Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Truth About Black...And Sales Ladies

So why is it everyone wears black...all the time. Have you noticed when you go shopping all you see at the FRONT part of the store is black? Look in the display windows...more black.
I was speaking in Tennessee and my husband was with me. During our free time we went to a nearby mall and happened into a Chicos. I came upon a beautiful style of pant suit and had a cape-like addition to it and was just enough drama for me. It was black. I searched the racks for another color because you see, I don't wear black. In public. The only thing I own in black is a pair of yoga pants I wear to exercise in...hmmm...haven't had them on lately....what's that sayin'? Anyway, I decided to try it on because I really wanted to see if the style would suit me. I went to the dressing room, put it on and called for my husband. He appeared with a few more things for me to try (in my colors) and along with him came a sales lady. He was standing behind her when I appeared from behind the doors to oohs and ahs of the woman. "That is marrrvellloussssssss on you" she swooned. I looked at my husband who was about a head taller than her standing behind her as he was vehemently shaking his head, "noooooooooooo", like she was crazy. Now I had seen myself in the mirror when I put it on. I loved the style. But I looked horrible in the color. Truly, I did because black ages me, it washes me out. I could see that for myself. But when I stepped out and had a swooning sales lady I almost second guessed myself. I stepped back to the mirror, looked again, and knew I was right. She was wrong.

So why does this happen? Why does every sales lady tell you it looks great, when it doesn't? I know, I know they can't all be wrong, but pleasssssssssseeeee, don't just depend on someone else to tell you it looks good or bad. Trust yourself. Turn around...look at yourself from all angles. Wear a little makeup so you aren't completely bare-faced when out shopping for something new. Don't just pick up black because it's easy...try brown, try winter white, try something different. Black does work on most of you but for anyone who has ever described yourself as having dishwater blonde, dirty blonde, or mousy brown hair, it's not for you. Let's talk more about color next week.

I am off to New York this afternoon to do a Modest is Hottest Fashion Show tomorrow night on Long Island. As I was thinking about what to pack I realized New York is where black is BIG. I might be the only one NOT wearing black...especially at JFK airport with all the winter coats!Mine is rust color...with rust fur on the cuffs and color....and brown trim....I love it! Will I look out of place? Now let me ask you, do you think I care?????? Heehehehe! Well, off to pack...and I'm leaving my laptop at home....I was gonna bring it but I made a decision to have some additional quiet time and journal time these next 2 days during my free time. So I won't be posting on Friday but would love to hear any comments regarding color so I can address them on Monday....we'll have fun discussing's one of my favorite topics! Love you all, Shari

P.S. I just heard the event in New York has over 200 girls and moms coming...Will you please stop a minute and ask God to reveal Himself tomorrow night so these girls and moms will be touched by this message of modesty and real beauty? I thank you so much for that. Hugs!


Amy Wyatt said...

I will be praying for your event and for the people who will attend... and for you to have some great quiet time.

dcrmom said...

I love black. LOVE IT. But I also have very dark hair and light skin and dark eyes. It's my color. And while I love it, I don't accessorize with it so much. I prefer brightly colored handbags or the one I have now is a black and ivory pattern that is very interesting and different. Orla Kiely ROCKS, yall!! But I digress. I love my winter coat to be a flattering color. Currently mine is blue. I'm not sure the exact shade to describe it, but it's very pretty and classy. Looking forward to learning more about color!!

Hey, Shari, if you do a fashion show in the Philly area, please let me know! I'd love to come to one.

Cindy from St. Pete said...

Hi! I don't know what colors I should be wearing. I am med/fair skin, hazel eyes and dark blonde hair (I have been told I look like Renee Zellweger) Can you tell from that what I should be wearing? I am not going to look at the color black the same again! Thanks for blogging.

Julie said...

Praying for your Modest is Hottest event... what a wonderful way for girls to learn appropriate dressing! I'm intrigue by the whole color concept. I'm embarrassed to say I always thought everyone looked good in black. I'm very fair-skinned, blue-green eyes, and dark brown hair... does black work on me?


April said...

i have always felt black washed me out. I really dislike black t-shirts.

Praying for your event. Hope an event like that comes to our area. I would love for the girls on my dance ministry team to be a part of that, modest dress tends to keep coming up in our devotional time together.

dr_tawnda said...

I thought black was flattering to everyone.!. I personally don't know if it's my color or not (medium brown hair--dyed medium auburn or red, very pale, and blue eyes) but I have a lot of black in my wardrobe. And very little color. The reason is that I'm a winter so only very dark colors (royal purple, bright blue etc) look good on me and it seems that the only colors that are ever "in style" are pastels (which make me look ill) and autumn colors (which make me yellow and sick looking). Therefore I have very few options for anything other then black. I always figured it looks good on everyone and was could I lose.

Praying for God to reveal Himself through your show.


Alyce said...

Hey Shari..
Have a fun and safe trip!! Your show has been lifted up in prayer.

beth said...

I have strawberry blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and fair skin (that never tans), but no freckles. I tried to figure out from your website what color group I am, but I can't decide. I'm guessing black is a no-go for me, but I'm not sure. Can you help?

Melissa said...

Oh Shari! I don't know if I'm a "black" girl, but I love it...I wear it a lot...doesn't it make me look skinny....or skinnier than I really am????

Girl, I hope you have a great event up in NY! I'm praying for you! I know you'll be the hottest modest up there!

Love you,

Family O'Foxes said...

I just found your blog and I'm so excited to read through all your post.

I love black but now reading the hair color thing I probably shouldn't be wearing black. Now, you'll have to go to my blog and see what I look like and tell me I'm doing it all wrong. :)

I wish you came to Oregon. I would love to hear you speak.

Kelly said...

Hi Shari!
I am wondering too what colors I should wear? If you get a chance, maybe you can go to my blog and see some pics of me to see what I should wear? I do love black, but will forsake it if it's not the best...I am not sure if I am kind of thinking I am a Soft, and that one has no black..!! I have green eyes, highlighted blonde hair (it used to have some chestnut red in it but mainly brown, has darkened with age) and am ivory/pale complexion!
Thanks much, and I am praying your weekend in NY went well...I sure wish we could have you come out to Tacoma, WA!!

Jean said...

I should probably go through the rest of your blog before I comment, but that would make too much sense! This is the first post of yours I have read and I am guessing since black washes you out, you are a redhead? I am and cannot wear black!!!! Rust and brown is beeeeyooooteeeful on me!

I hope your fashion show was a big success and that every mom and girl there were touched for God in a special, individual convicting way.


Erin said...

Here's my color question: can you wear pink in the winter? I had one a black V-neck sweater with a bright pink collared shirt underneath. My friend said it was okay, but I really shouldn't wear that color in the winter. What are your thoughts on that?

And I have a very pale complexion with very dark, almost black hair (it's natural)and brown eyes and am curious about color too. I love color, esp. reds, pinks, and greens.

I hope your weekend was great!