Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The 4 Seasons of Color and How it Relates

Some of you may remember when you had your colors "done" by the seasons. You were either a winter, spring, summer or autumn. You got to wear either gold or silver jewelry, never both. I was originally trained in this method by Color Me Beautiful and it was great. Problem happened a few years later when we got a notice from them that there was a problem. Everyone was turning up as either a Winter or Summer and not all were looking good! Back to the drawing board they went and discovered that doing color by women's dominant color characteristic (DCC) was the best way. Once DCC was determined, we then analyzed you to determine what "type" of season you were. Instead of just 4 seasons, now there were 3 types of each season. Here is what it looked like:

Winter: Deep, Clear, Cool
Summer: Light, Soft, Cool
Spring: Light, Clear, Warm
Autumn: Deep, Soft, Warm

Notice that each DCC had 2 seasons in common. So after knowing your DCC, then we determined which season you ended up in.
After speaking to hundreds of women the first year of my ministry, I realized that women didn't need to go into the season category. If we stopped at the DCC, it gave a woman more choices and didn't pigieon hole her so much. And she was just as beautiful if not more so. It also gave most women (except for Warms and Cools) the opportunity to wear both silver and gold accessories, which women like to do. Now that I speak to thousands of women a year, I see this as the only way to determine the best colors for a woman. It just makes sense...on many levels. So if you were analyzed as a Winter before you will most likely be a Deep, Clear or Cool now...hoping you were analyzed correctly as a Winter. Some of you were not analyed correctly the first time, so look at the DCC's from yesterday's post and see where you fit. I hope this clears this up!

Remember, this week you can get your swatches for the $20 blog click here to order yours. You will receive 36 colors that work for your DCC and there are 2 sheets of explanations with them. One is an overall description of what to do with the colors and the other has each color classified on how to use it....near your face, as a wardrobe neutral, or a pop color (pop color is one that always looks good near your face!) It also gives tips on the correct makeup colors to wear for your DCC. Have a beautiful day! love ya, Shari


dr_tawnda said...

My aunt did the Color Me Beautiful test on my mom, sisters, and I and I was a winter and the rest of my family were actually Springs. I am the pale one of the family. I think from your descriptions I am a clear. What if we buy a swatch and the colors look horrible on us?? Would we get the money back if we return it? How can we be sure we are choosing the right description??

Thanks for the great blogs!!

Shari said...

You can always get your money back but here is something for you to consider: If you know for sure you are a Clear, even if you don't "like" the colors, they are still your colors...does that make sense?! But...if you liked the colors of winter before, I promise you'll like these! Money back guarantee!

Amy Carroll said...

I've been sitting here reading all your color posts. Wonderful! I had the most amazing experience with color last week. I got the immense honor of going prom dress shopping with one of my BFFs and her daughter. Kaithlin has red hair and very pale skin. When she walked out in a copper colored dress, the whole filled-up dressing room area gasped! It was the funniest thing!! Kaitlin tried on many other dresses but the copper color won out. She is a princess.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shari,
I had my colors done about 25 years ago and was told I was a winter. I had dark brown hair at the time and I have olive skin. I have black eyes.
Now in recent years I was fighting grey hair, so I dyed it black, which made my skin look blue, so I went up a notch to dark brown. Over the last few months I have entered a crisis. My hair started falling out. I got it cut and stopped using hair color. Now after 6 months I have brown/grey hair. I rather like it but the problem now is my colors don't really work as well as they used to. in fact, looking at the cool chart, I don't wear any of those colors well, I guess I would have to say I am a deep. I changed my base makeup to a peachy color and have looked much better than the neutral which had green undertones. I can also wear coral really well. My problem is that if I look good in coral, then am I a clear or maybe an autum? I do not look good in any dusty color but I am starting to look not so great in black which was my best color. I find that if I wear dark brown it is better. If I wear grey, my hair looks grey, if I wear brown my hair looks brown. which I think is better. I wore a peach/coral outfit one day with a black jacket and made the best photo I have ever made. I looked all rosy. Any advice you can give would be great.
I find I don't look good in just about any color these days.

Shari said...

Hi Julie, It sounds as if you fall into the Deep catagory. Deep is a combination of the medium shades to dark shades of what used to be Autumn and you will probably like them quite well and feel good in the shades. When our hair changes it really does take a toll on us until we can figure out what to do with it. It sounds you are working in the right direction. If you want the color swatches, I'll honor the special blog price for you, just make sure you make note when you order them. Hope that helps!