Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colorful Tuesday!

I tried to look at all the comments from Thursday and answer them all but it got too messy. So I'm gonna try to address them as a whole here. I really wish I could go to everyone's blogs and analyse you personally but I'd never get any work done! So, here is my best shot at trying to explain some tips on color.

Color falls into 6 categories...it is based on your dominant color characteristics...of your hair, skin and eye color, usually 2 out of 3 are the same, making it dominant. For example if you have dark brown hair, brown eyes and light skin, you are Deep...even though your skin is light, your eyes and hair are darker...so that wins. Sometimes, though, your eye color is so vibrant or deep, this one thing becomes dominant. What we want to do is dress to compliment our natural coloring. Think of your hair color as a clothing item...look at what you have on right now. Would you wear your "hair" with your top? Do they go together? If you would wear your hair color as a shirt with another item of clothing you have on, then it is a good color for you. Does that make sense? We tend to forget about our natural coloring and just put on clothes we like, but if you think about it, your hair is the first thing most people notice about you, so make sure it compliments the clothing you put on your body!

Here is a rundown of the categories:

Deep: Darker hair color, darker eye color and any skin color.

Light: Very light blonde or white hair, very pale skin and usually light to medium eye color.

Soft: Dishwater blonde, dirty blonde, medium brown hair, medium eye color, usually hazel, blue, or light brown, and medium to light skin tone.

Clear: Dark hair, bright eyes (blue or green) and light skin. There must be a high level of contrast between hair and skin color.

Warm: Redheads, strawberry blonde, auburn hair, any eye color, any skin color. Cool: Silver gray, Dark or black with gray, white hair, pinkish skin tone, blue, green or brown eyes. Hair is dominant here.

I hope this explains a little. Black is good on all but Soft. Warms can wear it, but Brown is much better...I don't wear black at all. Any dark color will make you look slimmer, it doesn't have to be black!
For a look at the color swatches for each category or to order a set, go to this link. Normally, the cost is $25 plus shipping for web orders but if you order a set this week, you'll get a blog special of $20, no shipping! Have a beautiful day! love, Shari


Alyce said...

Welcome back Shari!
Glad you had a great time in New York!
You are offering a great deal on your swatches, that is sweet of you!

Kelly said...

Hi Shari,
I just ordered the Soft swatch set after reading your post today, I am sure that is me. No more black :-( Thanks for offering the blog deal of $20, no shipping
But when I just ordered, it still charged $25 plus shipping on my Visa card...I guess you will adjust it to show the special?
Thanks so much, can't wait to get the swatches! And, sorry about asking you to look at my blog to see what I am, I realize now that would take you forever to check everyone's out!! :-)

Shari said...

NOTE: Your card will only be charged $20 even though it doesn't look like it when you order...we will adjust as your card doesn't get charged immediately. Thank you for your orders! Shari

dr_tawnda said...


Thanks for the blog today. It seems that in the past I have been told that people fall into four color categories: spring, summer, fall, and winter. I haven't heard of your categories before so now I am confused as to where my previous winter category fits. Also I've always been confused by light, medium, and dark hair or eyes. How can you tell where you fall in that spectrum especially if you dye your hair:o) I have very pale skin (to the point people call me a ghost or comment on my "whiteness") and brown hair. Blue eyes which I might call bright. Is there anywhere we can go to determine what shade of brown we are?? Also what happens when we go gray (which I started at 18 and its only gotten worse--hence the dying;o) I am only 28;o)) Do we switch categories? Or do you stay in your category throughout your life??

I look forward to your blog everyday...to clear a lot of the confusion I feel everyday!! Thanks.


Shari said...

Tawanda, You are in the Clear category. I will explain in tomorrow's blog how all this relates to the old summer, winter, autumn, spring types. When you go gray you can go gray all the way, then you would most likely change to Cool, or you can color you hair close to what it is naturally. Then you stay in the same category. ALL READERS: Please only color your hair 2-3 shades removed from your natural hair color...unless all gray and you want to go to your natural shade. Shari

Dawn said...

Hi Shari! I am having trouble choosing between clear and cool. I think I'm a clear. I have medium to dark brown hair with much lighter highlights. In the summer the highlights are more numerous so to appear a bit blonder but now the highlights are bit more muted. I have fair skin with what used to be freckles but are more
sun/age spots that are covered with foundation. In the summer I do have more freckles on my face but during the fall/winter the freckles are more likely seen on my arms/neck/chest. I have green eyes (not hazel, green).
When I wear kelly to hunter green, royal blues or purples my eyes seem to stand out more.

So with all that being said - which swatch?!

Welcome home with much love, Dawn

Erin said...

Love it! Thanks!!!


Celly B said...

Hi, Shari!
Thanks for the great advice. I guess that I am a Warm, and I bought a great casual jacket in a warm brown color this weekend. I guess I did the right thing!

Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog about my pregnant teen daughter. Made me cry. I shared this with her as I have all the comments I've gotten both by email & comments on the blog. I really wish you could see her face when I tell her someone she doesn't even know has a message for her. I think this young mom to be feels very encouraged from it all. I think words from women other than "Mom" pierces her heart a little deeper. :)
Thanks so much.
P.S. When I told my husband I didn't win the scholarship to She Speaks he said, Well, we'll have to save up so you can go. So sweet!!! :) So, I'll see you this summer with pictures of my granddaughter in hand!!!
Also~love your blog. I dress in black a lot & shouldn't so I'm going to try harder.

Shari said...

Dawn, You are Clear. Make sure your highlights never get too light. Someone who is clear needs to have the darkest part of her hair frame her face because we want the contrast between her dark hair and light skin to be obvious. This way your bright eys will look brighter. Hope this helps! Shari

Family O'Foxes said...

So, if you are a dishwater blonde/brown then you are soft? Hmmm... I do love to wear black. I also like brown.