Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Image Track at She Speaks

Happy Wednesday! Following is a very exciting announcement that was listed on the
She Speaks Website yesterday! I know there are many of you who read my blog who feel led to have a ministry such as mine. I copied and pasted the following from the site so read away and get excited!!!!! Here it is:

We, at Proverbs 31, are always adding new phases to our conference. This year we are introducing a new Speakers Track for women who are interested in developing a ministry in beauty, fashion and image. We are so excited about this and hope you are, too.

Here’s the catch: we are limiting this evaluation group to 10 women, so please register early to secure your space. Your evaluation group leader will be our very own Shari Braendel.
To put your mind and heart further at ease, allow us to share with you what to expect. You will be giving (two) presentations. These presentations should be written before you come to the conference. There will be time to revise and rework them throughout the weekend, as you learn more skills. We want you to succeed.

1. The first presentation will be Friday night. You will give a 3-minute talk on "Your Story or Testimony." You will not be evaluated on Friday night, but you will receive feedback from women in your group. This presentation is designed to get your feet wet, help you know what to expect, and practice speaking to the group. You can use your peer feedback, along with what you learn from breakout sessions to restructure your "Teaching Talk," if necessary.

2. The second presentation will be Saturday evening. You will give a 5-minute "Teaching Talk" where you share about the aspect of beauty, fashion or image you feel is most reflective of where God is leading you in this ministry. Please build your talk around one scripture. Each presentation will be timed and you will be asked to stop at five minutes. Please dress as though you are speaking at an event. Before you speak, you will tell us the type of audience you are giving this talk to; women, teens, young girls, moms, etc. Shari Braendel, of Proverbs 31 will evaluate this presentation. Evaluations will be on a scale of 1-5, one being the lowest and five being the highest. Here are the seven areas of evaluation:Introduction: How well did you open? Did it capture the attention of the audience? Message: How well did you develop your subject? (Example: with story or knowledge of subject)Support Material: Your use of support, such as Scripture, quotes, references, etc. Did you read from the Bible, a book, etc? Style: How well is your use of grammar, volume and ability to speak clearly? Conclusion: Did you build to a climax, end strong, and get your point across?Delivery: Did you make eye contact, connect with the audience, and show passion about your subject?Physical Appearance: Were you dressed professionally and appropriately? Were you sincere, believable, warm, and effective, etc?

Helpful Guidelines for Your Presentations:

1. Make sure your presentations are the correct length (1 three-minute and 1 five-minute) in order to accommodate the entire group.
2. Your Friday evening presentation needs to be based on "your story." Content for your Saturday presentation must be based on beauty and one selection of scripture and how you build your talk around that.
3. Make sure both presentations are Biblically based and include Scripture and application.
4. You may use visual aids if they add to your message. Let your personality come through! Please make sure they don't distract from your message.
5. If this is your first presentation, we recommend that you practice with friends and family in order for you to gain confidence and improve your presentation style.
6. Share what is unique to your life instead of something that you have heard or thought was clever. Remember - you are the only one that has "your story!"
7. Have fun! You will always remember the time you spend with your group and will continue to support each other long after the conference ends. Many women tell us that this "bonding" is one of the best things about this conference!

If you feel this is something that God is calling you to, please register immediately. I do believe payments can be set up to pay in several different installments. Girls, this is where I got my start....I pray you will get yours there, too! Beautiful blessings, Shari

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Margaret said...

Hi Shari,
Wow something to think about and not much time with only 10 able to do this! I am amazed at how God is growing this ministry and equipping the right individuals to make it happen.