Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ever wonder if you have style?

I still remember her.
African American woman, tall, about a size 8, fabulous hair cut into a short bob, lucious silvery gray sweater styled big and loose yet with flair worn over a black turtle neck. Skinny jeans tucked into the most eye catching riding boots I'd ever seen. They were black, went right to the knee and had no heel. Flat.
Her makeup was just right, flawless actually and she carried a bag that was big, fashionable and shiny.
I couldn't stop staring.
It reminded me of my days in Miami when I used to watch the women from South America who came to shop in the prestigious boutiques. Those women had such amazing style. Style that I didn't think I could ever have. I'm not kidding.
Have you ever found yourself looking at someone and you just can't seem to pull your eyes away? Or is it just me?
Seriously, I do this. Not on a regular basis, mind you, but I do it.
There are just some people who have such amazing, striking style that I can't take my eyes off them. I want their clothes. I want to dress like them. I want to carry my purse that way. I want to wear black like that.
It's called personal style, people. You might think one either has it or doesn't. It's not something you can purchase, or put on lay away. It's not something you can run out and get.
But it is something that you can acquire. I know, because I acquired it.
You can too. When I saw that woman I got this sense that she didn't even know she knew she looked good. Seriously. It was so effortless. It's kind of like when I put something on that I get a ton of compliments on. I don't even realize I did it, but I did, and I think, YES, I've done it!
I'm here to tell you that getting my personal style together didn't happen overnight. It tooks lots of staring, staring, staring, watching, watching, watching.
Do you have individual personal style? Do you want to? Do you care?
Do this. Look at the outfit you have on. Is there anything about it that is really outstanding or would you just blend into any crowd? What could you add that would make it look better? How about some vintage jewelry pieces? Do you like bold prints? How about exchanging that boring sweater you have with one that is brightly colored? Is your bag in good shape or is it time for refurbishing? Maybe all it needs is a trip to the leather shop for some repair.
Maybe you need a new one.
Do you have a great haircut you get tons of compliments on?
You know what to do.
When defining your personal style, you have to find some things you love and that love you back. I love leopard and leopard loves me. It has all the right warm colors a redhead could want. I love black and white patterns but black and white patterns throw up on guess what? Well, you know what.
How do you acquire personal style? Start at the top and work you way down.
Great haircut first.
Quality handbag and shoes, in a bold color perhaps? Or metallic?
Great pair of jeans that fit you well.
Build your wardrobe around 3-4 color faves, that's it.
Be known for always wearing those colors, it becomes your signature. If you choose to include black in that grouping, make sure it likes you back.
Quality, quality, quality. Don't skimp on quality. Buy the best you can for the least amount of money.
Most of all, start staring. Watch women and see what you like. Copy them. And somewhere along the way, your personal style will evolve. It's a beautiful thing.
And then one day you will look up and someone will be staring at you.
Smile and say thank you. And do share your personal style secrets here. Is there something you wear that has become your signature? Or when you put it on, you know it works?
We'd love to hear.
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and blessings abundantly to you.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Well, I LOVE your style. :) Many blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Much love,

One More Equals Four said...

I LOVE this post because you have described me! I look at other people and am so amazed at how nice and put together they look and how easy they make it seem. And I always think..."if I only had a sense of style". Maybe there is hope for me.

Of course, I am sitting here in warm up pants and a teacher sweatshirt I have had for about 14 it might take awhile! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I walked into a "what not to wear" conference not knowing anything about it and this striking woman caught my eye. She had the most awesome outfit on and looked so put together, she totally stood out in the crowd. I told the people I was with to look at that beautiful woman, didn't she look sharp. Then when the conference started, low and behold it was you Shari!! Everything you teach is my passion also, fashion and looking your best. Taking the best care of the body God gave me. Looking forward to having you come do and conference and getting to know you better. Renee