Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On To More Basics!

I better get on to some more basics for your wardrobe. I'm glad some of you posted your ideas, love that. I do believe that most women feel black slacks and/or dress is an essential. That would be right on...IF Black looks good on you. And for many women it doesn't. If you are Soft or Warm then black would not be your best wardrobe builder. (For more on this visit my website so you can figure out which one you are.) For Softs and Warms, then Chocolate would be your best bet. If you are Cool or Light, then charcoal or black would be terrific. Clears and Deeps, black would be perfect. So, upon knowing that, definetly have a slammin' pair of slacks in your wardrobe in this basic color. And I liked Alyce's idea of having them in a classic pair and a yoga type pant. Add two sweaters to this in colors that make you "pop" and you've got a very smart look going. For accessories, you'll want to make sure you have a good basic flat (I can't seem to get away from that word..basic) and probably a boot with a heel if this suits your style. It suits my style, but I still don't own any boots...isn't that odd? Hmmm, I might need to get some. You'll want to make sure your yoga pants are not too tight or you'll have to wear a sweater long enought to cover your booty. If yoga pants aren't for you (something else I don't own) you can opt for a pair of cordouroys with a fine twill that you can dress up or down. I also believe you can build several basic wardrobes, especially if you work outside your home...you may need one for work clothes and for weekend. Hey, it's getting cold over here in North Carolina....so another good and necessary basic to have is a beautiful coat. Make sure it is in a color that flatters you and that it is long enough to cover your longest sweater or top you wear. Don't add that dress yet to this list...even though it's on there, we're gonna discuss dresses in another post. Kelly gave us a great idea on the 3 piece suit, which we'll also cover another time. Thanks all, keep posting! And, watch out for a give away coming up next week that
Lysa Terkeurst and I are going to do together...you won't want to miss it! Fun, fun! She's calling me in just a little bit to discuss the details...you're gonna love the prize!


Alyce said...

Can't wait to see what you and Lysa are cooking up for next week!

Alyce said...

I hope y'all don't think I actually wear the yoga pants for yoga! Ha...those are my sittin back, eating bon bons and watching TV pants..hehe..isnt that what stay at home mom's are suppose to do?? ;-)


Alyce said...

Hey again..am I the only one that is addicted to this blog?? hehe.
I think I am confused on the color swatches.. What do you do when hair color changes?? Say in the summer. I havent decided what I'll do this summer, but usually I highlight to a nice blonde. Right now I am a light/med. brown I guess. Blue gray eyes, fair skin, freckles. In the summer, I have TONS of freckles, but I'm not fair skinned because of being tanned.
I was thinking I was either Clear or Warm..
love your blog and your generosity to share tips!!
It's all taking me back to the years of the book "Color Me Beautiful". Do you remember that??

Take care,

Pajama Mama said...

No Alyce, You aren't the only one reading Shari's blog!! heehee

And I don't do yoga in my yoga pants either....They're just so comfy.


Alyce said...

Hey PJ Mama! Thanks for supporting a sista here! I was hoping I wouldn't look like a weirdo posting so much ;-)
I went to your blog, PJMama..it wasn't updated and took forever to get to the comment form..I never even got there.

Shari said...

Hi Alyce...and the rest of you! It sounds to me like you are a Warm or Soft...you are not a Clear. It depends on how much red you have in your hair...do you have a little, alot, or none at all? And I mean "natural" red, not bottle kind! Here's a question for you...have you ever described your hair as "mousy brown" or "dishwater blonde"? Answer those two questions and I'll tell you what you are! I'm so glad to know the yoga pants stay indoors! love ya, Shari

Alyce said...

Hey Shari..
I used to consider myself a "dirty blonde". I forgot about sending a pic..oops
I have some red in my hair probably. I say this because 1. when I was born, I was considered strawberry blonde and 2. once I colored my hair, myself, and it turned out ORANGE (I have never done that again). The hair dresser said that my hair couldnt be colored w/ ash tones, I think that is what she said..whatever it was it couldnt be used on hair that had even the slightest touch of natural red in it. But I've never had a noticable red to my hair, ahem, except for that previous mentioned time.
Hope that helps!

Shari said...

My sweet friend, You are a SOFT! So, say goodbye to black and hello to brown. Now say it with me: Goodbye Black. Was that hard? Repeat 3 times until you understand that black is not your friend. Hugs on this snowy day! Love you! Shari

Alyce said...

I did it three times Shari...didn't work! ha!
Black is slimming though..why give it up?
Tell ya what..I just won't purchase anymore black. I'll keep what I have and try to limit when and where I wear it to.
Thanks friend!

Kelly said...

Shari, I love your posts on wardrobe building, but I am not sure what I am for coloring...I do wear a lot of black, but now I am wondering if that's the best color for me...I have green eyes, fair skin and originally had brown hair with lots of chestnut and red glints to it but as I have gotten older it's turned darker and I highlight it blonde...you can see pictures of me on my blog, maybe you can tell me what I am for your categories to help with colors and then I could order your swatches!
Can't wait to see what you and Lysa are cooking up too!
Thanks Shari!

dcrmom said...

Oh that's the other thing I don't have -- a suit. I really have no need. I have great black slacks (need to go to your website and see if I'm warm or cool or whatever but I'm pretty sure black is "my color") and several nice cashmere sweaters and one knit 3/4 sleeve printed babydoll top. One thing I'm lacking is a basic pencil skirt. I fear I wear pants too much.

dcrmom said...

Just now reading the comments. Alyce - No, no, NO. Black is not slimming. WELL FITTING CLOTHES are slimming. Per Stacy and Clinton.

And I'm pretty sure that dark colors in general do help but chocolate brown should be as effective as black. I think.

Shari, am I right???