do..haha! I am glad to know that I have most all of those items in the basic wardrobe. Except for brown pants. Its funny that you have 2 sweaters listed...I have several sweaters. and I have lots of jeans.
I am having fun learning on this blog site!

Pajama Mama said...

Good morning Shari,

I found out this morning that a dear friend of ours passed away in the night. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease about 9 months ago. The funeral will be held at the FBC, our former church. Well, guess what? I don't feel like I have the right clothes to wear. I have black dress pants and nice black heels....not sure what to put on top. (And no, I'm not supp to be wearing black as of the cruise (sheepish grin) but my only other dress pants are a light tan that I wouldn't think appropriate for the funeral. And my dresses left in the closet are way out of date since we don't dress up for church anymore.) Any suggestions for a top?

Before Christmas, my uncle in Orlando died. My Aunt is my mom's twin and she's like a 2nd mom to me. She dresses very differently from my mother....flashy, likes sparkles and bright colors. So, I didn't feel the least bit out of place a the funeral service in my (again) black dress pants with a gorgeous top that had some sparkles on it. (You're cringing, I know it.) It was fine for that setting..but I wouldn't wear it to this funeral here (in south GA.)

I love the list you made for a basic wardrobe. I wish I could see picture samples of some of the items. My first thought was that I need to clean out my closet, yet again. My 2nd thought is that I don't need all that's listed bc I'm basically home all day every day. But, not being caught without a thing to wear at the last minute is very appealing.

Thanks for the list,

Kelly said...

I wrote down everything on the list. I work at a law firm as a legal assistant, so I probably need to add a few more pairs of nice pants, another suit, a few more nice silk blouses. I know I have too many clothes right now though and I really want to pare down to just quality items and what I really love. I am going to Hawaii in March, and I have to say, what I don't have right now is something comfortable yet nice to wear on the airplane to and from. I am going to the big island of Hawaii in March. I also am really lacking in summer pieces too...capri pants, tee shirts, good sandals. I do have one swimsuit, but have been told it's good to bring two, and I don't have a cover-up. I don't need them right now for where I live, but I need them for going to Hawaii in six weeks, and most of those items aren't out in the stores yet! I am going just have to sift through my summer stuff and see what I can come up with!

Dawn Ward said...

Ok..confession time. First, I am nowhere near having even half of those items in my closet. Yikes!

Second, the last big event I had to go to was my cousin's wedding. I was doing a scripture reading so was going to be seen by the entire assembly. It was an evening wedding at 5:00. As is the norm, the rehearsal dinner was the evening before complete with DJ.

Yes, I confess, I went on a shopping expedition for not one, but two, outfits for that weekend, complete with new accessories and a new pair of shoes.

I would like to say in my defense that prior to that event I had lost about 30 pounds so items I had previously no longer fit (which is a good thing!), and I had not yet had a big event to attend since losing the weight.

Still, if I'm being totally honest (we're all friends here, right? :->), this would have been the norm for me weight loss or not. Any time a big event comes up, I feel like I have nothing to wear and embark on the great shopping expedition. I end up spending more money than I would like to or would normally spend were I not under pressure to find something, and then to top it all off, I feel guilty about that! Soooooo, it's not even a satisfying shopping experience which REALLY upsets me!

Well, they say confession is good for the soul, but I think that's enough for one day!

Thanks, Shari!

Love ya!

Charlene Kidd said...

I confess, I went out and bought something!! It was a Christmas party with my husbands clients, I needed a updated top. I found a great deal at Stein Mart, it worked for three different events over the holiday. Does that get me off the hook, because I used it for multiple times???
Love ya,

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Shari, I am tickled pink (my favorite color) that you read my blog. I'm also excited that I found your blog because I definitely need some help with my physical closet. I'm in the process of losing 40 lbs so when I get there I'm going to give your Basics list to my hubby and tell him I have to do it because, "Shari says so!"

I so enjoyed your What Not To Wear class at She Speaks last year. I really wanted a color analysis but I'm not much of one for standing in lines and that line was long the whole time.

And one more thing, could you call the people at Continental Airlines and give them a fasion makeover. I'm a flight attendant and we wear these hideous, I mean wonderful navy blue polyester suits with black hose and heals, no adornments allowed. It doesn't do much for a girl's figure.
Thanks Again!!!

Shari said...

