Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sons and Moms

As my son Luke (13) was heading out the door for school today looking super sharp in his kakhi cargo shorts, polo shirt and Duke sweatshirt (sorry if you are a Tarheel fan) I reached up (he is almost 6'3") to hug him and he pulled away to take one last glance in the mirror hanging near the front entrance. Mind you his ride was waiting outside, I am leaving for 48 hours to speak at a conference and wanted a lingering hug. But noooooooooo, he needed to check his hair. Seriously folks, what have I created? He made sure his hair was in its proper place, gel in the right spot in front and then gave me that hug and kiss I wanted. Oh my goodness, I have created a male me.

When Luke was in the first grade, I showed up in his classroom to volunteer one day. I stayed for a few hours and then headed home. When he arrived home at the end of the day Luke said he had to ask me something.

Luke: Mommy, why don't you dress like the other moms?

Me: How do the other moms dress?

Luke: They wear sweatshirts and jeans and you always dress up too much.

Me: (Gritting my teeth) Hmmmmmmmm...okay honey, I'll try next time.

Several weeks passed. Time to volunteer again. I spend more time in my closet than ever before as I am going to impress my 6 year old son with my "dress like other moms" ability. I tried 3 different outfits on, no kidding, trying to find something to wear. Seriously, please don't laugh at me and I know you are. I finally found some jeans I didn't know I had, put on a sweatshirt. I was so proud! Off to school I went.

Me: Hi honey! (In my head I'm saying, Look at me, Luke, I dressed like the other moms, are you happy, not embarrassed of me, so excited to see I have jeans on?!)

Luke: (With a look of horror on his face) "Why are you dressed like that?"

So, here's to tell you, you can't win. However, your kids eventually will do like you do. Notice my kid going off to school making sure he looks good. Agh! And on some occasions I catch myself saying to him, "You're not wearing that, are you?

Tomorrow I won't be here to see Luke head off to school in the morning. It's friday and it's game day. The last of the basketball season. I love game days because he has to wear dress pants, dress shoes and a shirt and tie. I won't be here tonight to iron his shirt. I better go do it now because we don't want him calling in sick. Smile. Have a wrinkle-free, dressed up day today! love, Shari


Digging for Pearls said...

Praying that your conference goes well.

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

I am so there right now. I have a first grader although it's not my first grader making the comments it's my husband. Now that I'm teaching 4-5 aerobics classes a week I often times have to stop by the school just after or before a class. Recently I was headed out the door and hubby knew that I had to read to my son's class before my step class. He sweetly asked, "You're not wearing that to the school are you?" I went out and bought new sweat suits with coordinating shoes and hats and thought I looked pretty cute in my slowly shrinking new self. I said sheepishly, "well yes, what is wrong with this outfit." He replies, "I just didn't think you would dress like that for fear you might run into someone at the school." I had set this standard for always looking nice while going to the school for the fear of embarassing my son. Well, with my new career workout clothes have become a constant. I went ahead and read that day in my sweats and everything was fine. I had the same dilemma yesterday and ran into a group of moms having a small PTA meeting. I was a bit embarassed at first but then realized 5 out of 6 of them had on sweat suits too. Mostly velour (Yuck) but sweats none the less. What's a girl to do?

Tina said...

Thanks for that touching story. I have 7 children and 1 on the way and my children are my worst critics, but my best sin evaluator. I love them. I thank God everyday for showing them my sin. They come to me so gently and point me back to my heavenly Father.

Marybeth said...

I can SO see you in your closet digging around for "normal" mom clothes... baby, I got that fashion area covered! I could have loaned you some, if we knew each other back then and were remotely the same size that is!
Love you, love your purse... MB

undiscoverd star said...

hi, thank you for the comment u left, it really helped me and yes i do believe in god. thank you