Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Feel So Stupid!

I feel so, well, stupid. I was sure my e-book was ready. I even posted today that it was...notice that post is g-o-n-e....as in deleted. After sending out several e-books I received a call from someone who informed me I had sent out the word doc. form...you know, the one that I wrote it on. Also, my graphics were messed up. Basically, I forgot to put the e-book into the final form! Can you believe it? If you know me, the answer is Yes, you can!!!!! So for now, the e-book is NOT ready as I believed it was. For those of you who got a copy this morning before I got notice of this, please either delete it or read it in the rough form and bear with me. I'd really like you to wait cause you'll be getting the improved, completed version very soon but it looks like it's gonna be another week, maybe sooner, but let's go with that. Winners from last week's contest, you got the rough form, so you'll get the updated version too! Agh!!! So sorry for the inconvenience..... We are not running any credit cards for the orders that came in today until your copy is delivered. Thank you all for your patience. Have you ever done anything like this? love ya, Shari


MrsJoeB said...

Shari-I haven't received my copy from the contest and will patiently wait for this. It will all be great! I'm excited about recieving it! Again, thank you!
In His Graces~Pamela

Alyce said...

I did't see any problems w/ my copy. I knew that it was in the doc. form, and could see where the program was underlining various words, etc for correction..but I personally didn't notice any errors in what I read. I have already printed it out. It did take some time for me to get it , but it did finally come through.
Hope you get everything worked out..

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Shari, you're too cute! This is just a great reminder that you nationally known gals are just like us known only in our house gals. I feel honored to have received a rough copy of your book. I may pretend I'm your editor for the day. Can't wait to get the final copy. Blessings!!!