Hi all, first a solution for Jeannie...since it doesn't seem you have what you need in your existing wardrobe, this may be an opportunity to shop. I checked out and found the perfect item for you. When you go to the website, click on Sweaters under Fashion items and it is sweater #81 (I counted!) and is on the page that shows the sweaters items 82-90. It is the second on on that page and is called Brooch-trim cable-knit cardigan. The color is Retro Rose and it is on sale for $35. I'm not sure you have time to get it in for the funeral, but call them and see. This would be something you could wear not only to the funeral, but to all kinds of places just by changing the accessories and shoes. You could should wear this with your black slacks and heels for the funeral and add a soft black turtleneck (this is the way to wear black if you shouldn' adding the soft colored cardigan and making it the focal point of your outfit instead of the black. What makes this perfect for a funeral is that you will look very approachable and calming due to the color. Also, no matter your weight (and I don't know your size) this is a great style for most body types. Hope this helps.

As for Kelly, we feel so sorry for you that you have to go to Hawaii! But someone has to go on vacation there, it may as well be you! As far as your clothes for the trip, while I was on the website at newport news, I saw they have all their new summer bathing suits and wraps in, and some cute summer pieces. Check them out! Also, JCPenney has theirs in too! Have a great trip!

Regarding continental airlines uniforms...wish me luck! Send them my way! I'd be happy to least I could get you out of polyester!!! love ya all, Shari

Cindy said...

What about the essential black and white purse ribbon you can change??? I didn't see that on your list! ;)

Shari said...

Ohhhhh Cindy, you must be a friend of Mary Beth's!!!!! I would say that wouldn't make my list! LOL! love ya, Shari

Pajama Mama said...

HI Shari,

LOVELOVELOVED the brooch trim cable knit cardigan! But...didn't have time before the funeral which was this morn. So...what did I do? I ran in Peebles...our local small dept store that I adore, went straight to the 60% off size M's plowed through and landed a great top for purple sweater with "faux" silk patterned blouse underneath, matching silk tie belt. Very nice. The pink cardigan is still very tempting...Love it. Thank you so much and hope you enjoyed/will enjoy the movie!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i agree with everything except the jogging suit -- they are most certainly always a mistake -- just like hats.

dcrmom said...

This is fun! I can't believe I'm just discovering your blog. I have a feeling I'm going to be an avid commenter.

Do you read The Space Between My Peers? She's a Christian woman writing about what to wear.

Anyway, I can't remember the last time I had an event where I didn't have the right clothes to wear. That's not to say that I have a perfect wardrobe, but I really don't get out much.

I did shop for an outfit to wear to Husband's holiday party, but I could have worn something in my closet.

I love your list. I'm so glad you included a jog suit. I'm tired of being told I need a sweatsuit alternative. I like sweatsuits. HMPH.

I don't have the silk blouse, but I'm really not a "blouse person".

I'm going to keep reading the prior posts to see what else I need to know! :-)

Erin said...

I am so excited that I just found you through Lysa's blog!

The event I needed an outfit for was a formal family portrait that will be on my wall forever. I had everyone dressed except me. So, I went out the day before searching for a cute white shirt. I always go to Target and TJ Maxx and if necessary Talbots. I am a petite, so Talbots fits me right. Well, I needed Talbots that day. The manager dressed me in something I would have never expected, an argyle sweater vest and a cute white button-up shirt. I already had kakhi slacks. I told her what I was looking for and what the rest of my family was wearing, and she came up with the outfit. I was so pleased.

And I am a stay at home pastor's wife, so Talbots is not always in the budget, but I think there is nothing like getting something that fits and feels so nice! And my husband is okay with that!

Proud Mom said...

I am new to your blog--just found it from Lysa's. LOVE IT!!

I am such a fashion nightmare! I work in scrubs, am working on losing weight after continually increasing sizes for the past few years, and therefore don't like to spend on new clothes. I shop when there is an event, if the is an event, and have to take someone with me to be sure I don't come home with something ridiculous. I have even emailed my best friend pics of new outfits for guidance on how to wear the outfit and what shoes to wear to an interview. In reality it is sad but hilarious.

Recently I have lost 30 lbs. and hope to drop more. I have written down everything on the list of basics and plan to go out and find these things starting at second hand or thrift shops. When my goal is met I will be sure that my supply is of quality items as my father once said if you buy good quality clothes they will last longer and look better.

Shari, I am very happy to have found your blog and website. Thanks for your ministry!!