Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Little Brown Dress...Really?

For years you've been hearing about the little black dress so today I bring you a new version called the little brown dress.
Tis the holidays and everywhere you go you will see bright lights and shiny stars and every version imaginable of the little black dress. How wonderful it is to reach into your closet, pull out this little number and know you look terrific in it. But what if you have been told you shouldn't wear black? I mean, who in the world would tell you that? Whoever it is definetly doesn't live in New York, where black abounds on every street corner, office building, elevator and department store. Okay, so it's me. I told you you shouldn't wear black. I know, I know, there are some of you out there who look terrific in black, so this post doesn't really refer to you, except in that maybe, just maybe, you want to try something a little different this season, too, besides the easy to reach for black. Just a warning to the Cools and the Clears out there: Cools, brown isn't for you so if you want to try something different, opt instead for charcoal, and Clears, if you go brown, it's got to be a very deep chocolate brown. But there are many of you reading this who know this post is JUST for you, don't you?
See here's the thing. I know you can go out and find a black dress. But will you do me this favor and look for a brown one? I don't care if you go to the Goodwill, you might find one there, too. I think we have gotten so used to thinking we have to wear black or red for the holidays we have fallen into a rut of it. I'm only going to give you one example of a brown dress in here so you don't have to hop all around the web, but I want you to be on the lookout. If you find the perfect little brown dress, will you let me know? And tell us where you plan to wear it this season...we'd all love to hear! And what shoes are you going to wear with it?
Oooh, can't wait to hear!
So here's your example: Lord and Taylor brings us this pretty dress from Jones of New York for about $119. I love the cascading hemline! She's wearing it with sandals that look to be on the white or cream side but I'd recommend going bronze, copper or gold instead. Wear with a sheer hose similar to your skin color or go without.
So what about you? Will you be the standout in the crowd this holiday in your
little brown number?
See you at the party!
Love, Shari

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Anonymous said...

I have a little brown dress and love it! I am fashionable and didn't even know it! :)