Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to Wear: Foundation

I am re-posting a blog post I wrote about a year ago because I often get lots of questions about foundation. Instead of re-writing the article, I decided to dig it up and run it again!
So here ya go:
I want to address one area of makeup today and that's foundation. I really think it is a must have item. Foundation comes in all different types from oil free, cream, light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage, mineral powders, and creme to powders. It really is personal preference as to which one to choose but for those of you who want a little advice, here goes.
The purpose of foundation is to give you an even complexion. It covers blemishes, dark spots and imperfections. If you have oily skin, you will want to choose either a water based or oil-free type. All other skin types can pretty much use any of the formulas.
One of the latest types of foundation is Mineral Powder. I have to tell you, I was a little skeptical to try it. I really didn't think it would cover they way I wanted it to. But boy was I surprised.
I LOVE it! I have just started using the Mineral Powder from Mary Kay Cosmetics. Wow! It is only $18 and you can also get a brush for an additional $10. I know there are many other types out there, too, and if they are anything like this one, it will be good. It makes my skin look flawless (and will yours, too) and it also looks very healthy. Normally, powder tends to fall into the creases and crevices on my face, of which there are many (!) but this doesn't. Also, the way this one works is you put one layer on for a light coverage, two layers for a heavier coverage. It's really great!
I still use concealer under my eyes and a little dab on any blemishes, and then put the Mineral Powder on.
For any of you looking for a smooth, healthy look, try out some Mineral Powder....I think you'll really love it!
To find a Mary Kay consultant in your area, go to and you can find a consultant by going to the consultant locater and all you do is put in your zip code and you'll be referred to one near her and tell her you want to try the new Mineral Powder and get a free makeover at the same time! You deserve it! Love ya much, Shari


Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

I also use the Mary Kay Mineral Powder but was feeling that I didn't get enough coverage so I'm also using the new Loreal mineral powder. The Mary Kay Shade matches my skin tone better than the Loreal. I'll do a layer of the Loreal then a layer of the Mary Kay on top. Is this really bad? I have super oily skin and have found since doing this I haven't had to use any beauty blotters. Should I just switch back to liquid and forget about it because now with having both powders I have double the expense? Although I have found that the powder is lasting a really long time. Sorry, it's early and I'm rambling.

dr_tawnda said...

Wow, I actually purchased the Mary Kay mineral powder a week ago from a good friend who also said she loved it. I wait everyday for it to arrive. Now the wait is just a little bit harder;o)

Can't wait for your next blog.

Cindy Watson said...

I use Laura Geller spackle (make up primer) before I use my foundation. You can buy at QVC for $25 it's cheaper than her website! It fills in lines and the make up lasts! Thanks so much for your tips. I am a mom who has been married 12 years, and I am finally starting to make it a priority to wear make up! These tips are great, keep it up. Cindy

Alyce said...

I use Jane Iredale mineral make up. I absolutely love it, I don't love the price of it. I pay $45.00 for it, since I don't wear it everyday, it lasts me 6 months. I have never liked Mary Kay cosmetics. I do know someone who sells it though and maybe she'll give me a sample to try. It sure would beat the price. I just bought Revlon mineral eye shadow and I like that. THe only problem I have is that a lot of these brands do not carry enough choices in eye color. I do love the blush in Jane Iredale though. Thanks for the tips Shari.

Laura said...

I use Arbonne Mineral powder and I LOVE it! I was a little skeptical - but willing to try anything that would make getting ready faster! It is a pleasant surprise!

Shari said...

This is for Wrinkled Shirts and anyone else who has this problem...when you apply one layer of the mineral powder, you will get a light coverage. Wait just a second till it sets, then apply a second layer and third if necessary to receive the coverage you want. This should do it!

Sarah (Genesis Moments) said...

Hi - I use a foundation I just bought at Sephora but then I use a loose powder over that to give the soft "set" look to my face. Do you use powder over the foundation yourself or does the mineral powder foundation do the trick all in one? Thanks!

Shari said...

Sarah, the mineral powder is all in one and should do the trick all by itself. I will admit that sometimes I do use foundation and set it with powder but it's really meant to be worn alone. I think I'm just a creature of habit!

Sarah (Genesis Moments) said...

Thanks for sharing! I am praying for your fashion show too! That is an awesome idea and you are just the person to do it!

Anonymous said...

I am only familiar with 3 types of mineral makeup, Bare Escentuals, Mary Kay and Avon. Mary Kay's has talc in it and the other two do not (at least a while back when MK first came out with minerals). That is a big thing for me, they took talc out of baby powders many years ago. I have the best luck with BE which I have used for 8 or 10 years and can use Avon in a pinch.

Sandra said...

Shari what about if you have freckles? I've always stayed away from foundation because it never looks natural on freckles. Thanks in advance!

Shari Braendel said...

Sandra, for gals with freckles, I'd recommend a loose mineral powder..not a creamy or liquid foundation. The powder will still give you some coverage without covering up your beautiful freckles. It will not look "masky" as some foundations tend to look on gals with freckles. Hope this helps!